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Benjamin Franklin
A Novel of Quantum Entanglement


Composed and Edited
From September 3rd. 2016
Through June 14th. 2021

All Rights Reserved


The purpose and scope of this Novel Detail reasons for presenting the well-known Architype—namely Benjamin Franklin as a likely subject to venture some reasonable conjectures, regarding his renowned stature. And yet, “our so-called good Doctor,”—must at least be viewed as a pivotal figure of History. One who stood between the superstitious past; along with its burgeoning Science-based natural philosophy.

However, that form of enlightenment was spurred onward over a period known as “the Great-awakening.” So was accentuated through a fair degree of Religious-fervor. And fueled by a measure of Social-division; thus remaining prevalent to this very day.

Still, we take note of the fact that Dr. Franklin’s genius seemed to center around his Life’s productive Work. Mostly as a Scientist, Philosopher, including his considerable acumen as an Inventor—yet was recognized as an American Statesman, Diplomat, and as a Writer. But also as a Publisher. Although, our most accessible “Founding Fathers” provocative actions was inextricably joined by his like-minded Cohorts—committing “their Treasonous actions;by throwing down the Gauntlet.” Although, according to their British Overlords, deemed it necessary to fight off an inevitable Revolutionary War.

So faced with this, our Colonial Allies ( through some great sacrifice) were by then destine to win the Day—giving birth to an entirely new Nation. But at the same time, kindles a spirit of boundless opportunity. And achieved by galvanizing the means of cultivating the avuncular old Man’s nascent academic pursuits—that amply illustrates our sage’s well-known aphorisms. Therefore, in a quaint way, establishes the now-familiar “Franklinisc-approach”—which stemms from a time-honored tradition. Which was seen as a laudable commodity—lingering over the past three hundred years—or there-about.

Again, all of those things ring true; and are also akin to the provincial ideas that were passed down through the famous man’s lineage; where a certain Readership (those of the inquiring-type) while it matches the prolific Inventer’s propensity—leading toward ever-greater ambitions; especially, as it influences our futuristic, far-flung possibilities. But not unlike that of the issues detailed throughout this Volume.

Although many of those things, had nevertheless been taken into account -–while involving a variety of prospects, which are analogous to the earlier attempts which, having to do with the first experimental Balloon-flight over Paris. Just as it came to fruition—occurring in the waning years of Benjamin Franklin’s Lifetime. Marking the actual moment of Human flight into the air.

Likewise, our Techno-rendering recalls echos of things—both past and near-future—while serving as a witness, by representing a beacon of hope. And therefore built on a legacy—ushering-forth a great measure of Truth. However, these prospects have more to do with our 18th Centry Polymath’s popularized brand of Statesman-like Commentary. And yet, even more significant, had been where these factors became ever more relevant toward the concerted Scientific, investigative approaches. Though we must consider the fact that such issues were aimed at the specified principles) governing the earliest concepts involving Electrical Theory. Making it possible, as Franklin’s meticulously written Notes were carefully compiled. Becoming an immeasurable benefit for those of future generations.

Furthermore, many of these ideals had been rendered according to our Fictionalized theme. Where a cadre of secretive, dedicated “Quantum-investigators” (based on mere curiosity) were guided—in terms of fundamental principles—known as causal effects of disconnection. Yet, as a matter of course, such efforts involved certain intrinsic –elements—derived from concepts growing out of an unconventional Theory. So was touted by a renowned physicist (the Nobel Prize Winner, Kip Thorne) who promoted unusual, intuitive, but carefully constructed Hypotheses. All of Which were proven to be mathematically sound. So was entirely determined by way of the peculiar principals, detailing our physical universe. And thusly designed becoming the veritable underpinnings of Reality.

Also, much of those attempts dealt with experimental means, involving super-small “Metrological Processes.” And yet, That’s where our fictional “Quantum Team” members, had become fully capable of producing a unique way of delivering a matrix—made up from an incomprehensible quantity of fundamental elements; especially where it touches on life-giving functions. Still, all of that was accomplished by solving issues bound in the critical-throws of “Transferring the Famous Eighteenth Centry Scientist’s DNA. Doing so, by sending these tiniest packets” of information toward its near-futuristic reckoning. Something that very well may upset the pail of History.

Those notions fit well within the scope of hard-Science based Fiction; and was established from the fascinating Works –—that highlights a reasonable degree of insightful understanding, involving technical matters, gathered from popular attention toward more-excepted Scientific-norms. And therefore was determined from particular ideas; which was promoted by way of “a multi-worlds interpretation” that quite effectively, had spiraled into the popularized Sci-fi Genre.

Moreover, this approach illustrates those exotic effects, based upon certain elements which were typical of Michael Crichton’s Novel, “Timeline” where fundamental aspects of Quantum principles, were also found in Christopher Nolan’s “ Theatrical-presentation “Interstellar.” However, we discover that the genre had as well established “creative-tomes” based on the longtime Science Fiction Nebula Award-winner) Ben Bova. And collectively, such efforts reflected much of Thorne’s conjectures—embracing a belief that “Sub-atomic Particles throughout the Universe—resonate as one.” Although, suppositions like these, become quite evident, according to inspirational notions gathered from this Author’s imaginative insight And through provocative ideals, while encountering a variety of factors that have to do with Dr. Franklin’s very essence. Thus remaining prominent throughout our Story.

Yet once more, certain events come into play—while targeting minute -strands of DNA; And so was instantly debousched at a precise point within the veritable scope of Space/time) amounting to an endless Realm—encompassing the entire “Medacosm.”

But despite these challenges, our team of dedicated Quantum-scientists (to their astonishment) set in motion a series of elegant “Quantized Isolation techniques; providing a way of Mapping “fundamental particles” where copious amounts of data could be handled through an array of Super-computer equipment. Although such things could only be accomplished by using the immense qualities, made up of Sophisticated, unproven elements. However, that information must be harnessed in a way—as it mimics “Bio-computing” Technology. So in-tern, must be “Transferred” through an ultra-small “Nano-sized conduit; becoming a sub-miniature pathway—along with its DNA Packet –which is emitted through a form of “Space-time displacement,” commonly known as “a wormhole.”

Mindful of such things (as the author of this Work) I soon found that pertinent details needed to be held to the same standards of accuracy; preventing any gross misinformation—regarding the Historical—and particularly, those Scientific factors noted throughout our Fictional Theme. But the Characters in this Volume tend to employ Jargonistic Terminology; while we suffer through the gritty details—having to do with the overall “Quantum Teleportation Processes.” Thusly proven to be foreign to the average Reader; for this, I apologize.

And Yet for the most part—I find myself concerned with the Art of weaving a tapestry of abstract issues—embarking on a Tale spiced with mounting intrigue. However, most of those conundrums have to do with several complicated matters (residing in the backdrop of an altogether different type of “entanglement”) just as our seemingly intelligent Scientists argue over a variety of personality-based problems. Still, we realize that our Quantum Specialists find themselves grappling with Politicized, thorny issues; though appear to be somewhat trivial in the long run.

Nevertheless, our Scientific Yarn takes place only forty years into the Future. A Place and Time, where our stalwart Team attempts to mitigate the severe onslaught of Worldwide Climate –change—while natural forces plunge the World into Global strife. Also, where palpable factors provoke many questions—touching on significant moral dilemmas -–which were associated with the shock of managing a three-hundred-year gap -–All of which is based on “linear-Time.” Especially from the perspective of our most-inDearing—elderly Franklin.

Again, much of those uncertainties just happen to be where the Famous-man colorfully explains—through his own words, emphatically stating—
“I Was Shrewdly yanked into a relativistic Future.”

And yet agreeably, overwhelmed and angered—our “good Doctor” finds himself torn between a great many perplexing quandaries; harboring a measure of regret; and therefore, owing to his constant neglect of those closest Family Members, lasting throughout his lifetime. But the fact is that those dubious forms of technical obstacles, had involved an incredible specter of “submolecular Transfer; by using a “Scaling-factor method”—comprising of a matrix—which increases to its full size -–thereby subjected to the ordeal of “Transcription Errors”—lurking in the background. Awaiting our unsuspecting Travelers.

Though curiously enough, “Readers” of this Work quite-effectively, was drawn into a fair degree of wonderment peering over the Shoulders of our lionized Scientists. So, all the while, our Team, indeed was found to be investigating the inscrutable Past. Thusly achieved through the Magic of Nano-scale, Holographic Imaging devices “fundamentally, no bigger than a Knat’s-eye.” Still this was where the technical Team had applied specific methods intended to “ counter-balance”—or otherwise control the aperture of the “Gateway” itself. But this approach required the implementation of an outlandish material—known as “negative-energy) commonly referred to as “Anti-matter.” Without it, the Gateway would wink-out, in an instant.

And yet, we unequivocally can state that Readers of this Work, may proffer some pertinent questions from those who are bold enough to venture outward with our Near-future Scientific Explorers. The very individuals who chose to Take on a most irascible— and irresistible opportunity; representing the ultimate Discovery. And at the same time, producing a cathartic effect. Which provides a way of shattering our present notions—that is often derived from our well-established appraisal of History…

Terry L Miller
June 14th. 2021

A Synopsis:

Technical considerations aside, our Story in broader strokes opens with a somewhat insecure Heroin—named Fabia Ghani. But it was through her youthful and boundless energy—along with endless tenacity, where she was awarded a coveted position—known as “a Scaling Factors Specialist. Yet with this, Fabia delves ever-deeper into the Science of “Quantum Teleportation.” Doing so, intending to solve her unrelenting life-long Demons.

But it was through all of these problems, as the talented Fabia, makes a series of unwise decisions. Even goaded by a nefarious Scientific Colleague—Dr. Gregory Lethenger; Who soon enough proves to be a Saboteur of the ambitious “B.F. Project.”

What’s more, the lead-quantum-scientist, fiendishly appeals to Fabia’s strong desire to be the First to travel backward in time; making it possible (through her selfish designs) where someday she may prevent the death of her Identical-twin-sister, Daphne.

However, those desires become “entangled” with Dr. Lethenger’s treacherous ploy; bolstered by the early success of the Project. Still, the Team had primarily been charged with the task of overseeing the development of a growing matrix—comprising of a Clone of our Eighteenth Centry Scientist and Diplomat—Benjamin Franklin. So in effect, Franklin miraculously appeares before their very Eyes.

But after a comprehensive learning curve (when bringing Dr. Franklin up-to-speed as it were) and so under the tutelage of the Quantum-Biologist, Maxxeme Auger. Also, where the famous Man of the Past struggles over a degree of bewilderment. However, Franklin manages to devise a scheme of his original design—by disrupting everyone else’s private agendas—including Dr. Lethinger’s ongoing-plan -–involving his complete take-over of the Facility.

Though by then—seeing her chance, Fabia Hastily Escapes through the “Gateway,” where she finds herself facing the impending ordeal of the French and Indian Conflict—under the guise of Diplomacy—while the Franklin Sponsored Delegates attempt to establish a degree of stability with the British and Native Americans—of 1754.

So with this, Fabia maintains a position based on trust—where she just might gain the confidence of our younger and more robust figure of History. Though figuratively speaking, certain knowledge placed beneath her proverbial bonnet) Fabia nonetheless exercises the means of achieving a particular advantage; enabling the new “Time-traveler, to reveal the stark reality of being a person—that emanated from the Future.

Eventually, Franklin and Company (along with help from Fabia’s newly-found Friend) a trusted companion named Tessa (a former Indian Slave.) surprisingly though, Tessa possesses a striking resemblance to the Mysterious Fabia. But the so-called “half-breed” chooses to protect her “strange Comrade.” And yet by that time, Tessa senses a telepathic connection, from Fabia herself. And while both Ladies became employed as an Aide-de-camp for the capable Statesman’s Diplomatic retinue of Colonial Representatives. Thus producing a perplexing problem—amounting to a confusing set of issues. Although was quite-typical of the Mathematical principles—known as “Retrodiction” (a mere factor of Time-travel.)

Because of this—Fabia, Tessa, and eventually Franklin decide to keep their fantastic secret to themselves. Inevitably though, pertinent elements come into play. Where those efforts, more or less were meant to be interpreted as a Humanitarian gesture) which was carefully considered by a visionary Member of the Team. Who was the “Quantum-biologist.” The aforementioned Maxxeme Auger.

Still, that was where a variety of Social and Technical details -–of wich had underscored the importance of the “Teleportation Mission” –as it was originally designed; Therefore supposedly, was designed to replace our elderly Historical acquaintance. Where the so-called BF Program (named after Ben Franklin’s initials) along with its Surroptishous activities) while carefully undertaken. thusly achieved through trial and error methods—involving the Transport of DNA. But by then, was where the uncertainty, coming from the wary Travelers –-as they were skillfully apprehended—based on a most elegant means—while our latest emissaries of the Past—namely Dr. Franklins immediate Famly, were largely chosen based on their futuristic viewpoints.

And as it were had “Magically sprung forth”—leaching outward from their very essences. But only becoming a mere “Clone.” And so according to the fervent beliefs of “those Puritanical “hard-core Religious-fanatics”—wile such efforts were spearheaded by Genell—the Wife of Maxxeme Auger. Yet, at the very least becomes the most important person —befriending the imminent Dr. Franklin himself. Although it was Genell, who passionately argued that a miraculous form of particulates –were derived from their actual Soles.” And “Simply Made of “Body Mind and Spirit”—endowed by their Creator.”

However, such precepts were firmly opposed by “The Secular Science-based Agnostics” –in our Story—being the case where our Science-based “Naturalistic-philosophers,” had tenaciously argued over the rather-ambiguous semantics—explaining “That within the hyperdimensional Points in “Space-time” had indeed led to the notion that “nothing truly Dies; only that it changes.” Therefore, in the final analysis, that type of thinking became something that our Colleagues of Biblical, “Christian-based believers could only agree; where many things Harralded a considerable significance. And so was accomplished by substantially influencing Franklin’s heroic actions; by risking a voyage back to his own “Time-domain.”

But, along with this, Franklin’s “Teleportation-transfer made it possible for it to be more properly implemented; bringing the famous Man safely back to his original form; where the “Quantum-retrieval-swap” could be carried out in the first place.Yet, in the meantime, back in the Eighteenth Centry—pondering such things Fabia and Tessa (in an unguarded moment) were unfortunately captured by murderous renegade Mohawk Warriors. Occurring as the Quantum Team Members, were unceremoniously waylaid—through a degree of deception; brought about by Dr. Lethenger (who was supported by his over-eager Henchman) while carrying out their reckless takeover of the Facility.

Though desperet attempts from our Quantum Team, were fully intending to rescue the wayward Ladies—as they were used as a “bargaining chip,” –just as a variety of Tribal-members were thereby pitted against the “European Colonial adversaries” -–who were left to haggle among several of the Native “hostile tribes”—causing the value of the Lady-captives to increase all the more.

Yet as imagioned, the stressful situation prompted the enlistment of several famous Historical-luminaries; even involving a young Lieutenant Colonel George Washington. As well as a notable Frontiersman—the youthful Danial Boone. Who just happened to be a skilled “Indian-tracker.” Although, formal exchanges for the Women were finally achieved—based on traditional offers -–that of barter and trade.

However, on the heels of this, Tessa and Fabia, at the last moment make their escape from their captors. But only falling into the hands of the French—who were summarily Massacred by Washington’s secretive contingents—aided by way of the so-called “Native Half-king, Tannagreasn; just as the Ladies narrowly survive their ordeal. But in the meantime, detailed Plans over the intervening eighteen months of preparation—involving our precious Earth takes place. Though becoming a place and Time—where copious amounts of Energy becomes viable./

Still this situation required the employment of direct Solar Power —which enabled a tantalizing option -–that negates the myriad problems involving our energy-starved Earth. However, other Political-promises, ultimately led to the development of bountiful “Solar Power—found to be residing at a distant “Lagrange point”—one Million Miles out in deep space; while other Political-arrangements were negotiated—based on the likelihood of Transferring the necessary energy for the Quantum Project to mature.

Thus mired in the throws of saving our Home Planet from—“utter disaster” -–as it just happins to be where extreme efforts, had secretly involves certain Members of Ben Franklin’s Immediate Family. But, our forward-thinking Clan nonetheless duped into traveling from the Past forcing our intrepid venturers to make a nearly-impossible choice on what Planet to call Home “Either Earth or Mars.”

But such things resulted in a reasonable degree of adjustment—requiring the Technical retooling of specialized skills, from those individuals who were left from the remanent of the original Quantum Team. Although, our latest Scientist-astronauts, had therefore provided the necessary means—regarding the ongoing exploration objectives concerning “the Red Planet.” And so based on a variaty of ancillary problems—our latest explorers hope to achieve better Governance—within the fledgling Establishment on “their Ruddie New World” —where many things will never be without its risks. Still, fundamental questions throughout our Story must be posed.
“Will our Quantum Specialists become equal to the larger, moral, and outright dangerous challenges facing them?” thusly framing the actual driving forces behind a great many searching questions.

Although, lingering ethical questions, were found to involve issuesof having to do with the so-called—“ Franklinisk era”—especially from a Historical perspective. Thereby realizing that such events of the Past, had evolved into a vicious and progressive degree of industrialization. But at the same time, had been where our present form of Electrical-energy, as well, provided a way of manifesting its paramount importance. Something of which was entirely due to the rampant over-use of Fossil-fuels—born of the Past. The very place visited by our Twenty-first Centry Heroin—our troubled Fabia.



“The B.F. Factor”

Well over the Mid -eastern sky, an early version of a “Zurbrin-class” suborbital Vehicle, streaked its way westward toward the United States. It happened to be a private carrier; taking advantage of its advanced Solar-electric power—and Hypersonic, guidance algorithms—as it pierced its way through the darkening upper fringes of the atmosphere—touching the veritable edges of Space.

And yet, the state of the art “V-tal” (vertical take-off and landing“ Space Vehicle”) was vectored to touch-down in Boston, at the Benjamin Franklin Institute Landing Port. But by now, seated in the shiny cone-shaped Craft just happened to be an Iconoclast of worldwide notoriety, Musbah Ghani—a wealthy Man from Beirut Lebanon.

But just before takeoff, the powerful beleaguered Man glanced at his personalized communicator on his wrist, noting the time ahead of a clandestine meeting, scheduled for the wee hours -–so as not to bring attention toward delicate matters.

Still, it was nearly Midnight, on this the night of June 5th, 2055 -–where those things concerned deeply held secrecy—involving something called the “B.F. Project. That’s precisely why Musbah quietly chartered the Craft this night, to join his U.S. Partners. And also why the Team took “their sweet-time”—while working their way through these nettlesome-factors.

However, Musbah Ghani wasn’t particularly in the mood to think about that. Meetings like those—frequently involved troublesome efforts—designed to quash the bitter infighting which was brought about by the two factions surrounding the heady Field of Quantum Teleportation—and the like. But the influential Investor seemed to be steeped in Conflicts from within—torn between personal issues swimming in Musbah’s mind—habitually aided by alcohol.

Moreover, the Wealthy-man desperately tried to stifle the turmoil concerning his vexing, private Family-affairs. So thinking
“Would it be better time spent reviewing his Notes for the Meeting with Project Director Overton, or merely waiting to see exactly how she would respond! And yet, as it were—Musbah attempted to manipulate certain things, by evaluating the libidinal proposals put forward.

Yet indeed, there were financial perspectives built on the agreements as they stood thus far. Although Musbah wasn’t about to admit to anyone regarding his endless desolate thoughts and regrets—that “Moneyed-Men” often faced. The fact of the matter was the very nature of the man’s proactive involvement; especially while dealing with—as he often put it—
“Scharddamete (those Sons of Bitches) “Those Opportunists –who always required a non-fealing, Money-grabbing measures.
”Those who needed to maintane a degree of solvency, in order to stay afloat.

But with that, the Wealthy-man promised himself, musing—
“Only if those proposed terms were mutually agreeable.”

Although, “the Man from Lebanon,” (more often than not) furrowing his haggard brow -–while taking frequent drinks from the Shot Glass -–especially designed, to be used in Microgravity. Yet was typically filled with Arak—a liquor from his turbulent homeland.

Supposedly, the alcohol allowed the berley-man to dwell on the plethora of issues that could be solved by “mere Money.” And so with those sentiments the big-man quickly downed another flask of liquor—usually hidden away; not to be confiscated by “Those who equivocated over such trivial matters.”

Then at once, Musbah snapped back into reality; just as the responsive Craft sprung to life. Where Gravity pressed against his formidable bulk, pushing him back into his seat. However, more than G-forces were at play. It became Pure and simple vanity, that caused proud Musbah to sigh.

Soon enough after reaching Apogee—the Financier noticed the familiar feeling—his head spun with Drink—just as the cabin air equalized—driving up the potency of the booze. It was mostly due to the Vehicle’s screaming climb of altitude. Lulling the wealthy man into a futile attempt —by falsely reassuring himself —on just how adept he was; Becoming Fully capable of keeping the critical dichotomy (that of private and corporate matters in check) clamped tightly shut from those forms of usury.

Also, it had been where those things were proven to be a struggle Against Certain minds—“Those who wield the real power.”

Although, for the umpteenth time (out of long habit) Musbah stroked his unkempt salt and pepper beard. Believing that it would be a good idea to pull himself together before they were to land. Making himself presentable.

Now, minutes later, satisfactorily Refreshed; he took time enough to glance out through his viewing port; just as the craft reached its Zenith. Where the speedy spaceword juggernaut—had automatically been preparing for its descend into the fiery forces of Gravity. Under the watchful eye of both Pilots. And with that inevitability, Musbah tried to adjust his three-point harness. But presently—frustrated, the big Man fumbled with the seatbelts. Though successfally cinching the straps more comfortably. Sweating—somewhat out of sorts –while he attempted to calm himself. Gasping for air, only muttering—
”Augh, just-in-time.”

Although, for a privileged number of Wealthy-adventurers the heightened experience became quite a sight. And under similar circumstances being lofted into sub-orbital Space -–especially when gazing out the window (peering through anxious Eyes) they witnessed the breathtaking curvature of the Earth—while taking in a full sweep of the vehicle’s ark that determined the planned trajectory. Just as the Comet-like Craft comminced it’s exercise; the surge toward the Heavens. Then hurtling down to reduce its speed. Those maneuvers were achieved by dramatically reducing “The so-called “long-haul journies.”

Still, those “sub-orbital vaults” took less than one hour, a fraction of what it was like when flying in the thicker Atmosphere requiring as much as twelve hours to arrive (in this particular case) allowing for the powerful man’s final destination to be completed. But Musbah was never enthralled by “These such types of “Orbital hops” —which—increasing the very prospects, tantalizing those generations of aspiring, earlier travelers.

Suddenly, Musbah was interrupted by an alert—where a message flashed at his wrist, proving to be another personal call from his Daughter Fabia. Something about being sorry for what was said just before parting for the Airdrome. But the Wealthy-man wasn’t about to respond to these persistent messages; the point being that he was still sore over the hateful words used; cast as a Father, who didn’t care a Damm about his Kid.

Yet the pre-occupied Man murmured to himself -–braced by Alcohol; swearing another uncouth oath, in Arabic—“
“Meardt, she’s not a kid anymore.”

Bay Route Lebanon—after Midnight:

Fabia Ghani, even at the late hour was far too restless for sleep. She was reeling over that argument with her Father, beginning some hours earlier. Besides, the Post-grad needed to put the final touches on her Written Doctoral-dissertation—adeptly framing the subject—having to do with “Scaling-Factors—involving the exotic realm of Quantum Teleportation. So, clearly, it became an essential aspect of current Investigations, within the Field. Yet still, it was Fabia’s particular Document, delineating the specialized and necessary techniques required. But those things were established under the guiding auspices of a range of close-knit Colleagues. And As luck would have it, she would be submitting the timely Report—entrusting it to the powers that be, this very Day.

Some years earlier, Fabia completed her Masters’ in Colonial American History—personally valued quite highly. But it was unusual for an Émigré from a small Faction-ridden Country -–such as Lebanon, to be focusing on US Political-posturings. Something she and her Father could agree upon. Yet, the ring of truth for her was bound up in notions of Freedom and Democracy—that ultimately guided her formal Studies.

Although, more than that. Fabia sought better opportunities—including certain things, where all of it would hopefully lead toward unraveling secrets behind the idea of absolute truth. And in effect, might define a complete sense of those particular underpinnings—that of Reality itself. However, many of those things promulgated from the marbled halls of the Benjamin Franklin Institute—in Massachusetts. There, the New graduate gained a Stellar Education over the previous eight years. So, throughout this Time, Fabia shuttled back and forth from The American University of Beirut, then back to Boston.

Still, the Post-grad by now, was at the ideal age of 28. Yet felt relegated through degrees of expectancy -–based upon a strict sense of obligation; that-produced a somewhat sullen feeling. But in truth, Fabia merely assumed the typical role of a “dutiful daughter” –as she ladeling-out a confusing form of Love and universal respect. Something that should have been engendered by her own “Papa.”

