Okay, I began this month by stripping out all previous content, which content consisted of campaign materials for my 2017 run for the second vice presidency of the American Council of the Blind, (which run was successful). While my role in that organization is a significant part of my life, it is not the totality of it, something I only indicate by way of saying that I intend to engage with many more subjects on this blog page going forward.


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Alma Marie

Congratulations, Sir. Running for an office isn’t easy.

I’m trying to start an ACB affiliate for those of us with mental illness. Would you be willing to help with writing articles of incorporation or at the very least get the word out there? I was a certified court reporter (CCR), at one time, so have fairly good knowledge of the statutes. But goodness gracious, I’ve looked at Missouri’s and to say that they are complicated is at the very least an understatement. Writing my own is…not an option. So I’m going to have to pay someone else to do it. The constitution and bylaws is pretty easy. If you need or want to email me, you can reach me at

Thanks much, and congratulations, again, on your recent officer position!



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