But, these things forced her Father to establish a higher degree of mutual trust. Something he never seeme to understand. And in effect, would only prompt a greater state of vulnerability within her imaginative Mind —creating even more personal angst.

But still, both Father and Daughter shared certain inherited Traits—amounting to a particular type of look—manifesting itself through a sense of wariness from each of their dark penetrating Eyes. Matching their olive skin and thick dark wavy hair. However, taken all together, those inward feelings were held in common. So, as far as Fabia was concerned, these things were based on a level of personal dread. Though in essence, the troubled Family was willing to deal with these things—which often colored their inward designs. And along with this, Fabia threw her nervous energy into her Studies—proving to be a sort of distraction. Therefore becoming the very thing intending to quale the wounds burning throughout her entire being.

However, incubating in the recesses of her contemplative mind, was something more significant than her general sensibilities -–of which could be apprehended. Something that the new-grad would somehow make more tangible; while a number of thoughts surrounded the memory of the sudden death of her identical Twin Sister, Daphne. Just like her Papa, Fabia often sighed, feeling hurt; allowing herself to ruminate over that confusion.

Still again, the intuitive Grad reasoned—
“What was it? –
“my God, Daph—already gone eight years.” Her Twin Sis was “cruelly crushed instantly by an awful ‘Hyperloop, Pod’ accident.” So by now -–Fabia murmured More often than not; earnestly pondering—
“Why did that Accident have to happen?” But, reasoning from an occasional dose of cold-logic—Fabia widened her mounting suspicions —telling herself—
“Fatalities like those—rarely-occurred with all of those high-speed Mass-transport Systems!”

Although, Psychological challenges gave way to ever-increasing emotionally charged, near-manic-forms of panic. And whith all of that, Fabia silently vowed based on her Sister’s Honor “To somehow bring her Twin-sis –back to where she belonged.” Where their collective Scientific intuition—as it always seemed to imply; therefore breathing vitality back into their Lives—until the crucial-moment, pervading their entire existence.

However, hours later, as the new Grad—sitting gloomily in her Study—near her Bedroom. But then suddenly, Fabia thought she heard sounds of her Mother entering the dimly lit Hallway—where Motion sensors caused the automatic-track-lighting to flick on—Triggering stark, ghostly-images; that prompted memories, flashing familiar patterns, that radiated outward, from both parents.
Still the same, Fabia well-imagined the figure of her Mother, Lucienne Ghani—where quite-often, was seen wearing a nightgown –robe & slippers at that late hour. Although, she recalled moments of disconcerting aberrations—growing out of earlier confrontations—not so dissimilar from the very one beginning to brew. Yet, all of this conjured an amalgam of Images—derived from unseemly conflicts from both Parents.

Though Speculating through it all, in her own oppinion —her Folks appeared to hide the varied facts of what they knew, regarding the tragic Mind-shattering events—occurring some years ago; just after Daphne’s Death—where feelings were still raw.

And as before; Lucienne drowsily greeted her Daughter with a perfunctory colloquial salutation. Speaking in her Aramaic way—in the Lebanese patwa, saying—
“Shue ya a-me.”

With that informal exchange in Arabic—such confrontations had indeed renewed the memory of those awful-details, as Lucienne often remarked. Telling her spirited Daughter.
“What are you doing still up.”

Blankly looking up at her Mother, Fabia seemed as though to say; rolling her eyes—as it had, on earlier occaisions. However now wanting the conversation to go away, by answering quickly—
“I’m just ready to turn in for the night.”

Although, in the present moment, Lucienne sighed—pushing out her words with a slight jibe; and frankly telling her grown child—
“It seems that you’re always in a bad mood.”

Fabia then responded—somewhat testily; parroting something that she often said when a bit younger. But now telling her—
“Mom, don’t start on me.”

Her Mother glared—
“You had another fight with your Papa, didn’t you!”

Now acting defiant –-just as it was built from the Past. Yet Fabia once again told her Mother—
“Big deal—what’s new?
Then quickly saying—
“You know,—it’s Papa’s drinking.”
Clearing her tightening Throat, with a croaking sound, attempting to speak—
It’s starting again!”

Suddenly finding her voice; and so in an Accusing way, Fabia blurts out the very thing she held for a long time—harkening back as a Youth. So by this time, gaining more confidence, Fabia strongly emphasized the point—
“You and Father argue about that all the time. Come on, just tell me the God-awful truth. I mean, what exactly was in Daphny’s Mind. What did You diside to do?

However, before her Mom could answer,Fabia went on—
“That’s the main point, isn’t it?” Still, it was where many of those underlying arguments were sufficiently revisited. The fact is that the aspiring Post-Grad (in her own-Mind) heard only silence; though detected a type of guilt Which was Written on her Mother’s Face—Causing her Daughter to instantly spin out of her Chair.

And so, with this, she said sarcastically -–pressing close. Nearly spitting into her Mom’s face. And saying with deep sarcasm—

“Well, Mother!” – “if you don’t spill the Beans—I’ll have you know…”

Fabia’s voice faded-away. But immediately, she plopped heavily back into her Chair—shoulders drooped—resigned to the stifling-effects of those pressing issues, involving the leaching-machinations—heightened by the anxieties wich related to the pending Scaling Factors Report. Still the same, Fabia tells her Mother—

“With Papa, it’s never going to change, we both know that.”

Hesitating -–though simmering down a bit, Fabia let her collective thoughts trail off; Yet not exactly knowing what to add.

Although, in a correcting manner, Lucienne answered back, breaking Fabia’s expectant response; as her Mom had nonetheless pointed an accusing finger at her Daughter -–who equally was dismayed. Then telling her—
“Your Papa is always right. You know Damned-well—that it’s only his pride that’s no good.”

But, by now,sighing. Then continuing—“That thing about Daphne, well anyway, that couldn’t be helped at all.”
So With this, Fabia merely smirked; telling her Mother—
“So now you’re defending his Drinking!”

All of these things caused Lucienne to become distracted. And accidentally causing her Mom to jostle her nearly-finished Tea-cup—thumping it hard on her Daughter’s Desk. Even startling herself. Then comically Saying under her breath—

More-seriously though, Lucienne continued—
“You know that’s not at all true.”

And yet, with some controlled calm in her voice; Lucienne told her Daughter—
“You can’t see it; things are changing—Have courage my precious one, we’ll work all of that out somehow.”

Though immediately Fabia’s thoughts swung toward a more resolute tone—
“Mom, I’m the one with courage. The fact is that you need to stand up for yourself. Dammit —Show whose the real Boss!”

With those things left hanging; Lucienne in a Motherly way cautioned—
“You know a Father—just like yours always wants to believe that he is in charge.”

As it was—with a lingering sense of frustration written on her face; Fabia explained to her Mother— “You know, it’s only a thing of the Past. So never will it be anything that truly matters—as far as I’m concerned!”

Then abruptly, the new post-grad stood—and walked toward her Bedroom. turning once more; locking onto her Mother’s eyes——
“Mom, it’s too late to be getting into a personal discussion now.”

However, in this particular moment, Lucienne quite innocently; though inadvertently had found herself blocking the hallway; arguing those delicate points. So at the very least had intended to express a fair degree of disappointment—regarding her Daughter. And so, only Mumbling a single word, saying—“But!”

With this, Lucienne appeared to be defeated; But when it came to her Daughter( the only one left to her) and now seeing her Child depart. Still, those things pained her to the core. But, both were afraid of sertan unspoken feelings—where irreparable Words might accidentally spill out.

So again, in her Mother’s precarious state of Mind—would simply blame her own Daughter —labeling her as “a troubled Grad.” And with this, Fabia conveniently closed the door to her bedroom; where that sort of expressive action –had at the very least, allowed for a quick escape from her Mother’s lingering protective imaginings, leveled at her—
“Little Girl.”

Still, these things amounted to a variety of out-moted ideas—including certain unfair degrees of opinions—even judgments. Where it quickly diminished the gifted Post-Grad’s remarkable achievements. Although as a burdened Parent, Lucienne fondly recalled the time when she was younger; regaling the fact of Marrying “her Husband Musbah, were His first Name in Arabic—as it implied—meaning “lantern.”

However, in this particular moment, Lucienne finally concluded that her very own Name meant “a Point of Light, in French.

So, with such ideas stuck in her head, Lucienne firmly believed that it held great promise for the future.” Dreamily musing—
“Light for the Lantern.”

And so, as a proud mother—with a sense of great wisdom sown into her character; it was where all of that, was quickly picked up by others. On those points, she figuratively rested most assuredly; then, in actuality, retired for the Night.

Boston Massachusetts— Five Years Earlier

As it always had been, over that busy Year of 2050; Gregory Lethenger—a rather tall Chap. Though through some degree of obscurity -–had by then, was living in the UK, near the Southern coast of Wales. Where he grew into a handsome—Ruddie Fellow. With penetrating irresistible green eyes. A remnant of his Scottish background. Furthermore, Gregory Bore an infectious smile to match. Though fondly recalling based upon a smug sense of reassurance. Yet, quite proud of graduating with a Doctorate of Theoretical Physics.

Although, Greg’s chief focus had been concerned with methods involving Quantum Engineering. All of it acquired at The University of Zurich Switzerland; though obtained through some great fortune by Marrying his sweetheart Georgette Maclure—who previously lived in Manchester England. But, suffice it to say, their instant-romance had developed where Greg’s new Wife to be; just happens to be from well-off Parents. Although, that arrangement was filled with a strange degree of detachment.

And also, the union involved Greg’s warpt-thinking —that it would be to his advantage—while working his way throughout his Educational career, by augering Money from his In-laws. So, only giving token effort towards his Wife’s well-being. Still, all of this happened to be a clumsy attempt to prove his sense of worthiness.

Yet with this, Georgette, based on a degree of convenience -–rather-abruptly, was appointed a Professorship at a University in London. Teaching Survey Courses —that of General Physics. But by then, their sudden Marriage Together, took-place over the following four years –where it sadly crumbled. Beginning quite innocently—based upon trivial-lies—while their relationship slid into infidelity. Although, outwardly, Greg seemed to others as being pedantic and pretentious, centering around his grandiose degree of egotism; all of it bent toward a certain tendency, stemming from his Career-based association, from a great many others.

But for now, Gregory happened to be in one of those irritable moods, angling for a fight with his wife. Telling Georgette—
“Where were you yesterday?—and the Day before?”
Georgette now cocked-and-loaded (and therefore ready to engage his snarkish attitude). Answering him sarcastically—
“I was out seeking some companionship with my Friends, do you mind?

Greg’s green eyes—laser-like, narrowed and pointedly aimed right at her, then saying—
“You’re playing around again, aren’t you?”

Covering her guilt with an immediate placid expression, then reddening with anger. Finally responding—
“It’s none of your bloody business any longer. Remember my dearie. You forfeited that privilege quite some time ago. Ever since you availed your Whitty charm –-wheedling your willful way into your Bosses clutches.”

Georgette then continued with her Tour de force—
“What was her damned Name anyway—‘Horrieese’ –-or something like that? You know, that stupid blond!”

Greg cooly answered—
“Oh! You mean Therese—well I never -–by the way, your slutty behavior must stop, then I might allow myself to pardon you for all of your past improprieties. So instead, simply be a dutiful Wife—where we can forgive and forget alike.”

With that, Georgette slowly answered—smoldering with contempt—
“I’m never going to give you that kind of pleasurable satisfaction. Mind you the fact my Dear-boy —I’m afraid that you’re becoming a damnable, imperious blaggard. Being a poor excuse of a Husband to-boot!”

Although, her response caused Greg (who was by now in a rage)) Gave him an excuse to burst out of the room. Not even looking back; Where he Simply ignored the crux of their problems. Yet, those things had been due to numerous—and contemptuous arguments; that most likely came from bitter Merrital experiences—gained from the Past. And still, Greg knew full well that both of them would soon make-up in bed, just as they always had done. What’s more, Gregory wasn’t particularly worried about their stormy relationship. So the fact of the matter was that the Quantum Specialist was in a big hurry, already behind schedule.

Yet, as it was; our newly minted Doctor strategically struck upon several Business relationships with other Technical Professional-types. It included a fastidious little man, Maxxime Auger, who was a Bio-engineering genetics Quantum Specialist. Therefore, in the Deal, Greg Lethenger had included the infamous Therese Overton, Center Director of a Company known as “BioGenix.” So, with this seemingly faults intent, Gregory—had in a begrudging way, engaged the Biologist. And therefore muttered to himself—in his colloquial Scottsman’s-verve, saying
“That wee, foppish Frenchman!” had nonetheless placed his rival Dr. Auger; thusly, putting him into his immediate plans. Then adding “Well, somebody needs to do all of that “grungey, slime-slug work, it’s not going to be me!


.Macrocosm vs Microcosm

It was at this point, that we find (based on Greg’s expressed Plans) were still aimed at codifying his grand vision which involved the development of Quantum Teleportation. This became a means of employing the movement of tiny, fundamental elements made-up from an entire Being (or practically anything else) by redirecting the resulting DNA—from one place and time—to another.

It had been the case—by the Year 2054 –had been where Maxxeme, Therese, Greg, and his wife were, out of conveannce) by living together in Boston—at the behest of Musbah himself. That was near the time when our Man from Lebanon; where we may Recall that Musbah had been strategically appointed Financier, —who was enticed by Dr. Lethenger; And interesting enough, was backed by Therese.

Clearly, “the Big Man” joined the Project to map out the obvious Monetary issues. Plus providing a way of securing the means for establishing Living Quarters in the form of a secluded luxurious Compound. Where each Scientist and their Families could communicate with one another; without the prying eyes of the Public. But secretly, those things involved recouping previous losses through “The Financier’s” bad investments. And at any rate, Musbah with his “ready-Money” proved to be extremely helpful. Though curiously enough, the very meaning behind Musbah’s surname, “Ghani,” easily expressed the general idea of obtaining great Wealth.

But “the Money-man” only focused on his fortune, where he found himself trapped over the long run. And before it was all over, the wealthy man was helplessly driven by those subtle factors -–from which he inadvertently had manipulated his Daughter Fabia. Putting her in danger; thereby placing her in a web of deceit. And again, just happened to be through the chagrin of Dr. Lethenger –-who be groaned the use of certain critical elements; which had to do with a DNA Genome specimen. Although, such things involved the risk-filled four-year development of the entire “delivery-project.”

Furthermore, all of these things were based on the realization of two different scientific approaches; where each Quantum method was determened through a Multi worlds Interpretation—known as Super-String, “M-Theory; And where Theoretical Models were partly based on Lethenger’s original ideas. So involving special techniques, that were first introduced over a memorable evening. And by then, all were comfortably ensconced in those isolated “new digs,”.

With this, Gregory wasted no time. He approached Therese Maxxeme and the others—noting that their faces registered a degree of disbelief. Just after Greg concluded with his somewhat obligatory remarks. And filled with rather fake forms of pleasant platitudes; where he attempted to warm-toward his general theme.

So, as the driven-man spoke, explaining—
“All of these things would be done By using a certain type of particle delivery means.
Where The subject’s actual being –as you know, were ubiquitous in Nature. Suffice it to say, They Were made up of exotic forms of Particulates. And yet, those tiniest of particles would be ‘Metrologically’ installed in a highly charged, Micro-miniature -–ultra-Magnetically contained vessel.”

All of that was Greg’s crazy way of speaking -becoming a quite disconcerting quirk; stemming from his rather unnerving personality. So Gregory attempted to explain to the others —spoke in that jargonistic way; a convenient ploy -–that kept People held at bay! With that—the big man taunted everyone, with his penetrating green eyes; as he nervously paced back and forth in front of the others. And even Flanked by two of his sinister-looking henchman-like characters. One of them was the aforementioned Musbah Ghani.

The other happened to be a brawny Sirly-sort—who could be easily portrayed in a Ventage Sword & Sandal Flick. However, the Herculean-type (being a sort of protector) had only been known at the time—as Victor. But neither Men had a clue at the time of what was being said.

Though in contrast, the two Men were cast amidst the opulent setting –-primarily as a show of force. But in reality, the Nefarious Team had included other imposing sorts, filled with the same darken caliber—lurking in the background; deeply within the confinement of the outer-laboratory. A place where the libidinal details –had worked their way through their joint, puzzling Plans.

Still, the other Scientists knew that they needed to be in total agreement; where each would have to be in a position to penetrate the opposition’s flawed veneer. But only when it became well-evidenced.

Moreover, the Particle Physicists found Greg’s little-ploy; as if it were only a type of virtuoso kind of performance. Yet they all would have to suffer through Greg’s bombastic methods; while the charismatic Man proceeded to tell the rest, saying—
“It was through those general elements—where all of it was reduced down to their most basic forms. But not where we may consider them as being Physical Matter at all.”

And as Greg continued with his calculated delivery—strutting about like a Proud Peacock—somewhat like that of the plush scenery outside. So, with a wave of his hand, Greg ushered his Fellow Scientists to gather around a gorgeous spread of Hourderves; thus appealing to their baser needs.

Yet, in the meantime, the Group peered out the broad bay windows—showing a tranquil and idyllic scene. A vista that Soon will prove to be, utterly obliterated. Though for the moment, that vivid display of plumage—now viewed from the comfort of the Secure setting invariably had indeed, contrasted waves containing certain negative-vibes—reflecting the daunting task placed before them. Such kinds of critical steps were to be carefully determined. And doing so, as rapidly as possible.

Though each of the Scientists seemed to possess an inkling of an evermore malevolent-specter. Other than Lethenger’s little-gambet; by heightening the sense of reality involving the awsome-effects of Global Climate Change—looming over them. And therefore tenaciously as Dr. Gregory Lethenger—with his characteristic form of embellishment; had with a flourish, emphasized his significant points, detailing those primary arguments. All of it through the displeasure of the others. With that, Dr. Lethenger droned on, telling them
“ Those virtual essences of pure-matter would have been instantly ‘redirected’ by way of a series of tiny Photonic greenlight optical lasers.
he continued—
“But as you know, the photonic signals would have to be precisely amplified—focused on a platform, not far from an existing combination of Black Holes.

But by then, Therese had enough of Lethenger’s outlandish babble. She even intended to cut Lethenger off in mid-sentence; agreeing with the rest of the group, as she said—

“That’s precisely where we depart from your unfounded assumptions.”

This was when Therese looked expectantly at her Comrades in arms. Giving them an instant to hedge off Lethenger’s mischaracterization; by now unconvincingly had presented the errant scientist’s supposedly objective Presentation where those more-realistic type of approach. And by now should have been done away with—concerning Greg’s gamesmanship; including the heavy-handed treatment of the others. Still, it was at this crucial juncture, where Max took advantage of the moment –by attempting to extoll the merits of their more practical ideas. So, proceeded to point out many of the critical differences. And Emphatically stated

“We simply can’t rely on mere distant Transmittance—to get the precision that’s required. It then becomes quite clear; As I outlined earlier. Just as I said, based on the lack of those types of elements—emanating from effects caused by the proximal disturbance, from certain super-massive BlackHoles.”
Clearly, the Bio-physicist expressed those more reasonable forms of political views. Still, the same, Max was just as guilty of speaking in those rather jargonistic terms. Precisely in the same way as the driven tenner of Dr. Lethenger. However, Dr. Auger never actually intended to—“auger”—or otherwise (attempt to “screw anyone else”—nor foist his way to only “bullshit” others. Yet Max smiled heartedly when using his actual Name as a personal pun.

More seriously though, Maxes undeniable, deepening reticence –had by now—firmly established, based on the Biologist’s knowledgable point of view. And as to the others, Those things dwelled within an ever-smaller microcosm.’

But once more, in sharp contrast, those things were located at the other end of the visible spectrum. That’s precisely why Lethenger, had all the more attempted to press his opinions. This time training his eyes on the Frenchman—giving the Biologist an evil stare; Amounting to a veiled attempt,—countering Greg’s earlier points. Yet this just happened to be, When Greg said—sweetening his remarks——
“We all agree, that it would be where the resultant ‘rippling effects’—as it could be induced by Sending its packet of DNA through a Conduit—all done after Collecting a Sample.

Then sugar-coating his wild assertions for greater effect, Greg added—
“All of that would be done by matching a DNA Spessoman of your choice—sent by a specialized process;

Greg paused for effect; then saying—“And of course, all of this could be arranged through our own dedicated Group; to establish a valid degree of parity. While each signal –as it could be relayed back to our own, proprietary network—.

Through such types of exaggerations, as Greg continued to hold to his original thoughts; But went on telling them—
I believe that the entire approach, using this laser-directed info, must fully be capable of ‘beaming-all the way down’ to the surface of the Earth.”

So, it had been through these bold pronouncements, where it became Maxes actual intent to focus on Greg’s, rather ersatz ideas. Still, Greg had the presence of Mind to Block any further questions for the moment. And yet, in his familiar way, he tried to smooth things over. Greg therefore finally told the other Members—
“If everything went as planned, it would prove to be a mere academic thing.”.

However, the rest of the Quantum Physicists knew that each approach would involve a particular realm, where it could be made up from a seemingly infinite form of existence. So the Technical discussion led to an in-pass; lasting for hours; where Gregory’s longtime friend, Musbah Ghani (—as expected), had been opposed to the view—held by the majority of the Team.

Though at a later date, when Maxxeme, endeavored to explain in more detail speaking privately to his Colleagues, telling them
“Honestly, both methods were given over to additional risks, including effects involving a type of disconnection. A transition from the intangible to the more tangible forms—known as ‘Decoherent factors.’

Now armed with such ideas—due to the reasoning behind Lethenger’s untried Theoretical means; where many of those uncertainties –ultimately, led to the much safer “Micro –approach.”

Truthfully, everyone knew that those techniques involved a Metrological—or miniaturized type of Transfer. So by its nature, it required an inherently higher risk. That‘s why the Team as a whole, scoffed at Dr. Lethenger’s improbable notions.

. Especially when the Quantum Biologist, Maxxeme Auger, often found himself frustrated.

So, at some point, Max angrily slammed a copy of related Proposals onto one of the boardroom tables—in front of the more-political—though rather-essential Dignitaries; Just as the Directors quietly had been overseeing the Project—chiefly under the direction of Therese. But again, there were other Clashes -like the earlier battles; which frayed the nerves of all of those concerned.; Especially where processes of Quantum-field arguments were the very thing, hotly debated over the entire Year of 2054; where both delivery methods were pitted against the ever-smaller manifestations—ranging into the Trillions of particles -–representing the most significant number of constituents of material ever engaged.

Therefore, matters such as these had characteristically escalated into embitterment, on the part of Dr. Lethenger. And yet, the real challenge in each Case would involve the “Transfer” of DNA through the “Wormhole” Gateway; where competing concepts had to do with even greater abstract mathematical formulas;

So, as increased efforts settled on those crazy Quantum actions, determined by principals—evidenced by the breakdown of particle and wave functions. Though the salient fact was that these forms of Fundamental Laws had amounted to a realm of near-nothingness—known as “the Planck scale,” a Theoretical region named after Physicist Max Planck (Shown Below).
He was a contemporary, and sometimes contentious adversary of Albert Einstein. However, this nothingness was a particular region, a place where standard rules of Classical Physics—where it never seemed to apply. Because “Entangled” Quantum Properties had somehow involved the nature of gravity. And in essence, it was as if those Field Forces were expected to dominate; occurring while using a variety of Laboratory procedures—which included annealing processes—thereby involving a protocol based upon the heating of particles—that were near their melting point—then allowing them to cool to their desired temperature.

Furthermore, most of Those measurements involved “Hamiltonian or Cyclical algorithm modeling.” Therefore, dealt with certain degrees of variances, based upon the integration of an “adiabatic, or air cooling approach, all determined by rigorous changes through both Pressure and Temperature. So, according to the newly acquired Team, those methods were gathered from exchanges of Chemical Valences (meaning their strength and bonding ability), which was obtained entirely on that much deeper Molecular level. And yet, these things were focused on several experimental attempts, which unfortunately failed. That was mainly due to the more conventional computers of the Aera. All were born in the Mid Twentieth Century. So in turn, was processed from inferior forms of Mathematical equations; developed much earlier, over that period.

It was then firmly stated many years ago, by the Father of Computer Science, Leonard Adleman—who was a Colleague of Dr. Lethenger’s Grandfather. (Shown Below). Still, Adleman became a highly respected Physicist in his wright. He got his degree from UC Berkley, where he adeptly demonstrated a specific approach toward solutions—using unique forms of “DNA Computing methods. So, as Adleman explained—
“The Hamiltonian path problem could be solved by exploiting such parallelisms, called ‘Duality’ which was inherent in those forms of chemical reactions.” Adleman as well stated
“Such problems could be solved by using actions produced by sequential steps, defined in a more or less linear way.”

Still, many of these things were established through efforts coming from a rather youthful Team Member Trainee, who was an unusually gifted individual—named Frederik Manning. He specialized in Molecular Dynamics himself. Manning, therefore, lightened the rest of the Team’s overall Workload considerably. And where The young Man assisted Greg and Fabia, in particular, by plotting those tolerances of Temperature and pressure—including degrees of ultra-Magnetic variation. So, all of those factors were aimed at the design of a variety of ingenious experimental observations.

Though Fortunately, Fred Manning’s background was somewhat typical of those bright, eager Hondos of Technology, who became fierce competitors. Thereby endeavoring to make it “big” in the discipline of Mathematics and Physics. And where that form of special implementation was entirely necessary—mostly as it related to Particle-field Theory; which included Fractal forms of manipulation.

In other words, Fred was a Consummate- “Nerd.” And yet, the youthful Man graduated with a Master’s Degree in Mathematics, specializing in Fractal Equation and Design. And reportedly, Therese Overton smartly determined, by telling the others—
“Those pertinent factors were pushed along by Fred’s bright intellect and character.”

So by then, Therese was of course occupying a spacious glass and paneled Office. where she acquired a variety of opinions, stating to the effect—
“That brilliant, local kid from Oradell New Jersey –-he simply made all the difference in the World.”

And as far as Dr. Lethenger was concerned—he explained through a series of additional introductory Lectures, for the benefit of his Training Staff. So involved concepts having to do with the Manipulation and isolation of minuscule signatures—called “Quantum-bits.” Yet as a Mentor, Greg redly explained—
“The real problem was that these Quantum processors must reside within an extremely high vacuum, with a pressure of 10 billion times less than the Earth’s atmosphere.
So predictably, Greg droned on, enjoying the sound of his Mesmerizing voice—where those abstract factors came into play. Also, where Lethenger continued to explain to the Trainees—
“The environment inside those jacketed enclosures; well, they must be at least 180 times colder than interstellar space, or 0.015 degrees above absolute zero.”

But, on a similar theme, Therese—the Center’s Architect—offered her observations by explaining to her New Students—
“Those things involved mathematically based “Fractal forms of vertices, using high definition 3D Virtual displays.” All of this had a direct effect, especially when factoring into these Models; that involved certain groups of DNA particles. So were necessary to effect an even more realistic—and successful outcome.”

Ultimately, it would be incumbent on a kind of Human-type Cinergy of talent—mostly as we had noted, primarily through Director Overton’s design. So again, it was where Those fancy variances of experimentation, were established through informative and technical Meetings—set up over the intervening four-year period.

As we had seen, such things proved to be a catalyst for often different and opinionated processes -–which involved Quantum Field -theory-based, planning discussions. Furthermore, was where those periodic gatherings—where Dr. Greg Lethenger himself, through the force of his irksome personality. Though he would often be the one to “stir the drink”—figuratively and literally. But again, Overton at times tried to be the well-meaning moderator. She possessed a specific diplomatic means, using her disarming personality.

Growing up in a large family in Boston Massachusetts; the Director, over her Thirty-four years, developed into a tall, striking, energetic blond—who majored in Astro–Business-based Management. Although, Therese became even more focused on Technical Facility Design and Integration, by gaining other Management Positions—that Included Ultra-modern-forms of engineering, where it involved “Human Factors. Which was quite useful in Micro-gravity.” thereby setting a course for even greater things.

Still, it was by the mid-2050s, where continued efforts through Therese (in her Meteoric way) had quickly branched out into other disciplines, that involved Life Science metrology. So it had more to do with precise measurement—akin to Dr. Auger’s specialized degree of ultra-small, Biological Research. But, along with Therese, Fabia, ever since she was acquainted with those forms of Scientific disciplines, she became an understudy. And over time, Fabia advanced to a Planning Design Lead for the entire Project—beginning in that most memorable Month of June, of 2055.

However, none of these efforts got underway until persuasive, lucrative arguments, by her own Father, where it was established a year earlier. So, all of those things were well orchestrated by Gregory’s heavy-handed insistence. Yet the obvious fact was that many of those efforts required massive funding. And as an Official in the deal, Therese invited Fabia to join the Project—just after she achieved her Doctorate.

Indeed, it was through the Director’s intuition (as it proved to be mostly on target) while persuading Fabia’s well-connected Father garnering his Financial means. So, rather artfully, Therese played that angle through Dr. Lethinger’s dubious actions. Yet at some point, the Project’s Scaling-factors Specialist, quickly explained to her small group of Trainees, suggesting
“Those Quantum-scale devices were massively expensive, matching their necessary maintenance. And for that matter, Dr. Auger liked to remind everyone——
“Training Personnel never came cheap either.”

The Frenchman received his degrees from the Campus of Pierre—Marie Curie – at Sorbonne; a University, better known as—UPMC, in France. This included a Master’s in mathematics and chemistry. Afterwhich, Max gained a Doctorate in Quantum Biophysics in 2053. So when it came to using Electron or Quantum Microscopes, including their associated peripheral devices; All of these things encouraged the young Scientist—while she was incredibly proud of the many possibilities. All of it stemming from her new Degree. Though others on the Team regularly referred to her, merely as “Fabia,” meant as an endearment—rather than a put-down; As it had more to do with her hard-won Title.

But her new Students more formally referred to her as “Dr. Ghani.” And Around that time—when the kindly Dr. Auger married the former Genell Haywood, a Professor of Literature. Who specialized, among such things having to do with Biblical Studies, which was Acquired at Baylor, a Private University in Texas. Yet it would be amung Genell’s coveted efforts –-where her Religious predilection was about to have a profound effect on the Targeted Plans for Dr. Franklin himself.

Still, it was from that overriding personal feeling –that plagued other members of the Scientific Team. Although, contrasting Genell’s Religious ideas; And also, where Secular thinking had undoubtedly been well established amid the ever –more formative processes. So was entirely based on the Team’s Scientific reasoning. Thus creating a critical but even more Philosophical—intellectual in pass. However, undaunted, Genell posited the view, telling everyone—regarding the fact that—
“certain Human-beings would matter of factually be brought forth—completely unscathed through “DNA-extraction.” Thus possessing every aspect of an Individual’s actual Sole—including one’s own Body-Mind and Spirit).”

But, despite those Theological inclinations, coming from the seemingly charitable Genell. It was still by the virtual fact from the standpoint of the imperious Greg Lethenger, often escaping most of those critical conflicts -–especially while taking his abstract arguments to his drinking bud, Musbah Ghani.

The real fact was the deviant Man knew that the Financier wouldn’t have the slightest understanding of the more technical—relevant—or otherwise subtle differences, framing “Those reasonable questions.” However, all of these factors affected issues supporting a variety of suppositions, which quite useful to resolve many of the Scientific—or Theoretical problems. But, all of that involved a kind of one-upmanship, coming From Dr. Lethenger himself. Although, Gregory only needed Musbah as a sounding board, to assuage his failings.

And quite by chance, the two Men bumped into one another in-route to a common destination. But needless to say, Greg and Musbah were ecstatic to see each other—without the grief and interference coming from the rest of the Team Members. Besides, they could quietly have a private drink—where social ill-regard (in its pervasive way) where it seemed to cause unnecessary friction.

Though in passing, Greg casually and quite openly confided to his buddy, telling him—
“I’m Surprise to see you here, ”
Musbah remarked—
“Your timing is amazing.”

But Greg grinned back, saying quickly —
“Ol’-buddy, that’s what it’s all about!”

Pondering this for a bit, the Man from Lebanon once more responded—
“You’re right.” It’s a matter of timing. I’m Shure that Time itself may very well tell the tail.”
Then Greg told his longtime Friend—
“Our own Time and effort are so damn expensive; isn’t that true? But, you’re the person who has the answers—having to do with all of that stuff –-right?”
“I don’t know about those things, but while we have a moment, let’s take a load off—and share a couple.”
“You’re talking about drinks or Women!

Both Men Chuckled, prompting a mutual clap on the Shoulders; boyishly cavorting, as Greg told his Comrade—
“You’re friggin-whit is always just the thing that a guy needs—when we’re on the loose!”

Afterward, the two Men stepped into one of the ever-present, dingy-Pubs, drinking their fill—and talking a great deal about everything. But again—nothing in particular.

However, they mentioned certain matters regarding their joint Business relationship. All of that was done in “guarded-language.” But speaking in terms that they would know only between themselves. So, Greg was attempting to apply pressure on the others. But Musbah—his supposed Friend, (the proverbial scapegoat) “remained only as a “Money-man,” while Greg used him as a direct threat over the entire Project.

So, by then—Nursing their Drinks in that seedy, run-down Bar, Greg whispered to his Friend, as his kerosene breath spewed toward the direction of his buddy—
“Rumor has it—they want to bring back a Clone of Dr. Benjamin Franklin, isn’t that a laugh?”

Confidentially -–using a conspirator’s tone, poring his Friend another drink, Musbah told him—
” Habib’ (meaning a closely-held cohort) “Isn’t that possible?
“That’s the point, it really can happen, especially when I’m at the Helm.”
With this, the Financier from Lebanon quizzically asked—
“How are you ever going to be in the position to call all the shots?
Greg said, “Don’t worry about all that crap.” I’ve got a plan in the works.”

With growing conviction, Musbah informed Greg, explaining—
“Well, I’ve got the billions, they are practically in my pocket. “
“You can’t be serious.”

Responding gamely, Musbah told him—
“As you might say in your Country, serious as -–well, you know, something like Cancer.”

Then again, telling his Comrade—his hands spread wide, as he spoke—
“You know I have a lot of connections, over our stupid, naive World. So there’s a hell of a great many People who owe me big-time.”

Greg said thickly, his liquor spinning in his Head—
“Well then it’s decided, we’ll bring the old codger back to live with us. But, I have issues with that French, snail-eating –frog of a Man.
Musbah interjected -–now laughing, nearly rolling out of his seat—
“You mean that little Frog, Snail-eating Man.”
“Well, either way, you know whom I’m talking about.”

Graig joined his Friend’s laughter—
“It’s Auger—that stupid, slimy Biologist.

Although “the Man from Lebanon”—with a smirk on his face, as he said—
“A real ‘French-fry; ah-ah! I’ll have my Daughter Fabia straighten his puny-ass out. “
Then added—
“But ‘Habib’—regarding my Daughter—could you with your influence—would you kind of watch out for her -–I mean, point her in the right direction?”
“Shure thing –ole buddy.”

But in truth—Greg’s unscrupulous ploy was seen by everyone else, viewed as a concealed threat to hasten their collective efforts. Yet, The Team-members ignored Greg’s innocuous intellectual games, recconizing them for what they were. Still, those things would infuriate Greg to no end.

Although, our Technical Group had a way of producing an undercurrent of personal friction, building momentum. Yet once more on Musbah’s part, relating to his dependency on Lethenger’s deepening influence —where all of that was based on the wealthy Man’s financial commitment. And that was precisely when Musbah was expecting various Dividends—in the way of legal protection, including certain guarantees, which sheltered those types of funds. With these things in mind, Musbah was even more confident—pulling himself out of Corporate Debt. Though “never gave a damn —which way the Scientific wends blew!” Quite simply he would patiently ride the tide of fortune.

Beyond all of that, an additional Six Months was required for developing specialized “Sequencing procedures,” where they were hammered out through Committee—when designed through most of 2054.

So, at any rate, under the Direction of both Therese and Fabia, the Training got underway early in the following year. Yet, the two Women often commiserated by bouncing ideas off of one another. And as an example, Fabia recalled with some exhilaration—when Therese first brought up the brilliant idea—using the Franklin Genome—as a subject to consider.

And still, that was based upon the standpoint, from the Project Director herself -–along with her usual, penetrating demeanor. But this time. those things had the added effect of rachetting upward her newest Prodigy -–while manipulating Fabia’s excitable personality—pressing the point even harder; thus promoting the New Quantum Scientist to say at the time. And where it was nearly impossible to hide her broadening smile.

Yet Therese told her fast-friend—
“I thought it was a rather astute choice.”

Still, it was through her uncanny glee, where Fabia herself, again responded—telling her “Boss”—
“It’s altogether an inspired choice.—I mean that from a technical perspective, and just as much from a Historical one. It makes a lot of sense.”

Though Therese seemed to “egg her Subordanant along-,” pushing her Friend’s temperament even higher, telling her——
“Can you begin to imagine what Mr. Franklin—what he may say—and do, regarding our present issues in the World Today? I mean the way the World Waggs and Wanes!”

Then Fabia shot-back—gulping her coffee, nearly choking—
“Well, Girlfriend, It’s a kind of frightening thing. But at the same time having to do with those things—it’s irresistible.” But Fabia’s poor choice of Words (GirlFriend) through this form of expression, subconsciously had (quite innocently) as it only had been trolling for an ideal form of Friendship.

And so, to her shock, her friendly boss—quite intentionally reached over, placing her hand on Fabia’s Knee.
Then Saying with some mock-humor—
“Don’t worry your little waggie, Worldly -ass.!” Now Caressing her Friend’s knee more sensually—tapping it for greater emphasis.
Then said— “I’ll protect you.”

Fabia by that point was convinced that her Boss was nipping from a Whiskey-bottle. Perhaps from Gregory’s or even her own Father’s private Bottle. At last, Therese withdrew her hand. But still speaking to Fabia, she said—
“Seriously, we have to play our hand very carefully.”
Craftily smiling at her Friend.

But confidentially, Therese added—
“I have a sneaky feeling that you may be quite good at that.”

So, it had been through her Bosses crude gestures -–where Fabia became her latest acquaintance. And yet it was through her Boss’s actions -–that caused Fabia to respond with a curt, shy smile; brought about by her Boss’s overt Sexual overtures. Now, totally flustered. With this, Fabia blushed; and then sheepishly remarked; Only saying, “Thanks.”

“Scaling Factors”:

Throughout most of that time—our young Scientist, busily supervised her Team by drawing on the efforts from Research, concerning a “Nano-scale, cooling–unit.” Originally developed years ago by Khan Yen Tan, among other Scientists from alto University—in Finland. Yet it was with that particular device, where the Group had successfully cooled down a “Quantum Bit.” Or what Lethenger referred to as a “Q-bit. And so abstractly produced a sort of “fuzzy-sense of logical “probabilities,”). And with her Underlings assisting, Fabia used this superconducting Resonator as it accomplished something rather remarkable—while sending those single-electron particles through a tiny insulator—no thicker than 2 Nano-meters (about two billionths of a meter).

So, from those resources where these Team Members could use this Quantum scale, to visualize what was occurring—coaxing the electron particles through the insulator.

(Caption) Showing a Camera used in conjunction with a USO—ultra-stable oscillator—

The “Micronic-built Unit” easily provided a way for electrons that would have never developed enough energy in the first place. Therefore established a path to make their way more directly, while the charged particles would regularly capture the remaining power—for a nearby quantum device. But still, over this time, the Scientists were able to cool the Unit by switching off the quantum-circuit—under the guise of a specialized routine; Thus allowing the device to shut down freely.

The simple fact was that the external voltage was disengaged, where Fabia explained to her Trainees—
“It’s a tricky way of fooling a device to get it to do what you want.”
So, with this idea in hand, The Young Scientist proudly announced to the Quantum Team, at one of their Group Meetings—reporting their progress, telling everyone—
“I have worked on perfecting techniques having to do with those Scaling Factor issues—throughout the entire year. So, with my Team, we worked out a substantial method for accomplishing many of these kinds of things!”

But countering that achievement, Greg with a snarky kind of expression written on his face —explaining to the Executive Board Committee—
“This approach was rather piecemeal. That’s why I had argued the technique all along. I mean, to get any degree of effectiveness within the necessary time constraints.”

Still Greg’s methods (though covertly designed—nevertheless had expertly been delivered by using a firm and convincing tone. Yet, with that approach -–Greg intentionally stared down each of the Board Members, depending on his whit. And dazzling them by using his mesmerizing green eyes—for added effect.

Then said—
“As you all know, we’ve had to take the extra time to compromise, by developing those required methods.”

Although, the rest of the Team was able to extrapolate enough meaningful Data to apply Fabia’s unique techniques. But that involved many valuable factors that had to do with a broad understanding; involving the business deemed necessary, to provide more exceptional capabilities for the entire Mission to occur. And as a matter of course, the Data was sent by way of those finicky Particulates, comprising of their special-state of Matter. Something that Lethinger earlier explained, telling his Team-members—
“Those things involved a variety of discrete particulates—where they ended up winking in and out of physical “space-time,” Something we all call “Quantum-foam.”

) A Photo showing IBM’s latest Quantum Computer Array, 2019

However, this was when Dr. Lethenger—as he told everyone while standing in front of a large Monitor—when referring to certain elements. He indicated this by using a Laser-pointer, explaining—
“Those Damn elements tended toward switching their Quantum states too often—because they became too hot.”

Then added—
“We, therefore, may deduce that those factors had to do with the use of “tiny Q-bits”—that they just as well may represent both values at the same time—known as superposition.
Greg clasped the pointer, unconsciously, creating a barrier between his subordinate Members of the Group. He went on—
“We also may infer in general – that those digitized states of Matter—relating to a Machine Language (ones and zeros) denoting either a photon of energy being present—or none at all.”
Now Continuing—
“So, by using them in a quantized way, would help to relate to those somewhat discrete particulates -–allowing an additional memory location to exist. It would be where that type of Matter—where it may reside (quite strangely) remaining outside our physical existence, out in some other dimension.

All of those points had led toward preliminary aspects of even more specific details; revealing the finer points that undoubtedly, were to follow.

Greg then added—“These particulates would be fully capable of being recalled (in any combination) at any point at the speed of light. And yet, with this ability, those actions would have a way of unleashing a limitless power of a Quantum Computer, where it involved their expanded operations.”
And so, as to the Trainees they were simply bored from the perfunctory basic, foundational form of Lecture, forced upon them. Yet, Greg droned-on, saying
“This type of computing power was capable of solving Mathematical equations by using those memory locations to be swapped back and forth—managing all three “possible States” in parallel…

So, we may say that this form of Technology; where it was brought about and aimed to solve problems heretofore deemed unsolvable.” Yet all of this was before the advent of Quantum-based Computing; So nearly impossible to imagine this, which involved Problems of scaling up matter from quantized particles; until they became realized over the Coming Decades.

And technically. that was known as the Principled State of “causal disconnection”); Where their resonant form of communication toward each Particle had begun. So it was where Materialized particles were quite naturally—though quickly captured by the Scientific Team. But every permutation was needed to be precisely determined, mapped out, and evaluated before those forms of particulates could become replicated—through repeating Fractal design iterations. All of that caused the Scaling-up effect. But these things took several Months where it seemed to young Fred Manning—as he relentlessly labored over the computations; while working out the Virtual, Graphical displays. So the Nerdish bespectacled Manning skillfully showed how those Sub Molecular Particles—where they simultaneously and precisely formed into their particular structural patterns. Where these particles were acting against their external influences. Thusly fighting the Decoherent syndrome; becoming materialized physical building blocks –But located within our own Newtonian, or classical dimensions.

Yet, ingeniously through this approach, our Quantum scientists were able to gain “absolute parody”—through various trial and error experiments, employing degrees of Hyper-magnetic Isolation techniques; protecting each globular group of Molecular material from being destroyed. Where it could be instantly canceled out by its antimatter forces.

as it were, the B.F. Institute over those years—was expanded well beyond the initial scope envisioned. Primarily, because Quantum Science had remained at the forefront of Theoretical Physics. At least that was the rationale often used. But all of those factors had (according to Therese Overton) were established just as massive infrastructure re-development efforts were brought to bear on the pending Global Climate problems.
Still, it became Overton’s particular bailiwick, which consisted of large operations—involving earth-moving equipment, along with a great many dredging projects.

But those actions were merely part of the evolving landscape, part of the reconstruction efforts. And over time, the “Weather problem” became worse. Most of it due to the apparent encroachment of lowland flooding. But all of that prompted Geo-political conflicts—to slowly manifest. But it was no surprise when Facility growth involving the overall purview of the Boston Institute, something that Therese Shepard-along—with its varied forms of Politicized apportionments. Yet, we may as well gather that Therese herself was well connected.

Such things went a long way by justifying the procurement of costly Quantum devices. But for a time, this dubious Business had fallen under the radar of both private and Governmental inquiry; which included routine inspection by qualified Technicians. Although, many of those things were done in the same way as the funding base as was stipulated; where specific requirements—while Quantum Computers became well-qualified, in terms of their “number crunching” capabilities. Indeed, they were Sorley needed. Yet Complex Algorithm modeling was equally required to plot Global Weather changes. And just as much, Quantum Computing served perfectly well by establishing impenetrable security codes, thus providing some semblance of protection of Government and Corporate Assets.

And so, with all of this, the BF Project was deemed free to press forward nearly entirely unobserved, because of the general confusion from the urgency—having to do with the relentless Weather threats. Although, it was through one of the more perfunctory Meetings, where those Theoretical ideas had quickly formed in the mind of Dr. Gregory Lethenger—when he impatiently decided to move forward more rapidly than all of the others. Thus we may say that Greg’s towering intellect—more than his sense of personal tact, had pushed him along through a degree of restlessness. Something the secretive -Man already emphasized—as he often got into a dispute with the Chief Bio Geneticist, Maxxime Auger. Each repelled one another like oil and water.

But the real fact though, was when Max strongly Protested Greg’s Appointment to the Project; by attempting to persuade Therese –to not allow him to be selected. And so, most likely, as their technical problems involved timing issues which had to do with the viability of Miniscule, Biologic “living samples.”

They included sub-molecular— then evermore complex Life-samples -–that of varying degrees of success…

It, therefore, bound Meta-material —by sending and/or Retrieving those elements. So had then worked toward ever-more complex forms of Mamallaian-form of subjects; even including small Species of Mice, Rats, Cats, and Dogs. Which were much like the ones used in the earliest Tests from the Space Exploration Program.


“Spooky action at a distance”
(A quote by Albert Einstein)

All of this was where those differing approaches promoted “cause-and-effect type problems. But on the critical “Quantum-scale,” was where these things had as well, set up a kind of crazy State of Matter. Where it mainly concerned the Phenomenon known as “Entanglement,”—alluded to, a bit earlier. But suffice it to say, many of those things belied the inherent commonality between two particles, which were separated over vast Space-time distances, involving pesky problems –that dwelled within a form of incoherency.

Although, these things required Subatomic properties, to be guided into either more or fewer degrees of synchronistic conformity. However, “Entanglement,” or “Causal Disconnection,” became the most Technical challenge—occupying the most significant scientific minds ever assembled. It was as Albert Einstein, as he often remarked, Colling it—
“Spooky action at a distance.”

That was a reference having to do with Einstein’s painstaking observations; where he Discovered that Matter indeed had co-joined Space and Time—into a single Property; where Past, Present—and the resulting Future—exists at the same moment.“

And so, as Einstein often stated—
—“Those things may differ only from the viewpoint of an observer, where they were fixed within their own— Present reckoning.”

And was where the brilliant Thinker quickly explained—
“It is but a stubborn illusion, however persistent. Whereas, through such things—involving our existence—only differ ever so slightly—in both Time and Locality.”

So it was through this profundity, found in the Minds of the Physicists in our Story—regarding many other Factors. It gave way to a great deal of frustration. And yet, at one point, during one of the more memorable Meetings, Greg attempted to needle Maxxime Auger on some technical issues.

But, Dr. Lethenger never expected the power of the Quantum Biologist, concerning his ever-more diplomatic means. As Gregory was artfully put back into his place, in front of the others. Just as Maxxeme firmly stated through his very French reasoning—
“Misère, at the risk of embarrassment, I wouldn’t want you to expose your ignorance before all of your friends, at the expense of beating me at some meaningless game, to merely please yourself. Either the data is correct, or not at all. So, please, I implore you,—use your time and talents more wisely, by planning the work; and then working the plan, because Time and Expense are extremely precious.”

Still, was through this form of criticism –-where that most-skillful type of persuasion—employed by Max; as it possessed high command over the English Language—secondary only to his Mother-tung).

But Greg, by now was amazed -–saying under his breath— “Bullshit!”

Though gaped-mouthed, he quietly hunkered down into his chair, where those in the room were starkly silenced, as the Team Members tried to grapple with the technical—as well as the most blatant, inner-personal dimensions ever expressed.

Later on, Greg sought-after some saw less from some of the more-shady-members of his Team. Those of whom had made infrequent appearances over the earlier stages of the Teleportation Project. It so happened that Greg’s Wife, Georgette was among those—from time to time, as she would give a small degree of sympathetic support. But Georgette only was interested in manipulating her Husband; for her own, selfish reasons.

Greg groused, needling a drink; as He told the others—seated near him in one of the private Lounges—located in the Facility.

How many little beasties did the Frenchman kill today?”
Victor (his nefarious-friend) sidled, next to him; so, a matter of factually volunteered an answer to the obligatory question—which was only designed to fill the tepid mood—which everyone kingly felt.

Victor said, possessing a thick Russian accent.
“I don’t have the numbers. The containment Vessel doesn’t always come back where we can find it.” But who cares about all of that
! I mean, those little Ants, Flies, and Beetles –-Ae-boss; that’s why we need real men—for them to come and go, to make the difference!”

Greg tolled them—
“It’s the frapping-size of the containment vessel. It’s too fuckin large. Well, anyway,” –nervously twiddled his fingers on the Table.

At this point. Greg’s Wife Georgette told them—
“We’ll work all of that out. You certainly put in plenty of hours,
At least more so, I daresay, than that fuckin Frenchman.
Greg laughed—
“You got that right!”

And yet, placed upon their collective plate—as it all turned out; becoming another big bugaboo—having more to do with the risky, sequencing Transcription errors—resulting in ambiguous types of data—leading toward personal danger.


Stealth Observers

It was in the somber and sobering chill of January—back in the year 2063; where we find Dr. Fabia Ghani—earlier described as one of those aspiring Technical types. As we had seen—through her efforts—along with the help from the others; spanning those last few years—while developing the means of Teleporting Physical Material through the fabric of Space-time.

So, at the present moment, Fabia stood before a restless Audience, as the Reporters eagerly filled the Boston Biogenetics Press Facility. And yet, collectively, shared a fair degree of trepidation. Especially, as it fell to the Quantum Specialist—as she still was willing to unveil to the rest of the World, tantalizing-findings of a closed-door Congressional Oversite Sub-committee, though such efforts were designed through Fabia’s Scientific Team to defeat the numerous innuendoes lingering over the last eight years. Though tragically, those things surrounded rather important events—leading to the Project’s very demise. Though inevitably, it had been while unfortunate Political leaks, had invariably crushed the stature and credibility of the Program itself.

And yet at this point, some significant queries must be-posed, chief of which lingers throughout this narrative. So, we as well should safely ask—Was it Fabia, who held the veritable Key to the questions at hand? That’s why she spoke from the Speaker’s podium -–at a Public Forum—rather deliberately; yet carefully—just as a heavy-laden Politician would have done. So, Fabia began to speak——

“Members of the Press—
“Ladies and Gentlemen, my primary goal here, was to give some greater clarity concerning the nature of our Project, as was originally conceived.”

Yet Fabia bravely continued. However, her remarks were only window dressing, touching on hundreds of pages of previously classified info, especially after a watered-down Year-long Study was released to the public. Doubtlessly to the Pundits of the Press, for better or worse.

Also, by in large, those things resulted in producing a biased spin on what was achieved, through the efficacy of that Human endeavor. But considering such things—let us step back a few years to observe the previous actions regarding the drama of everyone involved.

That’s why at this juncture, our present Scene melds into the relative past—where our Story actually must begin; and where this entire Tale can be told with greater exactitude through the eyes of Fabia herself. Thereby surrounding forces of Nature, made of both Space and Time. Where that fragile daisy chain, an ever-folding labyrinth of linkages—containing the deepest Metaphysical forms; where those underpinnings—by its very implication (at least in human terms) had preserved the dignity of our cadre of Quantum Scientists, along with their most sacrosanct aspirations (tattered like an old Flag) though remaining intact. Therefore left with something that may consume them all.

(Caption) Skyline of Philadelphia—depicted in 1788.

Now, transfixed, godlike, hovering in cloaked stealth observance, we along with Fabia—as collective witnesses, we glide effortlessly over the early Philadelphian countryside, aided by a futuristic array of Nano-sized cameras. The success of these super-high definition 3D moving images proved to be entirely necessary, as they Holographically sprung into view. They did so to the triumphant cheers of our group of esteemed Scientists, as each clamored for their first gander at a most auspicious epochal era, nearly three hundred years of the past.

Still, Fabia continued speaking to the Press, telling them—
“It was late in the Year 2057, where both Men and Women of great scientific aptitude; were precisely seeing what it would be like, back in the Eighteenth Century, and onward. Furthermore, where their entire focus would be none other than the revered old iconic figure of wit and wisdom, an ingenious polymath, the great inventor and statesman, Benjamin Franklin. He more than anyone else had ushered forth the coming era of electricity—thereby spurring the age of Enlightenment.

Fabia went on—gingerly explaining to the Press -–who were assembled in Boston, now saying—
“It was where those Men and Women of our Modern technology –-where we may infer—while they plied their “magic”—Their particular brand of electronic capabilities. And as it were, doing such, by directing those efforts while ‘ standing on the ‘proverbial “shoulders of giants, just like the Man of his particular Age.”

Still, she continued, directly quoting Benjamin Franklin
“It had been through the Mind of Dr. Franklin, and if only he could know for himself of these marvels, he would gladly leap at such a glimpse for what the future may hold.”
Then she added—
“Though from time-to-time, the prolific Statesman only mused over such ideas, as he once asked—‘What prospects may be likely to happen for the Human-race.’

Fabia added—
“So Ben Franklin must have thought that by the 21st century, not only would humanity have some absurdly cool gadgets, as he said—‘why men might even Live to be over 900 years old.

Yet Fabia stated—“Still, many of those ideas were alluded to, in a May 31, 1788 letter, to Reverend John Lothrop of Boston; where Mr. Franklin had penned only a few weeks earlier. Thus writing ‘I have sometimes wished it had been my destiny to be born two or three centuries hence. For invention and improvement are prolific—and beget more of their kind.’

Franklin further stated from his Notes—‘The present progress is rapid. Many of great importance now thought of—will before that period be procured. And then I might not only enjoy their advantages but have my curiosity satisfied in knowing what they are to be.”

Still, the accomplished Inventer states—‘Although), I see a little absurdity in what I have just written; but it is to a Friend who may wink—and let it pass, While I mention one reason more for such a wish—Which is that if the art of physic—shall be improved in proportion with other Arts; we may then be able to avoid diseases and live as long as the patriarchs in Genesis, to which I suppose We should make a little objection, concerning such things.

Ironically in a way, Franklin’s observance of the first Human Balloon flight over Paris (shown Left) a mere five years earlier, strangely parallels the present Birdseye view from the Nano-camps.

So, it was where such tiny unobservable emissaries—in a short time, where they firmly became established.”
It was through a variety of Pictorials—along with specific Diagrams, where Fabia presented several descriptions, illustrating these points—as her incredible story unfolding before our very Eyes.

(Caption) Showing a Nano-sized Camera comprising of Nano-photonics, which is primarily concerned with the near-field evanescent waves. They are Uniform, continuous types of Fotonic Waves, rather than the standard form –that of scattering of Light. thus promoting images –that of individual structures themselves. For example, a so-called Nano “super-lens” would prevent the decay of this type of transient pattern.

And yet, these Properties allowed for higher-resolution imaging, by using “Metamaterials”—which are artificial—Engineered to have properties—not found in nature. Further, those unique Materials were created by fabricating an array of structures, much smaller than a wavelength. Moreover, the small nano-sizing of those structures was important—in such a way where light interacts with them, but not in the same way as we experience this through our own Eyes.

So, once more, Fabia when on to explain to her Audience…
“Indeed, the very fact remains that these covert cameras—no bigger than a Gnat’s eye, while they continued to record; thereby looming over Franklin’s—most recognizable face.

Yet again, continuing to speak to the Members of the gathered Press, Fabia stated—
“Our tri-ad of cameras had each share defining aspects of certain forms of data which yields the collective means—not only to observe but hopefully becomes strictly employed—with the nefarious business—that of collecting DNA samples—containing the actual persona of the Great-man himself.

But the precise task of locating and identifying Franklin’s technical locality, at the Quantum scale, must be of course accomplished—ostensibly through this cloaked, stealth-like manner; so as not to disrupt activities within this particular Time-domain.

Such as it was, sparing no detail, we pick-up the Story as it occurred; and were Therese Overton, our Center Director -–where she was very much concerned with those specific Factors—denoting the specialized and technical designs for the Project.

Furthermore, it was over those critical moments, as Therese tamped down the buzz in the room; after the initial giddiness of seeing the first monumental images—something like that of the very first views of when Humankind braved the surfaces of the Moon -–and finally Mars—some Sixty years later -–only a mere thirty years before this point.

And yet, that was roughly around this time—where Therese Overton began Life as an inquisitive Youngster. And surprisingly—as she matured, she never married. Therese Overton was simply married to her Work. But occasionally, she dated those who were outside her immediate Web of disciplines. Thus, remaining warm toward others; including those of every type of orientation.

Again, she became an amalgam of many other Personalities,’—influencing the trajectory of her several Careers. And at this particular moment, the attractive Director Overton addressed the Team, covertly located within an underground low-lit control Center, established at Boston’s Franklin Institute of Biological Research—well equipped within its subterranean structures. A place where the Control Center, sported an extensive Holographic display, showing scenes from the high-definition Nano Cameras.

Now, Overton cleared her throat, then spoke into her wireless headset—
“We’ve got a great deal of work to do, so, be prepared for “spatial coordinate narrowing on prime data streams A and B.”

Responding, was the quiet voice belonging to Dr. Maxxime Auger -–the quantum Bio Geneticist; who possessed that quaint, genial French accent. Answering in the affirmative—
“Oui Madame, I will be glad to get started directly.”

By then, the trio of cameras finished their preliminary Scanned over the Central Part of the City.

(Caption) Showing a Map of 18th Century Boston and Philadelphia.

Also, showing a view of Independence Hall from 1776 through 1787.

And we as well may note as a reference, the City of Boston had been established about one hundred years before Ben Franklin was even Bourn; which was on January 17th. 1706. Although back in Philadelphia. The view by the Nano-Cams was still concentrated on the so-called Society Hill, where it’s four-sided Franklinisc” (Whale oil lit street lights) including brick sidewalks became evident. And as well, had been rather interesting, while City Fathers later added cobblestone and Belgian block streets. They were bordered by two to four-story brick row houses. So each of those Cities of New England was designed in Federal and Georgian architecture style—including public buildings, based on Greek revival architecture.

Such were the views of the Philadelphia Merchants’ Exchange Building (shown below) at left and also shown right).

Yet as well, found on the Old Pine Street was a Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia—while it fell into view—as the survey continued. But in general, those structures enjoyed prime access to the Delaware River and Philadelphia’s civic buildings. So, the neighborhood quickly became one of the most populated areas in colonial Philadelphia. Further, several market halls taverns, and other churches were established alongside brick houses of the more affluent citizens.

But First, Dock Creek came to be the public sewer—near Delancey Street—after the Revolutionary War, Although, the city-officials filled in the polluted Creek. Then created a new food distribution market on the newly-paved surface—filling in the creek itself. So Dock Creek became Dock Street. And yet with this form of development; the streets of Philadelphia were carefully laid out in a grid.

The new Dock Street’s peculiar arc, by that time, connected Chestnut and Spruce Streets, between 2nd and 3rd, where it owed its uncharacteristic shape to the path of the former creek, where it ran to the river.

Caption) showing a drawing of Ben Franklin’s Home at 317 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia

So this was precisely how the flotilla of Micro Cameras made its way toward Ben Franklin’s actual house.

The Home was built within a large courtyard in the middle of the block—where footpaths accessed through an alleyway from Market Street.

And also, where another notable building—which was known as St. Peter’s Church had been constructed—between 1758 and 1761. (Shown Below)

Furthermore, it was surreal for the assembled Scientists to see these buildings in their pristine, natural condition, while the cameras quickly snaked their way through a chink of housing material. And wherever required. But this was only possible after reconnoitering the general locality for several months earlier.

And yet, the Cams were measuring every angle; thus acquainting themselves for the work ahead. Still, our stealth emissaries were entirely intent on observing a typical days’ work- of Benjamin Franklin’s activities. Yet, all of those things allowed the Scientists and Technicians, a grand sense of context—focusing on the life and times of their Main target; while observing Franklin’s overall persona. They were recorded in such verisimilitude, owing to Franklin’s prodigious work ethic, typical of People of the Eighteenth Century.

So the Present-day Observers counted the View as a bonus; becoming first-hand witnesses—filling in uncertain aspects of History—that of our Founding Fathers.

At length, the tiny cameras got an ever-closer glimpse at the Franklin home itself. Although the actual Home never survived to the Present Day.

So, throughout those exercises, our technical observers watched as Franklin tended to his own invention -–his famous stove (shown Left).

With this, Franklin added small pieces of wood, where the camera trio had only to sneak their way through cracks in a door or window, to be open; where the Nano-flotilla may enter without incident.

Then, at last, the opportunity arrived, as Dr. Franklin ambled outside. However, with some age-related difficulty—as he intended to fetch more wood for the fire—for the hungry stove. Customarily other household members would soon be awakening to start their Day.

In time, it was revealed that some of the other occupants within the household, were Dr. Franklin’s Dear Daughter Sally Bache—and Grandson, William “Temple.”

(Caption) Left—Showing an elderly Sarah Franklin “Sally” Bache (Born September 11, 1744, Dying October 5, 1808) And (Right) Likewise, an elderly William “Temple” Franklin—known as Temple—a Grandson of Benjamin Franklin. He was Born on February 22nd, 1760. Then died on May 25th, 1823.

But it was at this particular moment, where two of those occupants sleepily made their way into the main living area, astonished over their respective elderly Father and Grandfather. They found that the old Man was already buzzing around -–suddenly, with extra-life entering into his veins.

With that occurring, Benjamin Franklin’s Grandson Temple was yawning, he blurted-out—
“Grand Papa, let me do that –you’ll exert yourself too much.”
But The older Man was already out the door; where Franklin was handling the wood while He hastened to place more on the fire. Then inadvertently acquired a splinter. So the following Oath just happened to be the Team’s first sound from the Old Man—when the modern Scientists heard his enigmatic curse—muttering to himself—
“Ouch—son of a bitch!”

The Old Man’s response was more out of the inconvenience of lifting the barb from his finger than anything else.

So the canny little Cameras took advantage of the moment, while Franklin attempted to remove the splinter. This produced enough Wound Tissue necessary for the sampling of his fresh DNA; which was most vital to the Project. However, before the sampling could occur, the on-looking Technicians required a moment when Dr. Franklin would be holding his finger steady.

That was the instant when Franklin found the surgeon’s needle he had once obtained from a Physician Friend, from the very Hospital he helped to establish, thirty-seven years earlier—back in 1751. But now, he needed to prick-open the wound to extract the sliver. And with that—Sally Franklin (appearing to be in her mid-forties) responded, with some concern—
“What is it that you did? Here dear Father let me help.”
Franklin answered—
“It’s merely a trifle splinter I had gotten while fetching the wood.”

Sally reached for him, and then he pulled away. Then her Father told her—

“Madam, it’s nothing.”
She was saying this while acting somewhat irritated toward her doting Daughter’s kind sentiments. Still, the Old-man held his Finger even more steadily—when extracting the offending barb. Doing so—only after sterilizing the needle at the fire. Yet, our intrepid Scientists counted those things—as it became a most fortunate opportunity, saving valuable time and effort.

However, the arduous task of guiding the meneuet flotilla had required even more precise planning and maneuvering, rehearsed over those intervening Months. This, of course, was where our cadre of technical types -–who were assigned to the Biogenix Firm, where the Name of the “Holding Company” had established their covert operations.

Though interestingly enough—the Project was named after Benjamin Franklin—because the “BF” designation was merely Franklin’s initials, where he often used them throughout his numerous (and for the Technical observer) amounting to highly treasured historical correspondence.

So it was incumbent upon the Personnel associated with the execution of the entire project, as the Technicians were required to have a firm grasp regarding Ben Franklin’s overall Life and Times. All of those things were deemed necessary—primarily through these critical moments that involved the incremental steps—carried out during specific phases of a variety of practiced operations. But today, all of that was no Simulation—it was for real.

Like an Orchestra Conductor, Therese Overton guided her prime Team of twelve Controllers –-highly involved in a step-by-step fashion, just like the on-going operations of a deep-Space Mission. So the invisible Cameras were skillfully directed—via telemetered data from a temporary feedback loop.

That information was provided for exact tracking—through a process of Triangulation, between the locations from each of the three “nano-devices.”

It was done through precise Space-time “locality markers,” which had been projected within a so-called “World-sheet reference matrix.” Thus proving to be quite necessary, especially from Therese and Lethenger’s planning techniques.

And yet, it was where Fabia (working with Fred Mannings Computations) through all of those procedures—where it had produced the requisite frequency of both sound and image; where they were brought about by way of an “ultra-stable oscillator” —a kind of Timing Clock. So was where engineering Teams had outfitted this fine-scale Instrument—by using a type of photon-counter.

And as earlier inferred, all of it was derived from an electronic card, which was sub-divided into ten nanosecond-ticks. Then, it would merely be a matter of breaking those permutations down even further. They were measured to the hundreds of “picoseconds. Yet, it was At this juncture, where those permutations were rendered into trillionths of a single second.

Furthermore, the following data represented fragmented particular timing coordinate info, where those transmissions were delivered by tiny “ Photonic”—green-laser pulses used to track such events. Thereby enabling our Technicians to gain a directional roadmap within the so-called “arrow of time.”

This was made up of the smallest values of “Time” itself; chiefly known as Planck time. The tiniest length of measurement in the Universe. So it was left up to Guidance Algorithm Specialist, Davy Tomlinson, designated as (guide-al) while he spoke softly, indicating to the Group on the Net, telling the others—
“We’re a-beam of the target, at the entry point, ready for our sample-collection.”

Then Therese Overton peppered the Group with a variety of queries, regarding exact readings, needed for final decisions—to proceed. So indicating that Everything was within specs. She said—
“Timing and Locality envelopes are now synchronized. Backup elements are also online. So now, handing over to our Procedures Chief for Final execution.”

Dr. Maxxime Auger (acting as the obligatory “Procedures’ Maestro”) had by then answered— “You have a Go to proceed, but Davy, be genteel.”
“You bet I will.”

And after a few moments, GuideAl Tomlinson responded with some tension in his voice—
“Steady as she goes…

Tense-filled minutes passed. Then, at last, Tomlinson spoke—
“Now penetrating,—mark!—“

Gulping and swallowing-hard—releasing added tension. Then through his dry throat, croaking—
” I’m now backing away.”

Tomlinson then told everyone—puffing through his words—
“We have acquired a tissue sample!”
Then Therese proudly told her GuideAl Officer—
“Good Show Davy!”
All of this had provided a necessary sample—where it may be used as a representative type of comparison, matching this with preserved DNA, all from Tooth samples, which was prepared by Dr. Franklin himself.

And yet, interestingly enough, those collection techniques had their foundation established more than forty years earlier, where Metrology capabilities penetrated the sub-atomic scale. Which was Tomlinson’s specialty? Though only a few years earlier, David Tomlinson acquired Degrees from both Cornell and MIT. Such experiences (figuratively) were by now firmly tucked beneath his bonnet, mostly focusing on Bio-Nano Technology. Therefore, These Studies included material fabrication.

But over those years, there were a variety of processes employing many of the fundamental quantum principles—as they were being developed.

Caption) Showing a depiction of a Quantum Microscope

Indeed, the first microscope to make use of quantum concepts had been the scanning tunneling microscope. That paved the way for the development of the photo-ionization lens, which in turn, led to the quantum entanglement microscope itself.

Thus each Fase of this type of metrology techniques had used that form of sub-atomic mechanics”—to make exact measurements. Where it wouldn’t ever become achievable, yet it would be based on the understanding of our classical, physical-world.

Years ago, Physicist Richard Feynman told everyone concerning Quantum interactions, explaining—
“It was a phenomenon impossible to describe in any traditional way, as these things were always at the heart of quantum mechanics. Thereby employing Photonic-light from Physical matter”—where Photons have no measurable dimension, other than Length.

(Caption) Showing a Photo of Physicist Richard Feynman.

It was therefore found through several introductory lectures, as we had already seen—provided by the Team for the benefit of the Student Trainees. Many of those things were as well explained by Georgette —who, of course, was Greg Lethenger’s Wife.

By this time, she became a Special Guest Speaker. But as Georgette spoke, her precise form of pronunciation, through her distinctive British-brogue) hiding her slightly caustic demeanor.
Saying to Her Audience—
“The real breakthrough of penetrating the individual Atom, became more or less commonplace, which was achieved in the mid to late 2020s). By that time, Quantum Physicists were able to tunnel into the confines of the quark more precisely. It then opened the way for them to peer deeply into the ever-smaller constituents of those fundamental particles) as they were all hidden millions of times—deep within the electron.

She goes on explaining—
“This then allowed the use of “negative energy”—or anti-matter to isolate such particles, to affect those photonic “light-elements.

As his Wife delivered her Lecture, Dr. Lethenger sleepily slumped in a Chair; where he placed in a dark corner of the Visitor’s Gallery. He was drinking the night before, and so, he wasn’t interested in mingling with other Colleagues. The bright and giant-tableau, showed Visuals flashing onto the Screen; hurting Greg’s squinting-eyes. He wished he had a pair of shades to hide his blurred vision. Greg hoped like Hell, that “Wifey”—wouldn’t summons him to the front of the Room-– “to glad-hand”—and even worse, summons him, to speak to the crowd. But that’s just what happened.

A clamber for the Scientist to speak a few words grew amongst the Crowd—putting him on the spot. So Gregory reluctantly gave-in—shuffling to the Podium to say something to the Professionals.

Looking tired—Greg’s eyes, half-lidded and so forcing a smile. He turned and merely pointed to a display, showing a photo of a Neutrino, which was the subject at hand.

Caption) An Artist’s rendering of a Neutrino

Then with jocular expression, Greg told the crowd—
“You haven’t seen anything yet!”
With that remark, he wrapped his arm around his Wife’s Waist; then kissed her soundly, as the Crowd burst-out with laughter, while Greg beat a hasty retreat.

Georgette Ghani remaining at the podium—though quite flustered, continued with her Lecture, saying —
“All of these things; as she pointed to the Neutrino photo, saying—

“It became part of an elaborate process -–that of sub-dividing those particulates to gain a sense of visual control and guidance—all within the realm of a hyper-dimensional continuum.”

At length, Georgette added—
“Theoretically, this made it possible to navigate the “arrow of time.” And yet incredibly, this was accomplished by using the above forms of “exotic material”—which was fully capable of being synthesized in a Lab.

Now saying——
“Through this approach, we may deduce that it was made up of the so-called Anti-matter, acting as an opposing force to stabilize the Space-time tunnel, thus leading to other Dimensions.”

All of that Material was derived from something called Hawking-radiation—a form of “blackbody radiation, released by black holes—whether they are Microscopic—or those that reside in the deeps of Space.”

Thus it was through Georgette’s vivid description, where these things detailed particular factors, regarding quantum effects -residing within a Black Hole—near the “event horizon, which is Depicted Above. Thereby stimulating the necessary degree of displacement.

And yet, according to the Scientific Staff, it would be up to the more complicated matter of sending this form of Genetic material through the “Wormhole” itself. Just as its primary Work had been—in years past. And where Gregory’s Father continued the Theoretical Work of the Nobel Prize Winner, Kip Thorne; when continuing the work of Albert Einstein’s Gravitational Wave Hypotheses. It therefore bor meaningful Data—through a degree of tangible results. So made Wormhole Transfer even possible.
Caption) Showing a Photo of Nobel Physicist Kip Thorne.

That’s where the Talents of Dr. Auger came into his own. He acquired specialized skills—becoming the Prime Bio-Geneticist. And—as we had already witnessed, it was through Tomlinson’s unique Guidance capabilities; where he directed the movement of meneut Cellular tissue fragments, guided through the time Conduit.

All of it, from Lethenger’s anti-matter forces. And so was thereby perpetuated through the continuous matrix. So debouched into another Dimension.

Still, we may as well note that those forms of penetration, had never been able to be done by a simple physical type of injection—as with a needle. But the very fact was that this type of stimulation had absorbed the molecular matrix, emanating from Franklin’s own tiny Tissue Sample particulates. And in turn, was suspended in a cellular membrane. Thus binding together –living bio-material, along with synthetically–derived artifacts. Of course, all of that was done from Tomlinson’s nano-sized, Tissue elements—mimicking living material —enabling a transfer to take place.

It was around this time (through some great fortune) when Maxxime Auger, had located tooth fragments from Ben Franklin’s preserved teeth.” They were found—lo-and-behold—in a golden watch-fob, as Max explained—
“Franklin had the clever presence-of-mind, to preserve some of his teeth. They ultimately contained fragments of genetic material; capable of passing tooth fragments down through his Family as Heirlooms.” Though merely researching the Archives, Dr. Auger happened upon information –-now fifty years old, including evidence detailing the following—‘On 15 June 2004—Jean Marie Pergrin Starr (5th great Granddaughter of Sally Bache (who was the daughter of Benjamin Franklin) she sent the following message to Mr. David J Roper; in turn was interested in tracking down Benjamin Franklin’s DNA.

She writes— (only a year before her death—
‘I wonder if Benjamin Franklin might have preserved his famous tooth fragments himself—since he was a scientist –par excellent. He must have had some idea about the inheritance of traits. He as well had a strong sense of U. S. history—and his place in it.”

Peregrin continued—
“The note possibly was written by Jane Lownds-Bache (Gould), 2nd great-granddaughter of Benjamin Franklin or her daughter, Elizabeth Bache Gould (Coleman)

And she further stated
‘Franklin’s half-brother Samuel was a blacksmith. So he could have made the gold acorn fob. If not BF) then who would have preserved this tooth (see below and at left). –

Caption) a photo showing a tooth with its roots encased in a gold acorn, with the tooth crown visible—and a slip of paper that says “Benjamin Franklin’s tooth

Pergrin again adds—
‘I was told that it was once a watch fob—so the gold acorn must have had a place or places of attachment for a watch-fob chain—see above—at Right).

So, great care and expense were taken by encasing the tooth in the gold acorn. Still, David Roper added
‘There was a crackdown in the middle of the tooth, but perhaps the roots, from which DNA may be extracted, are intact. We as well find that the two halves of the tooth were severed from each other. Yet they are rather loose in the packing—especially the smaller piece.

Then Roper concludes—‘The overall packing itself comprising of old paper was very loose. So, those items were handed down through the generations in the possessors’ family—indicating that their existence, had as well included a particular family-group, with strong genealogical evidence of “decendency”—in the case of Benjamin Franklin.

Though again, Pergrin once more states—
‘This is strong evidence suggesting that the tooth probably was a tooth of Benjamin Franklin himself. So, if it is indeed Franklin’s tooth? It’s unlikely that it was a dentist who extracted it—since the tooth remained in the family.

Peregrin finally adds—
‘I guess that it was in Ben’s artifacts when he died. So, it was passed on to his daughter, Sally Franklin Bache—and then on down the line, finally to current possessors.’

Indeed, several direct descendants of Benjamin Franklin were Members of the BF Institute; and had their actual DNA traced—thereby substantiating their claim. Yet still, tracing Ancestry over the years became quite popular. And For just a hundred-and-fifty Dollars or so, one could find their generalized Family Line.

But as to cloning an entire Human Genome –well, it proved to be a completely different idea. This had been the case until reliable Quantum Computing processes –were invariably defined. So until now, such capabilities were out of the question. Although, rumors of the success of Human Cloning, trickled down over the years. Thus spilling into the ever-more-popular consciences, based upon a major breakthrough. All of that involved Genomic Editing or splicing—illustrated below.


Those things involved relatively inexpensive equipment, known as “CRISPR” (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) a simple version of the so-called CAS system. And therefore guided into a cell; where an individual genome could be cut at the desired location. Thus allowing existing genes to be removed. And or new ones added.

Still, it was over those past years, while the CRISPR/Cas genome-editing techniques were found to contain many potential applications, including medicine related -–or Pharmacological methods, involving Agricultural uses, where it had to do with crop seed enhancement. Thereby becoming the for-runner to the techniques used by the present Scientific team. So all were highly involved with the overall B.F. Quantum Project. But such things were only the first leg of accomplishing the entire BF Mission.

The Replicon

As we had seen earlier—standing at that Speaker’s Podium in the Press Facility—in front of the curious crowd. Dr. Fabia Ghani gave a reasonable and honest account—of what their efforts represented. Though quite candidly, she told them as much as the truth as she dared. Now, telling them—
“Probing into the un-seeable was not without its failures. This included attempts to gain control over feedback resonance, using the “exotic antimatter material; Thus presenting it on a scale large enough to send the Genetic strand of DNA through the Wormhole Gateway.

Then Fabia added—
“That was when we began with Trial-balloon-type experiments—like using harmless inanimate objects. However, as of yet were not without their problems. They ranged from partial successes—toward total disasters.”
Although, Fabia went on with her remarks, telling everyone —
“Consequently, as you can see, this thing would wound the reputation of our highly venerated Scientific Staff, which included -–I may add, those of Classified Governmental Management.” Then stating
“And so, that was precisely the case—especially perceived through the eyes of Gregory Lethenger—who was—put no nicety on it—he was damned pissed; doubtlessly blaming others over the design and outcome of those earliest attempts—by Sending and finally receiving certain forms of Living-tissue elements—as it progressed Through the Wormhole.” But the big day that everyone was expecting was finally at hand. And also, where a great deal of hard work –from these blunders—were put safely behind them.

And yet, as it stood, the Technical Team Planning Shift was relieved at about 4 a.m. What was left were final calibrations of scaling factors that were needed for ephemeral plots. That, of course, concerned both size and Time references—as we may remember, where they were done all within Picosecond tolerances—amounting to one trillionth of a second of Spacial timing coordinates.

So it was from those applications of exquisite Technology, especially while using those tiny Photonic Laser Pulses—comprising green light emissions. Still, they were fully capable of building up to the exact size—that of their targeted Human subject -–namely Mr. Franklin.

(Caption) A depiction, showing Benjamin Franklin sitting at his desk, along with his famous flowing Signature below.

Benjamin Franklin’s Philadelphia Home—
(May 9th, 1788)

Nearly adrift in slumber, the elderly Dr. Franklin slouched—half dozing at his desk—still wearing a respectable tailored suit of clothes, where he had just returned from a Meeting of his Peers. Yet in his drowsed state, he carelessly left an inky quill pen, leaving it dribbling onto loose leafed paper. The Statesman was writing a note to the present Committee affiliated with the Pennsylvania Hospital, founded back in 1751—nearly entirely due to his influential efforts.

Now, quite fatigued, the 18th Century Scientist rubbed his eyes, then adjusted his newly invented bifocal spectacles, ready to begin his Work once more. Dr. Franklin was drafting a Note Bequeathing prepared artifacts (as we may remember) when deciding to donate specimens of several of his Teeth. And yet, we as well recall the very fact, that Dr. Auger had fortuitously re-discovered the Franklin Tooth fragments. They were carefully packed in the Golden Acorn Watch Fob. So, were intended to be eventually passed down to his ” Posterity.

Then suddenly with a start, Franklin felt a prickly sensation wrapping his entire body. And in a flash, became engulfed in a pillar of light—brighter than ever before seen by anyone -–whoever imagined it. So at the same time, the much-venerated elderly Man felt a terrific burning deep within—an agonizing moment of pain, where his physical being, appeared to be at death’s door. But in reality, his Body Mind, and Spirit were instantly regenerated. Yet Franklin’s physical body quivered -–shaking throughout all parts of his flesh. But paradoxically, the Great Man remained in his actual “Time-domain.” However, the sharp bout of pain frightened him most-severely. He thought that he was having a Stroke. And so—straight away, the Eighteenth-Century Scientist checked his Pulse; becoming rather expectant and watchful for a long time afterword.

However, technically, through this ripple of Time, this was where the Cloning and replication of DNA particles—from which it had been mapped-out precisely, in exquisite detail. Thus referenced throughout Space-time; where the critical transference occurred. And yet, with those things happening, Franklin’s actual being—in that fleeting instant was reduced into nothing but a copy –-a conglomeration of vanishing sub-atomic elements. That of course was the DNA particles—passing through the “Gateway” Wormhole, where Franklin’s very Soul would debouch into an appointed destination, all within the presence of our observers.

Thus the highly specialized Chamber—containing the particles was filled with incredible bright bluish-white pigment. Its likeness was made of oscillating particulates gathering from the center of the man-sized, Chrystal-clear, highly compressed Poly-carbonate cylinder. So it was only a few anxious seconds to the relief from those assembled; comprising of dozen or so Technicians, monitoring the design of absolute, red-line values; showing their limitations. And so were also glassed-off from the Receiving Area. With this, the Technicians were intently watching a myriad of additional, interpretive displays, as events quickly unfolded.

Yet, housed behind the protected area was an additional smattering of Classified Dignitaries; who were witnessing the scaling-up of human-like form—as it magically materializing in the person of our dear Mr. Franklin! And so, as the top portion of the clear pod-like chamber slowly opened, its sensors determined the exact environmental temperatures and pressures, deemed proper. However, at this point, the initially sealed Chamber, where the famous Man was automatically reclined—in the exact way when the Man from the Past –was lounging while experiencing the leaching process of Transference.
And so, at any rate, the Containment Pod was a prototypical precaution, designed to evaluate the ambient air surrounding the developing particles. Though was hoped not to be necessary for the planned use of future experiments.

Eventually, as life slowly returned, Dr. Franklin vaguely sensed that he was somewhere—lying quietly—unable to move. Still, his mind for a time swam incoherently, permeated by a state of serenity. And yet, in this stupor, Franklin wasn’t able to measure any time that may have passed. But The elderly Man was breathing quite reasonably—as in a dream. Moreover, Franklin’s eyes were half-lidded; but weren’t able to focus.

Then, a short time passed, as the Clone of the eighteenth-Centry Scientist heard some peculiar sounds—emanating from a kind of hollow presents. They mysteriously came from a distance. Someone was calling him. And as the voice continued to swim, oscillating at first. —
“Sir, can you hear me

the strange voice repeated—sounding as if it had been coming through the water. The gurgling voice spoke yet again.
“Dr. Franklin, if you can understand me, try to move your finger.”
Afterward, the old Man groggily responded with a sly retort—

“Of which finger and on what hand must I respond—with such an asinine request!”

Suddenly the Voice cleared, as Dr. Maxxime Auger—known only as “Max.” Now speaking even-clearer; and yet with that pleasant French accent. Still, he Was the only person near the Pod.
Although Max was initially puzzled at what Mr. Franklin had been saying to him. Especially because of what kind of tone was used. Furthermore, Franklin noticed that Dr. Auger was lost in thought. He also noticed that his eyes were temporarily averted.

The Frenchman, by now had been murmuring, saying—
“You Stupid Imbecile—what audacity.”

And so Seeing the Man off guard, immediately Franklin saw his chance; as the Man from the Past quietly moved from the Pod-like Chamber. He adroitly reached for Max; the Genetics-specialist. Thus gripping tightly, the distant traveler’s large muscular hands were at Maxxeme’s heaving throat—approached from behind. And also In that same moment, a loud commotion was easily Heard from the Control Room and Gallery -–were shrieks of surprise blared from speakers throughout the Complex; just as Controller Tomlinson shouted—
“Max—he’s coming behind you, look out!”

But it was too late where Max attempted to force out a plea; croaking—like the proverbial Frog—that Lethenger earlier imagined. Only screaming horsed-sounds; something like—
“Sir! Unhand me!

But at that moment—outside the Transporter Room, Therese Overton frantically stabbed at an intercom button, ordering their armed Guards who were on the ready to intercede. So, by that time, Max was once more gasping for breath from the choke-hold. He was yelling to everyone—
“Back away!”

Speaking in graveled-tones; Franklin growled through gritted teeth—
“Tell me where and what this place is”!

Max again exclaimed in a halting manner—
“I’ll be glad to my friend, just let me go!”

Being much taller, Franklin had at once released the talented Quantum Bio Geneticist—Letting him Crumple nearly to the floor. Though Maxxeme (somewhat foppish) was more embarrassed over mussing-up his appearance; still, he remained flustered as he attempted to straighten his coat and tie.

Then recovering, the Quantum Biologist, by now able to summons some degree of dignity. Clearing his throat, but wincing at the sudden throttling he experienced.

Then building courage, Max exclaimed—

“You’re alive!”

Franklin, thinking to himself as if saying—
“You bet your Ass I am!”

And yet true to form, the venerable Mr. Franklin peered down at him with a cold stare; as the stark reality of the situation began to set in; while Franklin tried to stifle his rage, saying—
“Tell Me, Sir that I’m not in a dream.”

Max in sober tones clearly said to Dr. Franklin—
“No, you’re not Dreaming. Quite honestly, you’re in a place and time—of which is unfamiliar to what you are accustomed to.”

Backing away slowly, Dr. Franklin thought for a moment—turning the words over and over in his mind—
“Place and Time?”

And yet instinctively, Franklin’s eyes danced around, taking in the view of the strangely arrayed Laboratory, a Place that suddenly he was standing in. He as well, noticed that the area was filled with Men and Women—that they were clothed in smart-looking lightweight Doctor’s coats. And also, among many unknown artificial forms of strange lighting—including certain peculiar, unfamiliar smells that were pervading his nostrils.

Moreover, Dr. Franklin’s eyes were bathed in new visual sensations. Though quite innocently, out of curiosity, the new Traveler experimentally fingered things nearest to him. Thus our antiquated Scientist carefully took note of all of the modern substances, as it blended into a kind of crazy coherency.

Then, Max—in a calming manner asked casually—
“Dr. Franklin—“How do you feel?”

The perplexed Franklin responded without actually speaking to the question at hand, moving slowly forward and lightly gesturing with his hands. Then once more pointed to the futuristic types of apparat he was seeing—
“How, what—I mean to say—place and time.”

But while Franklin was speaking, Dr. Auger, uncomfortably peered into the questioning eyes of the famous Statesman. Then he explained—
“My Name is Maxxime Auger, a Bio-geneticist.”

The Frenchman took a deep breath and added—
“Please, sir I might ask you for a moment to carefully attend to what I say.

The Older Man from the past—not at the least intimidated was yet at this point, not altogether believing; but decided to go along with this charade—at least for a while. Franklin felt he had no choice. Then, His eyes softened—as to say through them—
“I’m sorry for the recent outrage.”

But, Maxxeme in a somewhat detached manner added, speaking more earnestly to Franklin—
“All of this may sound strange, but our Scientists came into possession of some of your tooth fragments that we borrowed from your Descendants. We carefully extracted enough information, to intercept a series of particles of your own, from the period of your very Time domain. “

Shuttering with surprise, Franklin said to Dr. Auger—
“Then, all of my surmising and speculation had come to fruition!”

Saying this, while the older adult, muttered more to himself—
“It’s all about my dream.”

Yet Maxxime told the visitor—who by now seemed to be a bit more relaxed. Though Franklin couldn’t help but express a genuine smile. Still, Auger told the Old Man—
“Yes, as is often written!”

But in a slightly mocking way, Franklin responded—“You mean to say the Bible?”
“No, my friend, it was something you said in your Papers.

“They exist?
“They indeed exist. There are about forty-seven complete Volumes filled with a sundry of important details -–concerning your life and times. They reside in the care and keeping of several Historical Archives.” And then adding—
“They are preserved for all time And—if I may say so, you may well represent the very essence of what it may mean by being truly an American Citizen.”

Max continued –with his homiletics—
“You may also be interested to know that you are most recognizable the World over—to this very day, and I might add, even to the idealized musings of little Children. Taking into account that it’s been more than three hundred years into your unique Future!”
“Is it such that all my ideas are only fit for School Boys and Girls?”
“Certainly not.”
Max is shaking his head in the negative.
He said—
“We have learned that you had a special way of building on a sort of tactful strategy—that of great compromise, in the business of the framing of our Constitution of these United States –-of which now numbers a total of fifty individual States.”

“You mean to say the experiment of Democracy has survived?”
“Yes, though it is of course not without the many scruples of Mankind. That is, of those of which had existed throughout the ages—that no doubt you are well acquainted with.”

Dr. Auger Continued explaining—
“If I may add, we are actually in the great State of Massachusetts; at what is known as The Franklin Institute of Biological Research; named after yourself. It’s where a Science called Quantum Teleportation and Genetics has delivered you, and apparently, quite soundly.”

At that—Franklin with a knowing nod, he was putting things into perspective while overlooking the scene. Then with the flickering of a smile—tinged with sarcasm, as the famous Man finally asked—
“What do you want of me?”

Max calmly returned a smile with his own, then saying—
“Well, I don’t presume to lecture you -–far be it from me! But I would like for you to meet the rest of my Colleagues. I don’t know about you, but I’m famished.”
Then, politely responding with some reasonable diplomacy, “the “good Doctor from the Past, told Max—
“I hope you set a grand table—because I’m certain to find a well-aged bottle of Madeira.”

Then Franklin added in a comedic way—
“I, therefore, must require a strong drink!”

With this, Max happily responded—
“We have designed a large chamber resembling your Craven Street Townhouse in England. So I hope your food and lodging—is to your liking.”
Franklin sighed somewhat facetiously—
“A fat Pidgin in a gilded cage—ay?”

Max, countering Franklin’s remarks, added—
“We will no doubt have lots to discuss over Dinner. So for that matter, over the Foreseeable Future.”

But when leaving the large Lab, our auspicious Sage—along with Maxxime, they both casually peered at the gaggle of Trained Technicians, still glassed off in the adjacent room.

Gaped-mouthed, the Team Members were keeping a respectful distance; where both Men left through a private elevator, departing the massive secretive Laboratory.

And so as promised, Dr. Franklin immediately was shown his private domain—filled with strangely familiar items. Yet ostensibly needed for comfort; and so proving to be a psychological and supportive balance between the old and new Worlds, the older Man was suddenly forced to face.

(Caption) Showing an exterior view of Ben Franklin’s #36
(27) Craven Street Townhouse in London, England.

Thus it was where our most esteemed individual, now ensconced in his new-found digs, where He was able to peer through an old familiar view from the elegant windows. However, in reality, they were merely 3D projections of scenes from the inside, looking outward—which would otherwise be viewed from the actual 18th Century Craven Street locality.
Though oblivious to those things, Franklin reached-out, intending to touch the image, feeling no Window. He Syed, leaving him with a degree of perplexing dismay.

Soon Dr. Franklin noticed his complete wardrobe, nearly as he had placed them originally. Before this—he was shown every detail of the building, walking through as if he were a prospective buyer. Franklin was then asked to freshen-up –just as he would while attending any Diplomatic Dinner in a Foreign Land. So by that time, he was left on his recognizances.

Yet during this quiet moment. Mr. Franklin couldn’t help but notice that his constant ailments; his re-occurring bouts with Gout—and pain from Kidney-stones and abscessed teeth—along with other geriatric problems –-feeling as if they were completely gone. Franklin, therefore, made a mental note to direct those queries toward the seemingly more forward, Maxxime Auger. But in the meantime, the captivated Benjamin Franklin would enjoy the temporary relief.
Finally, as Mr. Franklin finished with freshening-up—changing into suitable dining attire, he graciously joined a small contingent of dinner guests downstairs, in a waiting room. They escorted him into a tasteful dining area, befitting the Famous Man’s own time and circumstance.

Franklin, at once, noted that there was an old-style chandelier—looking like they were flickering –as if they were naturally-styled candles. But in actuality were electrical. So if desired—their brightness could be adjusted by way of voice commands.

So the planned Dining seating arrangements as called for. And so At Franklin’s right were Director Overton. And to Franklin’s immediate left was Maxxeme’s Wife Janell—the Director’s Assistant. Then continuing around the Table from Janell’s position was of course her husband, Max. Also, the table they were seated at, was an oval, allowing for the equal distance from one another.
Likewise, additional oval Tables were featuring other Guests, including the Ghani Family—Fabia, Musbah, and Lucienne.

But astonishing to the great Man of diplomacy, he noticed the strange sounds emanating from the air—proving to be familiar music -–some period-pieces—including music from his own time, that were mixed with instrumental Dinner-Music of the Modern sort.

With this, Franklin noticed that the Menu for this special Evening was simply made up of different kinds of New England Cuisine.
He found that World-class Chefs had expertly prepared several items, including Chowders and Crab cakes—Boston baked beans, along with the area’s unique style Brown Bread—and garden-fresh Legumes of every kind. Dessert included Boston’s most famous Creem-pie. Also, there were many other culinary favorites—according to one’s particular taste. But the great talk of the Evening was the Wine, purportedly to be an aged bottle from Franklin’s actual Wine cellar.

The back-story relating to these things was that it was discovered in Dr. Franklin’s Time, where “Good King George the second,” had made bottles of spirits—a gift to the renowned Inventor. As Franklin once wrote, explaining “Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.”

And yet, only recently discovered were a variety of decanters of Wine, which included Mr. Franklin’s Private Reserve, worth millions of dollars in today’s Money). So, throughout the evening, there were illustrious Toasts—offered at several intervals—including those seated at other Tables. And so, similarly arranged, were the Lethenger clan, including his wife, Georgette.

And along with the rest of their constituents; where other members of the Technical Team represented the Tomlinson and Manning, Families. And as it were, the appointed Guests were temporarily resigned toward a truce of sorts, based upon a certain degree of infighting—that precipitated from one another. Though in keeping with the gravity of the occasion, all of these interpersonal issues were at least for now, over-looked; especially when the Wine glasses clinked in unison. Bringing good-will toward the success of the Project. Though true enough, the participants were Witnesses to History. And prominently displayed in plain sight, was a projection of a replica of a painting, depicting the Signing of the Declaration of Independence (shown below).

Yet in candid tones; and where Mr. Franklin had been reasonably careful to point out the seen in the painting -–that it had been mostly fictional. He emphasized that each of the individuals portrayed in the Painting—was captured perfectly by the Artist himself—Mr. John Trumbull.”
Finally, ever since the tantalizing desserts were served—while all indulged; the image of the Painting, had temporarily evaporated.

But suddenly, it was replaced with moving and speaking images of Actors. They were displaying a grand array—made-up of excellent Singers. Their sound filled the entire area. And yet were three-dimensional—brilliantly depicted lifelike characters; as our Dining Observers viewed them as a procession of Holographic figures. So was a repertory of a balanced Patriotic tableau -–that of Historical events.

Further, these projections of recognizable figures danced about—close enough to touch. And that’s just what Mr. Franklin attempted to do. Although, he was shocked to see his hand ghostly pass right through these apparent aberrations. With this, Franklin’s new teeth gleamed as he laughed wholly heartedly—as the merriment of the excellent Wine pleasurably bubbled throughout his entire being.

Still, just as our famous figure of the Past, appeared as bright as the colorful images that were prating nearby. Perhaps not unlike that of when Franklin first burst on the scene, in his dazzle of oscillating particles, bringing him into a version of his very own future. Still, it goes without saying—regarding the old Statesman, while thoughtful gestures, deeply touched him. And yet because Dr. Franklin had all along, been expressing His most welcomed sentiments, throughout the entire evening. And was most-properly demonstrated in this wise—
“Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen, it now being the focus of all of your diligent efforts. But your most appreciated labors greatly humble me. We now know that “Time itself” is now opened to us all. Therefore, may we ever-more use this awesome power toward its eternal goodness! In short, we formerly are witnesses to that end.”

Then holding his glass high and directing a grand Toast—“A hearty salute to you all.”

Thus proving to be rather obvious—as this unique event had indeed, commemorated that first auspicious Evening; as it seemed to be—when every one of our Patriots together, mainly where all of it had represented an assembly of mutual fellowship) though uniquely, while each embarked on an entirely new –and irresistible adventure.

But Fabia never felt the effects of the Wine in the way that all of the much-happier imbibers seem to be experiencing. The spirits had most certainly soured on her Stomach.

Furthermore, mere Alcohol wasn’t providing the expected lift. That was because her real joy happened to be felt only when she and Daphni would (through a close and Sisterly way) would have found such things only bound in the past. They were supposed to share happier moments. So in more reasonable terms, they would have been portrayed as young and carefree teens—possessing the ability to reach out to one another; all be it—through great trials of adolescent crisis. Also, while it would eventually sort itself out.

So with all of that building in her Mind, Fabia was thoroughly depressed. So she choked back her tears over those memories from her youth. And Incredulously, she cast a glance toward her Father. Where her increasing temper flared—aimed at her “Papa.”

Yet it was through Fabia’s eyes, Musbah was seen from a distance—acting stupid. She was drinking like a fish. And yet, at a convenient momentary break in the Festivities, she slowly made her way to him.

Then Fabia firmly clasped her Father’s Elbow —guiding him away from the crowd—and the booze.

Through clenched teeth; the young Scientists said to him—
“We’re going out to catch some fresh air; it looks like you need it!”

Musbah said to his Daughter in a stuporous fashion—

“Hey, what’s the big deal. Hay-You’re ah—pulling on me!”

She said to him—
“You need a big kick in the Butt—by your little girl!”

Then they made their way toward the Ellivaders, seeking a quiet place near one of the Atriums, where together they could have a decent talk. And still angry, Fabia told her Father—

“I don’t want you to spoil our chances of success. You know what I mean, we’re on the Cusp of a significant breakthrough. So I mean to say—it’s your Goddamned Drinking. I want you to chill—until we can work out some degree of recovery, both personally and professionally.

With this, Musbah said back to her—partly out of pent-up retaliation, saying to his Daughter—
“There’s a nasty rumor going around –where you and Therese are—Saying this, while he attempted to mouth the word “Fornicating.” But in his Stooper, only got out the word “fuck.”

The intoxicated man managed to mangle the rest of the fraise, saying slowly—“fuck it, you know what I mean.”

Stammering, and yet continuing; Musbah told her—
“you’re sleeping together!”

Though Fabia’s immediate reaction resulted in a firm slap across her Father’s Face, genuinely stunned by the response of his Daughter Fabia. Then Musbah began to sob. And Most of all, that kind of gossip –-were all together proved to be entirely inept -–amounting to a circumstance too much for Musbah to take in. It caused the proud Man to do an about-face. He was thus taking another tact—while booze percolated in his system. Yet by Now, Musbah, drew-in more air, breathing more freely. And yet, with a wry-smile (attempting to change the mood. And telling his Daughter
“We’re having a Party—what’s the big deal!” !”

And so, as they both made their way to the more desirable—quieter location—Fabia casually waved-off some Friends, projecting a fake grin. Then yelling back to them toward their particular direction—
“I’m just taking him out for some air!”

Soon enough Fabia and Musbah were alone for just a moment, where their mutually sad-eyes met. And more softly than before, Fabia said—
“Papa, please don’t screw-up again!”
However, her drunken Father was about to say that he wouldn’t foul-up things anymore. But as he began to speak, His Buddy, Dr. Lethenger, suddenly approached, brandishing a bottle of Arric. He appeared to be half-lit himself. Greg—being in a rather relaxed mood, quicly sized-up the situation, where he had the gumption to tell them both—
“Come on, let’s have some real fun!”

Musbah stammered as he attempted to explain to his Friend—
“My Daughter is having a hard time dealing with the loss of her Sister—She needs some consoling.” ”

So quickly responding, Lethenger exclaimed—
“All of that happened a long time ago. Now its time to change the Tune toward some real merriment.”

Inwardly, Gregory saw an opportunity to take advantage of Fabia’s most-vulnerable emotions. He would thereby twist such sentiments, bending them to his own will—all of it toward those misguided Plans.

Although, Musbah—seeking to quench his thirst, gently pushed his Daughter aside; then joined his bud, saying—
“Hold-up, And in the Arabic Language saying—
“Yellah—!” (Meaning “Let’s go together, my bosom Friend).

By then Fabia felt hopeless, shrugging her shoulders in resignation. And steadfastly, while applying those selfish thoughts. As she busily developed plans for her personal and unprecedented form of rescue—her Dearest Sister Daphny. That is—if a certain kind of Technology were to become a reality, not merely a fluke, which is to say, a need for it to become alltogether tangible. Part of her sense of Reality Therefore, the Quantum Scientist rested all of her hopes on her ultimate victory. But, despite such gossip; and left with little choice in the matter. Still, those things were Mixed with the need for Companionship. But Of course, that was when Fabia and Therese secretly rendezvoused, later that evening, at a mutually agreed upon location—thus spending some quality time together.

So it was—well into the wee hours of the next day; where both Women talked of the momentous events—occurring over the previous twenty-four hours. And yet, it was through those precious moments; filled with tender regard—holding each other close. Therefore attempting to stave-off a mixture of tension and guilt. Though in the long-run, Therese and Fabia simply wanted to face together of whatever may take place in the inevitable, near future.

Still being the inescapable fact—where a certain current of Moral-questioning; especially at this particular juncture in their Relationship, now forming in their Minds—where pangs of Sexual guilt passed through the most-secret parts of their Heart and Soul. and again between themselves—Therese and Fabia never suppressed any measure of such, seemly frivolous kinds of feelings. Because they didn’t want to spoil their time together; regarding The utmost audacity of “this grand Experiment”—involving both Space and time. So, perhaps jeopardizing each of their lives –of which became inextricably bound.


Seeing Is Believing?

The next morning, we may imagine that a great many questions had been building within Franklin’s busy mind, given the events of the previous day. It was where those things spanned the full gamut of inquiry from the simplest to the most complex of which the Man from the Past could ever attempt to comprehend. And for Franklin –that’s saying a lot! Although, a somewhat trivial question at hand, was the very one Posed from the previous Evening—regarding his age-related infirmities. The Gout, Stones, and so forth “Could all of those people in white coats did they possess the absolute power, governing the conduct of all life processes?

Yet, given this, who could he trust.

So, touching on those deeply held confidences? The more Franklin dwelled upon those problems; well, it caused his head to throb. But all of that was due to the requisition of Drink gnawing at his general constitution. It was through such things, where Franklin merely played with his old mind building exercises—something that he established as a Lad. Although, this time it had been with the Word of words, made up of the word “Constitution” itself.

Then he asked himself some vital questions—
“Just as Auger said, did the experiment of Democracy—survive? Plus, will I be allowed to roam about the country, seeing it for what it truly may represent? And Also, why out of all of History, why was I chosen, will I be held captive in this strangest of places? Indeed, what is next to occur?”

Still, we may surmise, it was precisely all of those rather quaint characteristics of “Ole’ Ben Franklin -–with his more-complete way of speaking; where he, at last, found himself saying—“Hold on to your sensibilities Old Man. Just keep your wits about you!” Then murmured—
“If necessary you can beat them at their own game.”

Suddenly, the older man heard a knock at the door. And immediately, though it was the Maid bringing Breakfast. So he sighed—
Those things were references to Lyrics —something he picked up on, in one of the Tunes—at last night’s Dinner.” Such thoughts lingered throughout the Gaila,

Then said—
“It was The Festive event—filled with the most lovely and wonderful sights and sounds. And especially being amongst those ravishing Women—dancing to and frow. And then there was the music—leading One to think that these virtues —greatest among the dearest of things—that of which anyone could ever be assured—over the entirety of this lifetime; now, to answer this untimely knock at the Door.”

Mr. Franklin peeped through the door’s opening, ever so slightly, while he spoke—in a mocking—yet coquettish manner.
“Why Madam I’m not even dressed”!

The mysterious voice spoke back to Franklin—in the quietest of tones—
“It’s just me.”

Thus revealing the friendly voice of Dr. Auger, not a Maid;
Then Max said—
“If you are not quite dressed,—no-worries my Friend, you know—I’m a Frenchman.”

He continued—
“I brought along a Physician to examine your big friendly derriere.”
“My Ars’?”
“Yes –that—and more, so please let us in. “

Franklin again sighed, somewhat frustrated, while he pulled on some clothing –and muttering—
“All of this, you may well note, does not please me very much.”

Stepping in, Max, along with a Physician named Doctor Noeblie—entered Franklin’s small reception Chamber. They quickly closed the door after them; when Max began to explain to the Older Man—
“We already know that you have a great many questions—needing answers. But we have plenty of time—so try to remain calm.”
Responded half-joking—
“Some questions, indeed, but as you say, not to be overly troubled.”

Max next said—
“We’ll simply take things one step at a time.”

Dr. Franklin cleared his throat, showing a degree of irritability, and then, forcing out a distinct and most dangerous, though urgent question—“Why in the hell was I ever chosen to be your Guiney Pig”? It came out more angrily than Intended.

Max told his “Test Subject”—
“Didn’t I mention that you’re Life in this World came at a most critical juncture in human development! You may recall that it was just after the time of the greatest of Mathematicians—a Scientist. The famous Sir Isaac Newton! It was only after the Salem Witch Trials. It was then adding. It was you, who as much as Newton, who kicked open the door of “ Enlightenment, thereby chasing away superstition and Witchery.

And yet Franklin’s expression continued with his rather indignant tone—
“Don’t try to flatter me, and You know that I’m just another Human-being.”

Still, Max told the Old Man, saying—
“Though a damn great one.”

Now intently staring into Franklin’s eyes; Max at length said—
“Misère, I’m sorry, I don’t mean any disrespect.”

It was then when the little Dr. Noeblie, pushed past both of them; as the energetic character attempted to lighten the conversation. so proving to be a kind of comical –short, bushie dark-haired Italian Gentleman. And over this time, busied himself by setting up his equipment. Thus sporting Wireless handheld devices, which measured and monitored vitals and so forth.
And as well, Nohblie’s nervous energy filled the room; while he began to whistle little nonsensical ditties.

Though matter-of-factually, the bushy-haired Man told his most interesting Patient—
“A general health check should be in order. that is to see how your distant travels, actually faired.”

While the Physician instructed his elderly subject -–escorting him back to his bed. It was there that the diminutive Doctor guided Franklin through a One-hour process of Medical tests. However, all of it proved to be not too invasive.

Still, the Eighteenth-Century Doctor peppered Noeblie with questions surrounding some Anatomical specifics, having to do with the actions involving the Human Body. Further, such curiosity involved mechanisms concerning Nature, where it always seemed to be on the Mind of the Man from the Past, particularly, as he was intrigued regarding a great many causes and effects, having to do with Nature in general, over his entire lifetime.

With this, Dr. Noeblie indicated that the next exam, as a usual protocol, would be provided by his partner. –Which—in fact, was a completely automated robotic “droid.”

Franklin gasped, then Noeblie expressing with some surprise, saying “A what!”

Answering to Franklin’s dismay, telling the new Traveler—clearing his Throat as he spoke—
“I mean to say This Machine is a little helper. He knows and sees sensing all things concerning the Human body.” Max next added “you have a lot to learn my friend.”

And so, throughout the exam, when Dr. Franklin was told of the individual modifications to his body’s functionality. What’s more, all of that had involved Genome Therapy, acquired through Gene Splicing techniques. It was also explained to Franklin that there were “super-small Nano-sized “re-assemblers”—which established the very means to address his—many geriatric maladies.

Though Dr. Maxxime Auger patiently took the time to explain more simply, that they were—“smart bugs”; and emphasizing the term “Bio-engineering.” It had been the Buzz-word used throughout the days to come. Something that Dr. Franklin, by its very implication, could begin to understand.

Invariably, the subject of Human Physiology, while it had been of personal interest, only was One of Franklin’s many fancies.

(Caption) Showing another view of an elderly Benjamin Franklin working at his Desk

Yet through all of those things, was precisely how our Scientists – began a controlled series of Sessions, resulting in Franklin’s total emersion into the Modern World. But, this was only the tip of the iceberg—ensuing over several months. Thus Consuming hours of meaningful investigations by “knitting” the Past with the Present. Though noting, such routines were much like that of peering through a two-sided “looking glass.” On one side, ensuring that our “wise traveler,” that he would receive the most excellent education ever undertaken—by anyone throughout history. Yet, on the other side of that “looking-glass, it would be much in the same way that our Scientific Team in general, we’re able to gain ever-greater insight into Franklin’s personality—and mindset.

Still, the Group made a point of focusing on the “good Doctor’s” more Philosophical interests. All of that, of course, was where Franklin’s consternation ranged from outright anger and fear. Though innocently enough, had begun through a degree of wonderment, then settling into a longing kind of bewilderment. That’s precisely why our Scientists were extremely keen on stressing the point; while it remained quite possible for the “good Doctor” (as he should by any means) through the medium of sight and sound, be able to view his virtual past.

Such imagery had progressed through the magic of micro-miniaturized digital Quantum Cameras. This of course was the same type we had already observed and as it was planted just before the covert transfer where it was finally achieved. Though unknown to Dr. Franklin, the Team was recording every moment, while his on-going activity played-out—within his native time-frame. But convincing the old man was quite a challenge.

And yet, as it were, on the same day where Franklin’s initial Medical review took place, Dr. Auger broached this most delicate subject. Max explained that projections from his own time were co-occurring—while each moment would have happened—even without being captured through the actual replication and transference process, in the first case.

Also, Dr. Auger revealed the fact that everyone else was able to observe firsthand—the Life and Times, to which Mr. Franklin was directly linked, thereby stretching nearly a Three-Hundred years. But initially, Franklin wasn’t at all convinced that those things had occurred. So Maxxime took the time to demonstrate the inner-workings of the scientific apparatus involved. And so, from those things, a keen game of predictive awareness -–on the part of the Scientists had taken place; So was entirely based on the foreknowledge of those things; and also where the Modern Scientists demonstrated a greater advantage, over the “good doctor’s lack of the current level of comprehension.

Yet given this, the 18th Century Polymath, armed with his considerable degree of whit and resourcefulness, was eventually persuaded to believe that he saw things “from the entirety of his Past.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Lethenger (as we may surmise) had never the remotest inclination of devoting himself—having to deal with the Man from the past, involving his overall well-being.

Yet again, based upon Franklin’s peculiar plight,—as Lethenger put it, as he said—
“It’s plain to see that the Old Man needed to come to grips with those things on his own accord—having to do with our mid-Twenty-first Century conventions—including those sorted lifestyle adjustments.”
And still, Lethenger added—
“not to mention, the antiquated Scientist’s major understanding of several social problems—including the on-Cumming Climate issues. So it was Among Lethenger’s most profound and biassed thoughts, remarking through gritted teeth, as he said—to this point, it seemed always to be up to “That Social Twit Max.”

Although from these pessimistic views, Dr. Lethenger conveniently discounted his degree of Social Ineptitude. But over time, those negative ideas were building on his twisted mind.

Still the same, he was found secretly ensconced amid the most intricate array of technical means—ever devised. And saying to himself—
“Without my lead toward such ideas—the panoply of ultra-tech would have never been born.”

Yet Dr. Lethenger would loiter –though often deep within his element—hiding in the bowels of the inner workings of the Lab. So in-effect became a protective grotto—where connected wharves of Quantum Computing equipment—and other related clap-trap, where it sported pulsating status-lights. Yet in an eerie way, they were indicating their wellbeing. Still, the equipment was even protected by Man-sized vaults—surrounded by powerful computerized arrays.

The devices were like this Stored in Computer in-casements, enveloped in sub-coolant gasses of deep vacuum. So were embedded within Meneuet Chambers of ultra-magnetic shielding. And she was possessing an incredible amount of energy to function correctly.

All of that Power had effectively belonged exclusively to Dr. Greg Lethenger. The deviant Man could at his discretion, hold private conversations, like the one he was engaged in at this very moment; Yet, proving to be a rambling phone call, with his currently, off and on again—ex-wife Georgette.

Greg simply needed her cooperation to further his plans, which was aimed at sabotaging the entire Project. Based on a rather interesting ploy, as he was about to ask his Wife for a particular favor. Although, allowing his Wife to prattle on about her over-crowded schedule.

Then he interrupted her, urgently asking—“Can you get a Sabbatical ASAP? I mean, can you pop over here right away. I need you to be my sneaky, little Mole.”
Georgette said back to him—
“It’s rather impossible –-I mean to say that you are becoming a total Turd lately.”
“Come-on, ‘poop-see’ I’m counting on you.”

Also playing along, Georgette through her Coquettish fashion, added
“If I do it, can we shack-up together just as before?”
“Anything you say, just get your little ass here!”

So it was, as their original form of “baby-talk” was the only thing they still had in common, ever since the recent Divorce. And yet, the relationship proved to be superficial. So, sadly developed into a co-dependent situation—where Neither of them was able to let go.

But Gregory persisted—asking once more-
“So is it settled?”

Georgette answered—
“I’ll get back to you about the particulars. I mean that if I can get the time off,”

Abruptly, Greg then closed the conversation saying
“You better make damn Shure you can!”

Afterword, Georgette heard a sharp click; that was Greg terminating the Call and not even bothering for a response.

And still, one may ask. Who was really in control over their relationship? It was merely a matter of wills at play. Thus becoming a preoccupation of sorts -–which both enjoyed.

The self-absorbed Man was that way with virtually everyone. It simply didn’t make any difference with him. So if Greg felt threatened at all, he cut you off just like that.

However, in most cases, Fabia (for one) fought back by descending to Lethenger’s streetwise talk. She even threatened the man by appealing to the Director, Therese Overton. Although, both Therese and her Father only had limited means to contain Lethenger’s typical degree of frustration, ladled upon everyone else. And still, the majority of the Team-members often tried to placate the Man –And only, as usual, pretend to listen to his nonsense.

So, by establishing a modest approach, Therese took the form of a much more logical type of scientifically based argument, offering better, persuasive bargaining, which was the only thing left to her means. And yet, using even Earthier forms of manipulation -–where Musbah leveraged Lethinger’s preference for the use of Alcohol, thus strengthening Therese and his Daughter’s case; So, at the same time, “the Man from Lebanon” resorted to outright threats. He did this by cutting off Lethenger’s supply of booze, threatening him with more scandalous things.

Furthermore, while equivocating over such things—while attempting to argue all of the facts; and where it was meant for those things to be kept quiet, though based on an opposing part of an even more human side of things, that had involved additional degrees of persuasion. Especially when Janell Auger had advanced her Evangelical values—placing them into the midst of the conversation, she was downright bold, plying her strongly held assertions and thereby appealing to the ultimate power of God where such things included specific Universal underpinnings having to do with the Creation of everything.

And yet, it was through those lofty ideals, by using certain Terminology –especially where it appealed toward notions of “Bio-centrism,”—denoting the fact that there was no actual Death which related to the overall totality referring to the Spector of Reality regarding all things.

So, all of it had stipulated certain factors concerning the Theory involving “the Multi-worlds interpretation of Quantum Physics.” After all, her Husband Max, was, of course, playing a central-role, directing all of those Life-giving aspects—regarding their genetically imbued forms.


Of Morality and Religion

As it were, many of those issues included strong moral arguments. This had the effect of stirring—one’s most-vital or coveted thoughts and feelings which were viewed in some quarters—built on degrees of forms of irrational and emotional-baggage” —driving such interpersonal conflicts. And while some would even say—“Reverting into a “rather nebulous type of thinking.”
Still, those things were interspersed with the chore of filling in Dr. Franklin’s own unusual, Social deficits. And ultimately, translated into a greater understanding of certain, Modern views—built on a number of those Universal matters. So, just as much is it had been through Janell’s personal beliefs; as she was a competent Scholar. Yet it was simply a case while availing her services –
And still, it all gave her quite a marvelous opportunity; when expositing on themes that had to do with the Biblical acts of Creation. Thereby touching upon factors concerning Jesus Christ (who is depicted at Left) as the Master of Compassion; as he confronted the origins of all things. And still, the same, Genelle trod carefully when discussing such ideas.

Though it was from taking a “leap of faith,” explaining to the “unbeliever, especially by entrusting those tender-thoughts toward Mr. Franklin. As he had done by extolling ever more directly, precisely what his assessments were when broaching the subject. Yet, it was on such occasions, where neither of the Quantum Scientists, serving on the Staff of the BF Project; on exactly what they believed. Still, our Scientists couldn’t simply take the notion of God out of the equation. Still again, both Fabia and Musbah attempted to corner Genell, by doing just that. Musbah said
“You expect me to believe that through those Words in the Bible –-where supposedly, it causes all those things we see and feel. So is simply placed in a Written form –-where it is stating such? And And so from that point of view, Fabia expressed somewhat of a puzzled look on her face. But never seriously had considered the matter at all. God and his Words were only Philosophical Fables.” So it never had much relevance toward Matters of Science.

Honestly, she and her Father were spiritually stifled over the loss of Her Sis (Musbah’s Daughter, Daphne).

Although, Genell’s approach to the apparent shortcomings, centered on the idea of intricate design. However, Dr. Franklin was quite adamant concerning many of the Religious aspects, involving a number of those ideas; where these Debates were only the first of several discussions concerning such things.
. And including a few conversations, which got a bit too heated, as far as Mr. Franklin was concerned. All of that was because many of the Team Members were self-described Deists—including Fabia and her Father Musbah. Although, their assertions were built on ideas springing from notions—surrounding the belief that God as a “gifted Living Being,” who no longer was an actual feature of the Universe, from which he created.

And yet, it was through that form of this fasset of Nature, which was governed by our benevolent actions toward our fellow Human Beings. But still, Genell cleverly opposed these thoughts—having the nerve to quote directly from Franklin’s Autobiography. And so, found through Dr. Franklin—not only that he had affirmed his belief in a non-deistic-god; but as well included an essential connection between religion and morality, as it stood throughout his Lifetime.

So it had been where such things were declared through his particular distaste for divisive religion. And from that approach, was when Genell skillfully presented an opportunity for Dr. Franklin to—re-visited his original entries, where he specifically wrote—
“I never was without some religious principles. So never doubted for instance, the existence of the Deity, from which he the Lord made the world, and governed it by His Providence. Therefore, the most acceptable service of God was the doing good to man. That our souls are immortal, and that all crime shall be punished; where virtue is rewarded—either here, or hereafter.

Seeing these Prose, streaming from his handheld device, Franklin appeared to be overtaken with astonishment. And yet, Genell continued—quoting from the accomplished thinker, Thus given all of Those examples, where he noted while Genell Red allowed
‘I had esteemed the essentials of every religion; being found in all the religions we had in our country. Moreover, I respect them all, though with different degrees of respect, where I found them more or less mixed with other artifacts—without any tendency to inspire, promote, or confirm morality. So, it only served principally to divide us—and make unfriendly to one another.’

Yet, Franklin once lamented, where Janell once more adeptly pointed-out, concerning this reference; and also, where our 18th Century Sage, actually states—
“How many observe Christ’s birthday! How few His precepts!
‘O is easier to keep holidays than commandments!”

As Genell had pointed-out— “John Adams and Thomas Jefferson boldly”—
Now Facing them; and turning more directly toward the prestigious Diplomat; just as her eyes met his.

Then Genell spoke—
“But you had no use for religion when arguing about doctrines that were simply carrying out rituals. as you Write—
“They never produce some good in the world, which you believed was the essential point of Christ’s message.”

So once again quoting as she reads.
“Such faith, doubtlessly, has its use in the world.’… ‘So I do not desire to see it diminished. Nor would I endeavor to lessen it—in any man. Although, I wish it were more productive –that of good works, than I have generally seen it—I mean outstanding jobs.

Still Genell continued reading-
“It being Works of kindness…’ ‘Thus including charity, mercy, and public spirit. Not holiday keeping, sermon-reading—or hearing. And also performing church ceremonies, or making long prayers filled with flatteries and compliments. They are despised even by wise men. So, much less capable of pleasing our Deity.

Moreover, “the worship of God is a duty. The hearing and reading of sermons may be useful; but if men rest in the endeavor by not praying, as too many do. It is as if a tree should value itself by being watered, thus putting forth leaves, although it never produced any Fruit.

Still quoting Dr. Franklin—
‘I believed that Jesus had more regard “for the heretical but charitable Samaritan”—than for the uncharitable.’ Thus referring to an ‘Orthodox-Priest, and sanctified Levite.’ (see Luke 10:25 -–37),

Then Genell at this point told the group—“when speaking of Jesus—
“You (referring to Franklin more specifically) “You thought much less of such outward appearances and professions than many of those modern disciples of Jesus himself.

Yet again, Dr. Franklin said as much through his Text, Writing———
—‘Jesus preferred the doers of the Word to the mere hearers— ‘(see James 1:22).

Franklin then had an opportunity to respond by saying—
“It was the fact of the Matter—not simply by appealing to secular arguments, and so, like many of the other Founders leaning on the Bible, which he called ‘that excellent book.”

So, with all of those things firmly established, Genell stated, Reading once more—
‘I think vital religion had always suffered when orthodoxy, is more regarded than virtue
‘As the Scriptures assure me, that on the last day we shall not be examined for what we thought, but what we did.’ So our recommendation would not be merely saying—‘Lord! Lord!’ rather, that we did well with our fellow creatures; Rather than, feeling any sense of disgust for Christianity.”
(See Matthew, 25…

As Genell firmly expressed such ideas, for the benefit of the others, that Franklin’s writings throughout his life were like the rest of the other “Framing-Fathers” -–filled with their sense of biblical allusions, including appeals to the example of Christ and citations from the Bible. As we’re in total support of morality and virtue.

Genell further explained—“As an example of these things;
“it was back in the 1730s, where he wrote an article in the local newspaper encouraging people to visit the sick, during a plague in Philadelphia, thus writing ‘It is the great Author of our Faith, whose life should be the constant object of our imitation—as far as it is not inimitable; so one should always show the greatest compassion and regard for the sick.

She went on—
“This branch of Christian charity seems essential to the true spirit of its meaning. Also, that kind of charity—as it should be extended to the rest of Christian peoples, whether they deserve it or not.’

So, Genell finally ads—
“As Mr. Franklin intimated, expressing the idea by basically saying—‘As far as our power of love reaches outward—It is enough when exercising this humane and Christian virtue. Therefore, that act of charity teaches all—tender regard

And so, throughout history, as it related toward the end of Franklin’s life, when asked by the president of Yale -–what his particular beliefs about Jesus and Christianity in general, what they represented. Franklin had summarized his thoughts in this way—
‘As to Jesus of Nazareth … I think the system of morals and his religion, as he left them to us. His teachings were the best the world ever saw—or is likely to see. However, I apprehend it has received a variety of corrupting changes.

Though as it were, where Franklin expressed in his Notes, writing—
’I have with most of the present dissenters in England, some doubts as to his divinity. However, I see no harm in it being believed; So if that belief—having good-consequence (as probably it has) by making his doctrines more respected and better observed; it may be that all sects—herein—having a great variety as I have experienced good-will by assisting them with such forms of subscriptions, for building their new places of worship—“Furthermore, I have never opposed any of their doctrines. So, I hope to go out of the world in peace with them all.

“In other words, Franklin –just like several of the more-prominent, Framing-Founders were never quickly “put into a box. In this, Benjamin Franklin became an enthusiastic admirer of Jesus a devout supporter of religion, And stating “We have seen all of such things while basing this on the resources—of money and time, not merely with words).

Though Mr. Franklin wasn’t particularly concerned about what he saw as “abstract Christian doctrines”—having little effect on the practice of virtue in society.

Nevertheless, Franklin up to that time harbored certain doubts regarding Scriptural Commentary, sighting—
“As to their accurate transmission through the ages.”

Yet he pointed out)—
“Our Fellow-Scientists often conjectured over these matters, regarding precise causes— for everything to spring into existence.”

But still, it would be through Modern Scientific examination, along with spiritually attuned understanding—often bolstered by degrees of enlightenment.

And so, after the present-day discussions had concluded Franklin said——
“Regarding the Modern idea that there may be eleven dimensions.” He speculated- “ perhaps a Realm containing a twelfth Dimension, where God himself, sitting on his Thrown of judgment resides within that very dimension of his own. Thereby overlooking the entirety of Creation itself.

Franklin’s Glass Armonica

Thus as it was, over many thoughts percolating from Benjamin Franklin’s dreams—as the talented Scientist and Statesman—musing over many of those “nightly intonations,” It reminded him of his beloved “Glass Armonica,” he invented. So, perhaps, commiserating from strings in the Universe—which others neglected to play. Still, his Dreams seemed from his Mind as it wandered throughout the labyrinths of existence. (As if it were in a “Quantum-way” ) causing the Past to relate to the Present—this seeing everything at once.

(Caption) Showing Franklin’s Glass Armonica.
We may note that Ben Franklin completed his glass Armonica back in 1761. Interestingly enough, its name was derived from the Italian word for harmony. Though Franklin never actually refine the idea of musical forms of water-filled glasses -–as they were played much like children at the dinner table -–just like they may play them today. However, in this particular case, Musical-notes were determined by the amount of water in the glass.

So, Ben Franklin, therefore, made his Musical Chords, containing lively melodies; made possible on his new instrumental invention; and working with a glassblower in London. He did this by fashioning a few dozen glass bowls, tuned to notes by their varying size. Then fitted one inside the next with cork. Each bowl was made with the correct size and thickness, to give the desired Musical pitch, without being filled with any water.

Franklin also painted them so that each bowl was color-coded, to a different note. Then a hole was put through the center of these glass bowls, where an iron rod ran through the holes. Then a rod was attached to a wheel, which was turned by a foot pedal—0to play the music. Thus moistened fingers touched to the edge of the spinning glasses produced the musical sounds. Franklin (without a doubt) wrote in his Autobiography—“Of all my inventions, the glass Armonica has given me the greatest personal satisfaction.”

Yet Dr. Franklins catching-up to the present had only just begun. He even had to learn the techniques of which to communicate with those many marvels of the Modern World. By using those things called “personal communicators.” And as an example, just like that of the other Scientists, Dr. Franklin learned to speak the magic words to the Machines, until they responded in kind. But That took a while to catch on. Though clearly, the “good Doctor” had made his first tentative steps into a fascinating new vista -–thus possessing a fair degree of understanding of correctly how Humankind had developed over those succeeding epochs.


The Annals of Science
(The BF Lab Training Facility)

Now, both Scientists (one from the 21st Centry and the other, from the 18th.) at this point happened to be gazing at a projection on the wall of the Training Room, where they were standing in, Max explained to Franklin—“You see Doctor, these Cameras you are observing are much as you may imagine; just like you’re ‘Camera Obscura’—you are somewhat familiar with.”
Max added—
“Looking back historically, they relate directly to constructions of certain Machines, making use of a particular device—which is confined within a box, or even a tent or perhaps a darkened room.

Max then explained–-
“So with that, the Camera obscura” assembly—built with a lens at its opening—just as you surmise. Still, it had been used ever since the second half of the 16th century. They became famous as an aid for drawing and painting. And eventually was further developed into what we would call the photographic camera, created in the first half of the 19th century.

((Caption) Showing a depiction of a camera obscura.


Max now adds—
“When these camera obscura boxes, used to expose light-sensitive materials, they were flashed on to the projected images. And as you may guess, were quite profound.”

Franklin attempted to explain in his way, saying—“Similarly through many of my scientific associations, we observed Newtonian “—or light refraction”; you know, the splitting of light rays into a rainbow.”

Then Max said—
“Oh Yes, this is where each of the colors may represent their constituent elements. The things were thereby published early in the 19th Century. It was known as the famous “Double-slit Experiment. So was First Performed in 1801 by Thomas Young? Did you ever meet the fellow?”

“No, I never had the pleasure. Mr. Young was probably much too young.”

Then laughing, saying—
“Must I explain my highly abstract Puns?”

Dr. Auger reddened with embarrassment, then told Franklin—
“Well, anyway, this particular Experiment by Young is an excellent analog, for what Quantum Theory attempts to show.”

(Caption) showing a Portrait of Dr. Thomas Young—

Franklin then tells his new Friend—
“This goes to show just how relative things truly are.”

“That’s exactly right. And I might add, you wouldn’t have any way of knowing these things right now, just how close this Experiment relates to all of what we are dealing with.”
“You don’t say.”

Then Max explained to the older Scientist—
“This reminds me of your Published Work concerning Oil and Water.”
“You know all about that?”
“That’s exactly right.

“There was much research concerning this very thing, which is analogous to Quantum effects.
And suffice it to say, you had an essential hand in pioneering the science behind our understanding of our “quantized, particle-to-wave phenomenon.”

Dr. Auger intently began to search—then reading from his Communicator—
“It was where we had read at some point—‘As legend has it, an old sea captain once told you about how pearl divers would dive, with a mouthful of oil; and where they would promptly spit it out, as they got below the surface of the water. Then the oil would float to the top and coat the surface. This altered the surface tension and eliminated the ripples and waves, caused by the wind—thus improving underwater visibility—”

Franklin exclaims—
“By God, that’s quite true.”

Then, Max continued, projecting his voice as if he were a Theatrical Performer, saying—“It was the case where you were traveling in a convoy of ships from America to England in 1757.”
He continued—
“You then made a note of the fact that the ships in the back of the convoy sailed more smoothly than the ships in the front.”
Max when on—
“The captain told you, ‘the cooks have I suppose, been just emptying their greasy water through the scuppers, which has greased the sides of those ships a little.’ However, you didn’t quite buy the fact that this was due solely to the oil greasing the sides of the ships, although you were intrigued.

Now continuing—
“So, the idea of using oil to calm rough seas—for seafaring or clearing the water surface for diving, had been well-known for centuries.

Max adds, relishing the part—
“No doubt that you “know it was written about by Gaius Plinius Secundus—known today as Pliny—the Elder, a historian, and scientist, who lived in the first century AD.
“Your right so far.”

Throughout the discussion, Dr. Franklin from time-to-time, would chime-along, telling the French Scientist——
“I began to study all of those things.”

Then Max attempted to continue with his somewhat polished theatrical voice. However, she was interrupted by inquisitive Genell, applauding her own Husband’s performance. He was telling both Scientists.
“I’m sorry to barge in like this, I just wanted to see your enthusiasm –you know, discoursing over points of History.”

But, before Max could respond to his Wife’s sudden interest. Mr. Franklin said to her—
“The two of you seem to be good-natured over what you are involved with—”

Dr. Auger responded by telling Franklin—
“Thanks, but Let me continue, please?”
The Biologist, by then, felt a bit sheepish, even becoming a tad flustered—when reacting toward several of the other Technicians that were beginning to gather. They simply looked on, out of curiosity. Then Dr. Auger continued saying; though not until gesturing for them to leave; then said—
“You all have better things to do, don’t you?”—

Still, Max resumed his discussion with Franklin, explaining—
“People were using this kind of Oil to Water, a technique for thousands of years. It was before you began to question its relevant Properties, although, continued to experiment with it.”

Auger ads—
“History recounts that you as well may look at common natural phenomena, where people took for granted—things like Lightning oil and water. Then finally questioning those things. However, you continued to observe this phenomenon on your later ocean voyages’.

Then Max tells Franklin –
“You even wrote that you planned to—as I now quote from your notes–- ‘I resolved to make some experiment of the effect of oil on water”—whenever I had the time.’

Then Mr. Franklin reached for Dr. Auger’s Communicator, exclaiming—
“Let me see if what you’re reading. Ye-gads, this is from my very hand”!

Max interrupts—
“Here, let me fling the display onto the wall.”

So, as the text was projected in front of them, allowing each to see, Max explained—
“Well, it says that ‘you started carrying out your experiments with oil in the 1760s—when living in London. And that you would go to various ponding sites—when traveling around England; thus, pouring olive oil on them— ‘Noting that the waves and ripples on the pool indeed had been calmed.’
As Max then continued to read from Franklin’s Notes, saying—
“You even wrote about your first experiment near Clapham Common—‘at a pond—
‘ Observing—‘to be one day very rough with the wind.’
“You then say that you—‘had fetched out a container of oil, and dropped a little of it on the water.

Max continued—
“Then you wrote ‘that it spread itself with surprising swiftness upon the surface. There the oil, though not more than a teaspoonful, produced an instant calm over a space several yards square, which spread amazingly, and extended itself gradually, till it reached the lee side, making all that quarter of the pond, perhaps half an acre, as smooth as a looking glass.’

Again, Max Auger tells Franklin——
“So, like any good scientist, you always repeated your experiments many times over the next several years; until many of your letters regarding this topic were like this published back in 1774. Then appearing in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London.”

Franklin told Dr. Auger—
“That’s very true.”

Then Max ads—
”Most importantly, you wrote about how a given quantity of olive oil would only cover a set amount of the pond’s surface. Twice the volume of oil would cover twice the area of the pond surface. Therefore, you concluded that there was a limit to how thin the oil, may have been spread.” Though Max once again explains—
“You also carefully recorded the volume of oil and the surface areas that they covered. But, we don’t know whether you calculated the thickness of the oil layers; it never was recorded in your notes. However, if you did, your measurements—predicting a thickness of approximately 10 Angstroms—where one Angstrom is about one ten-billionth of a meter). So, this would have been a remarkably close measurement of the thickness of a single molecule.”

He goes on saying—
“The thickness of a layer is called a “monolayer” of triolein, one of the major lipids in olive oil. So, if you had entered this in your Journal, it would have been the first recorded measurement of the size of a single molecule.
Now Franklin said to Max–-
“I did not have equipment capable enough to do such measurements. Nor did I ever make such calculations, concerning this thing of which you are referring to.”

Then Max added–-
“It wasn’t until over 100 years later in 1890—that the scientist—and the eventual Nobel Prize winner (which is a kind of Award given to Scientists and Patrons of the Arts). Still, it was with John William Strutt, better known as Lord Rayleigh, as he repeated these experiments and then measured the thickness of the triolein monolayer—as 16 Angstroms. Rayleigh was a trained physicist and a professor of Natural Science at the Royal Institute in London.”

Continuing, Max said—
“And interestingly enough, the accuracy of Rayleigh’s calculations was helped greatly by another self-taught scientist, named Agnes Pockels, who herself had been denied a science education because she was a woman.”

Franklin exclaims—
“Tell me more my Friend.”

Maxxime now explains to the “Good Doctor –
“Nevertheless, what was important about your original experiments; as you realized—and wrote about how if you put the same amount of oil on a marble table—or on a piece of glass, the oil did not spread; suggesting, that there was something special about the interaction between oil and water.’
“You then wrote— ‘If there be no attraction between oil-and-water—oil dropped on water may not be held together by adhesion to the spot whereon it falls… So, it would be at liberty to expand itself…’

With this explanation, Max produced a copy of part of an Abstract, sharing it with his 18th Century Scientific fellow. But he prefaced his reading with the following remarks—

“Years ago, Dr. Nassim Haramein described the fluid dynamics of space-time. (Now quoting) ‘To understand these things, we look further than what is directly apparent.

Then Max continued—
‘We must go beyond the surface area, and see down into the incredible depths below; To obtain the insights into how non-locality, which is something that can’t be observed by the naked-eye; All be it working within another Dimension.

Max now adds—
“Dr. Haramein as well indicated saying—
‘Thus extrapolating such ideas as they appear in a hydrodynamic system.’

Continues reading from the extract—
‘While it is true that on the surface, as a Silicon droplet bounces along—producing Waves, where we do not see any obvious connection between the vortices and eddies that are created—like water pouring from a spout. However, if we could look very deeply below the surface, we see something quite surprising.’

Then, Dr. Franklin finally asked—
“What is the term “Non-locality”? Maxxeme told him—“It refers to sub-atomic particles-– and again –things—which cannot become observable at all; rather they are from Hidden Dimensions and so forth. But, let me read once again from Dr. Haramein—of what he said many years ago.”

Dr. Auger quickly brought the Abstract up on his Communicator, by merely verbally asking for the reference. And then as before, he flung the image on to a massive wall of the Training Center, reading allowed—
‘So, it is therefore observed that in fluid dynamics—where two vortices, or eddies, when produced simultaneously—that is, if we were able to look deeply enough (as in an Entanglement Experiment) where those types of vortices remain connected below the surface—via a “vortexing tunnel.” So, it would be Just like a wormhole—in the same way a Worm would do by tunneling into an apple.’
Max continues—
‘This type of a vortex tunnel—deep beneath the surface would allow for a seemingly hidden connection between “particle-waves,” allowing for them to be correlated. All of That would occur even over Space and Time itself. So these ideas became a completely new picture of the quantum world -–where it continues to develop.

Furthermore, this particle to particle interaction—including such behavior, were previously in the realm of the magical quantum weirdness, are as well, found to be grounded in visible mechanisms -–that of the structure of Space-time itself.’

Dr. Auger then goes on with his summation—
“As we continue to investigate our physical universe in ever more clever ways, we may begin to come back to a sense of “unification.”
Thus leaving the quantum and relativistic, or dichotomous “world-view” behind. And even more to the point, that there is an excellent coherency; a resonance if you will—and oneness to our reality.”

Max, once more facing Dr. Franklin, saying—
“I’m Shure you are not at all familiar with these modern-terms but, I think you may catch the drift of what is said.” Now, responding to the younger Man, Franklin says—
“No doubt I may absorb these remarks and other relevant ideas concerning this “ Quantized” -–I take it meaning discrete elements?”

Auger smiled—
“Exactly, that’s the case.

(Caption) Showing a Painting of Sir Isaac Newton

“Therefore, we must thereby infer from what Isaac Newton had said—
‘If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Then with some emotion welling-up, Franklin askes—
“As to the relevant sizes; how might you describe the comparative sizes that we are dealing with?” Max explains—“This is very difficult to illustrate; so, I can show this once more on a large display where you may visualize these sizing scales –even more clearly.”

As the large Chart appeared, stretching over the entire room; thus, depicting an image showing one comparatively large bulbous form -–representing an Atom, surrounding a great many smaller spheroidal shaped, labeled objects. But, just then Fabia walks into the Conference Training Area. Franklin surprises her with a respectful bow.
She steps back and apologizes for her immediate reaction. Then Fabia tells both of them—“Sorry to interrupt, but I got a call to report to this area.”
Max responding—
“That’s correct; you’re right on time.”
Franklin says—“Doctor, Your Company is most welcome. ”“
“Thank you, Sir, —I mean Doctor.”
Smiling, Max ads—“We’re all Doctors—Doctorates of Science.”
Franklin now interjects—“We use to call it Natural Philosophy.”

Then with a chuckle, Fabia tells them—
“Sometimes our philosophies become a bit blurred, as we attempt to explain larger -–and or smaller than life ideas.”

They all laughed in unison at the play on words—grinning back at each other.

But then, Maxxime now says to Fabia—
“Are you ready to give your Lesson on The Super String M Theory Lecture? Which is Lecture #1o1 to the good Doctor?”

Now Fabia, speaking to both of them—
“Well, I thought that we should order Lunch first.”
“That’s a capital idea.—I’m starving.” –As Franklin exclaims—

Then Fabia says—
“Let’s order Pizza from the Commissary—.”

Although Franklin, though, somewhat uncertainly, remark, saying—
“No doubt an Italian Germaine.”

Max gleefully concurs
Turning toward Dr. Franklin, and said
“You’ll love its taste. You know, it’s a kind of Flat-bread dough with thickened Tomato-sauce, laced with cheese. Also, its usually sprinkled with chopped spiced Meat, including Vegetables, all baked in a hot Oven.
Fabia said—“It’s scrumptious.” “

While looking at her Communicator, she remarks—
“It’ll take about 40 minutes or so for the Pizza to arrive. That is if that little droid doesn’t get lost along the way. In the meantime, we can begin.”

Now, once more gazing toward the center of the room, they all focused on what may prove to be according to Dr. Franklin—a fair degree of mind-blowing technical concepts. Yet Fabia took a deep breath, then plunged ahead “In non-technical terms, our so-called M-theory presents an idea about the primary substance of the universe. Although so far, no experimental evidence exists which shows that M-theory is a description of the real world.

So, with a wave of her hand, she brings up a graphical display –-showing some charts and diagrams, emitting from the center of the room. Fabia continues—
“Although interest in this theory is mainly driven by mathematical elegance. But as it was in the early years of the 20th century, the atom had been long believed to be the smallest building block of matter. However, it was proven to consist of even smaller components; called protons, neutrons, and electrons—which are known as subatomic particles. However, starting in the 1960s—other subatomic particles began to be discovered.

Continuing –
“Then, in the 1970s, it was observed that protons and neutrons (and other hadrons) are themselves made up of smaller particles, called quarks. Thus, we find that the so-called Standard Model is the set of rules describing the interactions of those particles -–as they were found in the Newtonian view of the Cosmos. However, this was expanded in the early Twentieth Century by Albert Einstein, who General Theory of Relativity is held that the three physical dimensions, along with the force of Gravity as indeed had been curved throughout “Space-time.”

(Caption) showing Space-time Curvature—

Dr. Franklin asks at this point—“I don’t quite understand this notion of ‘Space-time.’
Auger explains—“This is where Gravity and Time are bound together, by degrees of forces from gravity itself. That is ripples from a Continuum—to which we are bound. What’s more, to our viewpoint, this appears curved.”

Fabia continueed with her explaination—“It was in the 1980s, where a new mathematical model of theoretical physics, called “string theory,” where it finally emerged. It showed how all the particles and all of the forms of energy in the universe could be constructed, by hypothetical, one-dimensional “strings,”—which are infinitesimal building-blocks, that have only the dimension of length, but no height or width. So to make string theory mathematically consistent in the universe, where the strings exist, they must, therefore, have ten dimensions.

And still, those things contradict our own experience, in that, where our real universe has four dimensions, including three spacial-dimensions (height, width, and length) and one of “Time”; and not to forget the force of Gravitational dimension.

Then Fabia ads—
“However, to “save” their theory, String-theorists added the explanation that the additional six dimensions –as well, exists; yet never could it be detected directly. And as explained by sophisticated mathematical objects—called Calabar–You manifolds.

With all of these concepts pounding in Franklin’s Head—he exclaimed—
“All of these things are Fascinating. It is that I fancy the Mathematics—as a bonafide discipline, in and of itself.”

Smiling, Fabia goes on with her Presentation, by reading—
“Some dimensions were later increased to 11, based on various interpretations of the 10-dimensional theory—which led to five partial theories -–that of the 11th dimension. Also, it is postulated that it is where “strings” vibrate in multiple dimensions. Depending on how they vibrate, they might be seen in three-dimensional space—as matter, light, or gravity.

“Still, it is the vibration of the string—that determines whether it appears to be matter or energy; Therefore, every form of matter or energy is the result of the vibration of these strings.”

Yet at that point, Franklin interjects, telling his comrade—
“It is that one might venture as an analogy, as in Musical intonations, where those Strings –as you say, may vibrate ever so differently throughout the entirety of the Universe.”
Fabia then says—
“That’s precisely the case in many ways.”

With that, Fabia continues with her presentation—
“String theory ran into a problem though. Another version of the equations also was discovered, then another, and another. Eventually, five major string theories were developed. But still, the main differences between the methods were principally the number of dimensions in which the strings came to be, with their particular characteristics—as some were open loops and some were closed loops.

All these theories appeared to be workable. However, Scientists were not comfortable with five seemingly different sets of equations—to describe the same thing.

Though while Fabia endeavors to speak, she flicks through a variety of charts and diagrams projected on the wall, Fabia said—
“It was at the string theory conference at the University of Southern California, back in 1995, where Edward Witten of the Institute for Advanced Study, suggested that the five different versions of string theory might be describing the same thing—though seen from different perspectives. So he proposed a unifying theory called “M-theory,” in which the “M” is not explicitly defined, but is generally understood. As to stand for “membrane.”

She once more adds—
“The words “matrix”, “master”, “mother”, “monster”, “mystery” and “magic” have also been claimed. So M-theory brought all of the string theories together. It did this by asserting that “strings are one-dimensional slices of a two-dimensional membrane—vibrating in 11-dimensional space-time. Though M-theory is not complete, yet, the underlying structure of the mathematics has been established—so agrees with all the other string theories.

However, the Theory itself passed many tests of internal mathematical consistency. But so far, no experimental support of the M-theory exists. Still, some physicists are skeptical enough, and this approach would have ever led to a physical theory, which describes our real world, entirely due to fundamental issues. But, some cosmologists may have been drawn to M-theory because of its mathematical elegance and relative simplicity—triggering the hope that the simplicity itself is a reason why it all may just as well describe the totality of our world.

Still, Fabia continued to explain—
“Thus with these ideas in play, Physicist and author Macio Koku have remarked that M-theory may present us with a “Theory of Everything ”—so concise that its underlying formula would fit on the back of a Shirt.

Once more continuing with her presentation, explaining—
“It was also stated by Renowned Physicist Stephen Hawking—who by the way, had been afflicted with an extremely debilitating and advancing form of a physical condition, called Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis—better known as ALS Disease. Hawking, unable to move at all, throughout his entire adult life. Though Undaunted,—using only his Mind through a Computer; Dr. Hawking originally believed that M-theory might be the ultimate, singular description of the Universe.

“Although, later suggested that the search for such understanding of mathematics and physics—that it may never be complete. Still, hawking later changed his mind by stating—-
‘M-theory may be the only candidate for a complete theory of the universe.’

Fabia went on—
“So, it was Hawking and Leonard Molino,—who—in the popular-science book The Grand Design; where they take a philosophical position to support a particular view of the universe. They described it as a multiverse; defining it in the book as model-dependent realism. And along with a summation, includes an even more Historical approach. So, all of this may be a path toward a more in-depth, integral formulation of quantum mechanics, involving the entire universe as a whole.

And by using those ideas—claiming M-theory is the only candidate for a complete understanding of the entirety of the universe. Mainly due to the lack of viable alternatives.” Meanwhile, the Pizza had Shure enough arrived, all to the delight of everyone, munching away as Franklin and the others exchanged such seemingly small thoughts on the greatest of ideas. Things such as ultimately—who, where, what, and why we are on this planet at all.

Yet, in no small measure, was where Dr. Franklin gained a unique sense of perspective; in a way that none other in History would ever experience. Because he was the First to go from one place in Time to another, but would he be the only one to have been successful—from an Odyssey, such as this one?


Learning Curve

Over this time, we find that a Routine of Study had settled in—to acquaint “the good Doctor” with modern life. Though, as earlier stated, nevertheless, it had appeared to be somewhat enthusiastic. And yet, over time—through a build-up of loneliness—accompanied by a tinge of boredom. Still, the Famous-man of the Past contrived to scheme as a means to escape his purported “asylum. But in the meantime, the Old Man kept these things to himself. So it was, on the part of our leading Scientists, specific implications, from one another, began to mount—becoming openly contested.

And yet, it was on that cold January day—in the Year 2062, where Fabia courageously faced her Audience.

And so, while the Media appeared to be locked and loaded with difficult questions. Though Fabia strategically blocked their queries for the moment, with a simple gesture from her hand, as she said what she intended to tell them;

So, remarking, clearing her Throat, saying—
“We should note that Franklin’s time was initially filled with new avenues of learning, devising a fixed schedule –that filled his days—so lasting over several months. Thus spanning the period of late 2057 and afterward.

But, Fabia went on speaking, again saying——
“As it were, Franklin honed the skills for operating the holographic display equipment, by mimicking the professional types—-found at his elbow and every need—and by every whim. Still, our highly trained Technicians were eager to keep Franklin busy, focused on the more positive aspects, rather than that of one who was crudely yanked into some impossibly distant future.”

But, early on through the varied-aspects of that intense learning. “The Man of the past” nevertheless, certainly had been rather intrigued by the pleasant and gentle personality –in the form of Genell -–who was someone he came to respect. And yet, the small restless Secretary—at the behest of Therese; being the Executive Director –-was bent on dedicating her special-efforts; where Franklin himself, was able to use his well-known, tact of diplomacy—while interacting with the likable Genell. Those things also involved individuals who formed the Team.

Yet, as Franklin put it—
“Masters of his gelded-cage.”

And still, at times, mocked himself—
“You fat Pidgin—suddenly captured—imprisoned in a land of no return.”

But was it Franklin—acting somewhat perverse, or merely responding out of a degree of melancholy behavior, through his changing moods?

Though all of that was attributed toward a continuous-stream of lonely nights—where “the Man from the Past” encountered degrees of fearful-difficulties; deeply missing his closest Family and acquaintances. Not to mention missing his long-ago deceased Wife—his Loving Deborah. And yet, including his estranged misunderstood Son William. The proverbial “out of Wedlock Son,”

However, historically speaking, Dr. Franklin was quite embittered over a variety of Political issues—building a wedge between both of them. So the very fact involving the dubious Spector of certain allegiances, which entailed the egregious Revolutionary War. So ultimately, Father and Son had been obligated to choose sides. So, as far as Franklin was concerned, those circumstances, “Simply spun out of control.

Yet those lingering thoughts manifested several crazy ideas, which flashed throughout the old Man’s Mind. Thus perpetuating certain forms of manipulation coming from all of the others, regarding these uncertainties. Still according to Franklin
“Could all of this somehow be based on my relationship with my Son? And at last, be repairable? Yet for that matter, Franklin also asked, could I return to an earlier time—to develop better ties with my Wife and Child?

Indeed, Franklin was referring to Sally Franklin Bache -–who was barely glimpsed at, along with his Grandson, William “Temple. Where we first became acquainted with some aspects of their particular circumstances. And also, where the famous Man rested his hopes on such positive Memories because it would be the only way that he could begin to cope.

But most of those things resulted in the swift and ever more sense of displacement, putting a significant strain on his constitution.

Still again, it was during those nightly and most lonely moments; through his tears and feelings of guilt -—winding its way through his mind, as if saying inside—
“It’s the very advent of the more Philosophical notions of Science, God-forsaken or not—Damn it all!”

Still, it was as he said—
“None of that wasn’t at all fair. Not of what it should have been—based on those things –that were rightfully mine. And indeed –as if we may call it—being a cruel dream, and suddenly plunged into the Future?”
But Franklin simply had no other word to describe where he was.

So amidst the clarity of the following morning, while it had been as one of those things, revealing a more positive view on the matter. Yet along those lines, Dr. Franklin would resolutely plow ahead; But longing feelings and urgent pangs would cause his entire spirit to vacillate, based on those confusing emotions. However, “the good Doctor” –through his own, positive will, as he mused—
“If it all were true, this in itself could become a reunion of sorts.”

Stimming over his Linniege —that of his Kith and kin.” Still, it was something that he could grasp.

Although, such degrees of speculative things were precisely why Fabia, had, as much, marveled over Franklin’s tenacity, where she was compelled to face the glaring Press –-culminating in the momentous year of 2062. And with this, Fabia even took time to read part of an Extract, in front of the assembly, occupying several hours of Open Testimony. Thus providing a reasonable degree of clarity, towards the public at large.

So Reading at-length from her Notes; explaining to the Press,—
“It was through the help of Dr. Auger’s Wife, Genell; where Franklin was able to build that logical framework of learning—designed to provide a progressive form of conceptual understanding. Thereby covering the immense gap of Time. Therefore, arriving at a reasonable assessment of Modern History.”

However, those things, of course, involved a lot of social changes—as well as principals of scientific achievement. They were mostly viewed from Video sources, conveying basic constructs more quickly deliverable, than that of the printed word could ever do.

Though Fabia went on, telling her audience—
“Historically speaking, these things provided better means for a greater sense of continuity, promoting a degree of memorable experiences.

Yet once more reading from her prepared remarks, Fabia also spoke matter-of-factually to the Press, saying to them—
“Nevertheless, Dr. Franklin characteristically kept—in his rather meticulous style—a Printed journal. So, that was exactly how he was able to review at leisure, his findings. The Journal itself was hidden away—safely deposited in his Craven Street Bungalow.

Then Fabia added—
“Further on this same score, Dr. Franklin was quite skillful at organizing such ideas and thoughts -–putting them into coherent patterns. And historically speaking, though self-evidenced, as he was highly regarded as an accomplished editor; and journalistic Writer. Yet in our present estimation, we find that Dr. Franklin appreciated the modern ability to merely hand write onto a flat screen, using a” Magic Pen”—or by dictating his Constructions into a Computerized Machine—as he was well-spoken, just as much as he was Master of the Written Word.

Then Fabia stated, confidently, addressing her audience, telling them—
“It was through those particular means, as was stated where Franklin arranged these Hallmarks of Invention and scientific achievements into their chronological timeline; listing Names and Places as required. Nevertheless, Franklin marveled over those discoveries, just as he encountered them.”
She continued—
“His interest in just how the progression of electrifying the entire World –Though only by only reading about it.

At this point, Fabia took a drink from a nearby water bottle, which was provided for her. So continued to read; telling the Press at-large—
“Thus it was, from its very infancy; and yet from the flickering of a mere-candle, through his own time as a Child, Still, young Ben Franklin was forced by his own Father to learn the Art of Candle-making.

Fabia added—
“And then as Ben Franklin –traced such events, up through our Present-day, and thereby recognizing the development and design of the first incandescent “electrical” lamp—patiently undertaken by a fellow named Thomas Alba Edison; But it took nearly an entire lifetime for those things to occur.

Fabia now ads—
“Indeed, after all of those things, further development of the telegraph and eventually the Telephone—including the Phonograph. Where it was eventually developed into Motion Pictures—complete with sound. As you all know, these marvels became entirely fascinating progressions—which changed everything, leading to the Modern Era.

All along she showed appropriate Charts and diagrams; she continued her Lecture, saying—
“It was through certain types of conveyances—like the Steam Power. Then, leading to modern means for Building construction, including travel aboard a “Train” and Automobile, then the Airplane, Jet engines, and Rocketry. It was all of that, where it was utterly riveting to Mr. Franklin. As we know, such travels even to the Moon were accomplished. This being nearly a hundred years from the time he was brought to us—by way of his DNA; where he now finds himself, in an epoch of History…

So Dr. Fabia Ghani taking another sip of water, endeavored to explain—
“I know you all have many questions to throw at me, so please raise your hand—and if you will, please wait for a mike. Also, give your particular affiliation.”

Though as it was (found in the present sense) where Franklin knew very well that he was asking a great many questions. It is being somewhat trivial from the standpoint from a collective chagrin – from his fellow Scientific Comrades.” With these things—delineated; nonetheless, we leave Fabia at the unenviable position of facing that barrage of searching questions, resonating throughout the Boston Press. Although, at this point, one must once more, endure the unsavory actions by our prime-nemesis—The nefarious Doctor Lethenger, while our Story continues.

And yet, it was that Gregory Lethenger, as a matter of course, had suspiciously viewed Franklin’s queries; that led one thing to another. And as the pernicious Man was more interested in moving the Technology forward—as rapidly as possible. Therefore, we may glean from these important facts, where Greg had enlisted his Wife Georgette—
“To babysit the old boy.”

Fortunately, she was able to gain the necessary Sabbatical from her Teaching Duties—as we may recall through her Husband’s prodding. Georgette even assisted the Exec-Secretary Genell, to help correlate the relevant Libraries for the Project.

And again, as we may surmise, both Ladies clashed as much as their respective Husbands. Thus witness the following exchange.

Georgette tells Janell, rather haughtily, while her sassy Tung snapped against the upper pallet of her mouth, making an obnoxious sound as if saying “tsk, tsk”—“You know you’re doing that incorrectly Misère Franklin want’s these Items columned, with their Titles Highlighted and well-spaced –to see them more clearly. So you need to be more careful with what you are doing if you want to be of any help to me!”

But Genell surprised from this outburst told Georgette, harshly saying “I think you sound just like your horrid Husband! Everyone hates him, as you must know”

But that became only one “dig,” among many that the Ladies ladled back and forth to one another.

So, it was made very clear that the two Women together were trying Franklin’s immense forbearance. Thus saying—
“Though I couldn’t understand how “such petty problems” could get under their skin. As he told himself—
“The old boy had said—
“It shouldn’t be such a big ordeal.”
Yet his thoughts lingered, thusly ruminating—
Since Greg and Georgette weren’t ever a Happy Couple.”

Once more, as Franklin put it—
“Their squabbling was unrelenting while dealing with each of those Feminine foes.”

Yet When Franklin was able to get Janell alone, he patiently recounted many discoveries concerning his Historical-findings; so while expressing such things, Franklin remarked—
“It being through that more approachable—and intelligent Lady.”
And so, as Genell, herself, had aptly indicated—

Still, it was through Franklin’s entire characteristic verve and accuracy, underlying his great discoveries.

Though found deep within the Compound, was, of course, as the “Good Doctor” himself, referring to those most-recent experiences—concerning his untimely arrival. Up to that point, saying —
“I find that this fascinating new World was gained especially, through the help from—that attractive and kind Lady, in the Person of Genell. Where those experiences—proved to be completely enriching. And yet, replete with History’s surprising twists and turns.” Yet, becoming a type of drama—spun from a vortex of Space and Time. And always where it seemed to be unfolding.

Beirut Lebanon (One Year Earlier)

At first glance, we find that The Ghani Home was an opulent sprawling Villa, accented with classical furnishings of Marble, brick, and tile décor. They were set amid a small grouping of towering Cedars that Flanked the premises. These included Olive trees sprawling over the secluded alluvial property, spanning at least Twenty Hectors in size. The area had been immaculately well-kept. So professionally, the property was guarded through Military means.

Outwardly, the serenity was sublime; but inside its ostentatious walls—a degree of tension, steadily had mounted—over those intervening years. This was Because of more modern forms of sweeping changes; where the occupants of the household had often, out of stubborn habit, had nevertheless, retained many of their ancient—though firmly established, traditional and social norms. Still, at the same time, we’re at the very center of those domestic –trappings, which sprung from those constant conflicts –that of Feast or Famine throughout the Tiny Country.

Still, we may surmise that Lucienne Ghani, over the Years, had continued to be a rather constant fixture, who nourished the Family as a whole. Although from time-to-time, she would blow out of control—without warning. And yet, it was of a certain Stormy Evening that changed everything.

To be sure, all of that was based on the force of her Husband’s outrageous behavior—stemming from his self-serving character, from a degree of assumed Family authority. So as it were, Musbah, wielding his nasty sense of importance –-drunkenly staggered into the midst of their hearth and home. Wavering, in a deep alcoholic stupor, where he wanted to pick a fight. Although never developed into actual physical abuse. But it was verbal-abuse –just the same.

And so, at this darken moment, occurring on that freaky, Frankenstein-like, stormy evening while Lucienne was at the ready -–thus running the entire gauntlet; by exercising extreme patience.

Then she said to her snorting Husband—“Why is it that you walk into this House—Drunk out of your head!”
With that, Musbah tells her, proudly—
“It’s because I choose too.”
Lucienne’s eyes blazed, exclaiming—
“You’re not going to do anything, whatever you want—when you are so fuckin drunk that we can’t talk!”
Then Musbah blurts out, when he growled, droning on——
“Well, I can still hear Yah.”

Lucienne told him—
“You can’t even begin to reason things through—when you’re too pickled to talk straight.” As
She exasperatingly adds
“And at any rate—it’s all a waste of time. Why can’t you stay away till you sober-up?”

Though Musbah tells his Wife—
“I miss being here with you.”
With this remark, Lucienne shouted angrily—
“Well,—I don’t wish to be with you one moment –especially when you’re like this. It makes me sick!”

Then Musbah says to her—“Now don’t say that my little Dove!”

Yet forcibly, pressing her point—
“I’m no Dove tonight—I’m a Lioness—ready to scratch you to bits.”

Musbah slowly responds, slurring—
“You know I’m stronger than you, so put that out of your head.”

She was saying this as he advances toward her. Then Lucienne tells him to “Back off”—as she reaches for a full bottle of Liquor, which was on the Buffet, near them.
Gritting her teeth, she then shouts at her husband——
“I’m warning you, back away!” But Musbah continued moving relentlessly forward—

Now clinching the bottle, Lucienne flings it like a missile, shouting—“Yalla!” (Meaning in Arabic, go now).

The bottle hit its target, smack against her Husband’s forehead, knocking him senseless. Like some gigantic Goliath, the big Man topples to the floor. By then, his wife was in shock—not knowing what to do. Then with a terrible grimace—saying under her breath, cursing—
“!“First,” (—Meaning, o shit”—then quickly leaves the scene.

The Musbah laid there for some minutes out cold and bleeding from the Head. But soon enough, he slowly revives, finding himself in a haze and then figuring out what occurred. He was surprised at the audacity of his Wife of Thirty years. He thought for a moment. Wincing, feeling the not on his forehead, forming “. Pressing a tissue –trying to staunch blood, oozing-forth, saying to himself
“Oh, that hurts! Such a brave Woman.” Then bursts out laughing. Then crying at the same time; Feeling equal amounts of emotional and physical pain.

Yet deeply humiliated; being in such a predicament—“How was he ever going to get out of this one? Musbah would never give a reason, even if pressed to do so.

Then at once, “the Prowd-man shouted angrily—“What An ugly fuckin mess.” Though he was much too proud to involve the Authorities—regarding the fight—thinking—
“There was simply no need for that kind of drama.”

So, Musbah only worried over what the repercussions, regarding his Wife Lucienne; and their Child Fabia—being the only one left to him. Yet the Man (in a prideful way)—though mournfully murmured–-
“Poor Daphne. “

Musbah loved both of his Children very deeply, crying—
“What was wrong with me?”

It was Something that he always asked himself, but never had an honest answer to that most vital question. Still, was something weighing on his Mind. So, with a fair degree of reluctance, he resolved to go out and look for his Wife and Child; whispering to himself—“At least Fabia would understand. Yet deep down—“would she?”

But once more thinking—“what to do with my Wife”—how could I reason with her?”

Still, all of this was a very ugly situation, saying into the air—“It’s all of my doing!”

A bit later, Fabia received an urgent message from her Mom saying
“Call me ASAP.”

Then, at last, Fabia got a hold of Her Mom though Fabia was more than surprised to hear that her mother was in a terrified panic.

Lucienne then told her Daughter—
“I think I killed your Father!”
“You What?
“He’s bleeding.”
“Are you with him?”
“Why not!

He attacked me!”
“Don’t tell me; he was drunk?”
“He was very drunk—

Fabia shouted into her handheld device—“Oh shit, what did you do?”
“I hit him with a bottle. He’s out cold—or worse!”
“Where are you exactly?”
“I’m on my way to your Apartment. I hope you’re there?”

Then she shouted over her Communicator—
“Yes, I am.”

Then, Lucienne apologetically says back to her Daughter—
“God, I’m sorry, my baby! I’ll be there in just a few minutes.”

Throughout this time, she found herself gliding along at a high rate, aboard one of those Automated Hyperloop Pods, where one merely punched the required info into its Memory, wherever anyone needed to go.

And yet, at this moment, Lucienne felt a sharp pang piercing her Heart, remembering her Daughter’s tragic death. And so, with the hushed breath—pulsing from her Lungs, where ugly thoughts resonated in her Mind. Then, she calling-out to her lost Child, into the Night, shouting “Oh my little Daphne!

It was only then when the two ladies were finally together where they received a text message from Musbah’s Communicator, declaring that he was OK and that he was sorry. “Though both Widman never dared to respond. They wanted more time to consider the situation. And understandably, the little Family was now at a critical impasse regarding a great many things. How could Fabia resume her Work with all of this happening? As she tells herself—“What about Mom? What—How can I protect her from our stupid Father?

The BF Facility
(Executive Conference Room)

Now Weeks later, when Musbah recovered sufficiently from his injuries. He met with Gregory Lethenger, Therese Overton, and Maxxime Auger; and surprisingly, had also, appeared Fabia. Each of the Quantum Scientists had strongly been intent on moving forward with the project—requiring all of their unique talents. So once more, they resolved to set aside their issues with one another. But, “was this even possible? Still, it was rather superficial. But the Work moved onward—unencumbered. Though privately, the wheels were turning, toward deceit.

So with that, Fabia only pretended to make peace with her Father, never putting her trust in him at all. She knew full well that his only Master was his drink and his Money—in that order. Never was it having to do with his Family! His excuse was that he simply didn’t have the time. And so, Fabia simply took Lethenger up on his original idea; that of sending her through the “Quantum Gateway”—becoming the first person to ever go backward in time, to a given place. Still, it was nearly at the very birth of the United States of America. Although that wasn’t altogether surprising. When thinking through such matters;

Still, Fabia was quite busy; and as well pondering the very idea –that of imagining herself—attempting, thereby visiting a place of which she only dreamed. But again, Fabia only needed a diversion -–an escape as it were, a way of running from her problems. And yet blaming her “Out-of-touch Parents.” Notably, her Father; was basically, had caused certain things to unravel. Also, to a degree of burning desire—to set things straight. However, Fabia never was able to penetrate her Father’s protective venire.

. But then there was her mother; she was often much too proud and distant. Her Mom had a certain kind of weakness. Something that Fabia never quite understood any of these, more-pertinent details. She only knew that her mother never was resolute—by any means.

Simply put, it was all of those pent-up feelings. Fabia, therefore, gravitated toward her Friend Therese—who at least, demonstrated to a reasonable degree -–with her open-armed comforting approach. But there never seemed to be enough “quality-time” to assuage each of their own needs. Still, at the same time, Dr. Lethenger—from sleight of hand efforts on his part, had worked out a deal with her Father; to fund resources—to bolster her Bosses Business priorities.

So, according to Fabia’s creative approach –-that of reversing the Gateway (it was something that Therese whole-heartily agreed with) to allow for Ben Franklin to return to the present—as a younger person. But when it came wright-down to it; Fabia secretly promised herself—
“It was only the beginning of a type of gambit, entailing the rescue of her lost Sister. Thus saying—

“But only if the first retrieval went off without a hitch.”

Though made clear—and so viewed as a long-shot, the strong-willed Scientist (yet found buried deep in the character of Fabia’s personality) while yearning over those probabilistic ideas. As well seen as a tantalizing prospect—involving the immense capabilities,—that the technology offered. Yet it was, therefore—based on many of those same Terms—as Dr. Lethenger sardonically –smirked—ever since the very beginning of this affair, where he characteristically played both sides against one another.

It was that Lethenger himself, sincerely believed that he indeed possessed the know-how to pull off such a scheme. Still, it became the challenge alone, spurring him along. The devious Doctor thought to himself—“I’ll dupe Therese—and that little French Stooge, Auger.”

But, Gregory never cared about the Human costs involved. Indeed, not of Franklin himself, or Fabia and the rest of them. They, of course, would take all of the credit anyway.
Yet again—through his self-centered rationalization—feeling that he would be entirely successful.

Thus with a Fishermen’s skill, Gregory would angle them about—all of those who opposed him—snaring anyone he could. Fooling them all by doing his bidding. Even if those things were done unwittingly; perhaps more openly—if he had to.

But Lethenger never cared one way or another. Also by this time -–being only Six Months since the success of the first retrieval—where those things were gained from each of their concerted efforts. Indeed, it seemed that Greg could take the Lion-share of the credit. So, Lethenger’s nefarious plans could safely move ahead.

Though Franklin wasn’t quite aware of Lethenger’s diabolical schemes, saying to himself—

“That selfish Man; a poisoned practitioner—measured to the heights of determination.
Yet the Statesman at length, expressed those matters to his present-day confidant, Max Auger, telling him—
“This sort of business usually involved a most honorable Practice, whichever had been afforded to the annals of Science. However, the Man from the Past regarded it “as being—“A most personal affair.”

And again, Franklin established those things, by adroitly assessing “Such interpersonal foibles. So plunged ahead –all be it, through a more determined and therefore, logical—scientific standpoint. And as the Statesman discretely met with both Therese Overton and Dr. Auger—Who were rather dependant upon reasonable tact.

So was where the ever-more skillful Franklin proceeded to lay-out the uncertainties. Thereby putting his cards on the proverbial table; involving thoughts based on purely ethical terms. With that, Franklin firmly explained——
“You are in effect asking me—twice—to thrust myself into the breach -–that of the unknown.”

So had exposed the crux of the argument, having to do with certain aspects of Science. Or was it « Natural Philosophy.
Still, Dr. Franklin went on saying—

I mean, in terms of those sheer points -–that of the complete Human ethics involved.”

Then he added—driving the point ever-deeper—as if it were a knife; telling them—

“Are we in effect, foisting our ambitions upon a person who is quite unaware of all of those implications?”

Therese answered by firmly stating—
“You had (and as you will) especially as you write in your Journals -–asking all of those specific questions regarding the future; saying just as much –that you would like to find what may be the actual fares of Humankind, having to do with our general capabilities.”

And further, Auger once again told Franklin—
“Are you disappointed by actually finding out the results of both the personal—and more scientific questions? Yet it is you (thus forcing the point) “you Sir, young or old alike—as you well-pondered over those things. You are thus having to do with your entire lifetime.

By now, expressing even more considerable consternation, dredging deeper, by saying—
“My God, Sir, what in-heavens is the real problem!”

Hearing this, Fabia thought to herself –thinking that “it was a brilliantly posed question.” Yet by-in-large, “the Man from the Past, never gave a clear answer to any of those questions. There were simply no real solutions regarding those things. So privately, Franklin always had agonized over those implications… Especially as if the others were simply missing the point. All of it, chiefly based on Franklin’s grander views, regarding Humanity as a whole.

And yet, while Dr. Franklin brewed over the messy details involving the problem of how his younger self would be perceived, involving these things. Thus thinking—
“Would we, ah (catching himself) or I, as a younger man, may view this dilemma with the same kind of zeal as I seem to understand it -–especially when at the first moment, by realizing what was occurring?
Once more, pursuing the thought—
“But look—what did I do—I lashed out like a blind idiot—until I knew what the true state of affairs, being as they truly were.”

So, as Franklin wrestled with those things, he was simply biding his time—looking for an opportunity to act upon his little ploy; to take whatever advantage of a given situation -–that might lead him to his more-familiar surroundings; back to his Kind. Back to those in his “Real Life.”

Yet even now, Franklin peered at the Holographic images of his past, showing himself growing ever more-feeble, as his time on this Earth would be drawing inexorably to an end. Of course, it was awful, to be forced to see his Daughter Sally (in the prime of her life—where it had included her Grand-children. It was where they did little things for him. The fact of the Matter was that all of that was taken for granted.

However, it was only Months earlier, as Dr. Franklin ruefully calculated -–Noting the Historical Record that listed his death as April 17th, 1790. Those things meant that from the present day, there was less than a year to go. Still, Franklin was “damned willing” to bet that the others on the Team “That they didn’t know what exactly would happen, relating toward those fearful ramifications.

But Dr. Franklin sighed, saying to himself
“Perhaps they hadn’t even given it any consideration.

It was from all of those various problems—as “the Man from the Past,” suddenly realized with stark reality, that he was moving malevolently toward the unknown—toward that near-future. This is why the “Good Doctor” instinctively attempted to once more, bring those specific questions to the attention of the Bio-genetics Specialist.

For one thing, Franklin knew that Max—“At least he could easily see the Human side of the problem.” Saying—
“After all, the Man was a Biologist for Christ’s sake.” Thus having a greater reverence toward Life itself” –

That’s also why Maxxime ended up telling Mr. Franklin—
“There were plans in the works to send him back if necessary. And yet at the same time, Auger wanted to reassure his self, thinking—
“Now that the Gateway was stable enough to attempt such a feat.”

But, Franklin interpreted those things, when he said–-
“It being Max’s great sense of Humanity leaching out—through the kindness of his Sol.

Although, additional Plans called for the Containment Vessel—where it would be used at least one more time. Again for safety purposes; it would be “Cloaked” upon arrival. Noting that this type of technology was in use for several years—for Military action.

But the real question was -–where many of our Technical types quizzically asked—
“Could the device survive through each of those other attempts of Teleportation?” Just the same, Max was hedging his bets, regarding Dr. Franklin’s safety.

And of course, the other Scientists were up in arms concerning many of those risks that had to do with Transcription Errors, lurking in the shadows. Though Max never informed Franklin; who was of cors, he was deeply involved with those particular matters. Especially, as both he and Franklin discussed the general implications. How and when to return to the precise moment. And where they would have by then retrieved his complete DNA.

Yet once more, Max made a personal promise—telling himself—
“I won’t say anything more than we had already discussed.” (Then iterated) “not quite yet.”
Max would have to think about——“Those damned Transcription Error-issues for a while longer.” But time was ticking, literally. And where the case where those situations called for an urgent meeting; Thereby setting the precise course of what exactly would be the proper action to take, once and for all.

Still again, that Director Therese Overton led pivotal, formal-gathering, who was certain—as a variety of options were based on the technology -–while needing to be well coordinated.
“That it must be wholly understood—as the data was to be transmitted directly to the Controllers.

So, that included the intent to employ several “mock, run-throughs,”—requiring realistic analogs, just as the actual event was occurring.

Furthermore, it was decided that the Lead on those exercises would be none other than Davie Tomlinson. Yet Therese had firmly stipulated, saying—
“He always had a cool-hand. Mostly because of it would-be a—Sending-type Process.

So would mean, shrinking the occupant within the Containment Vessel—where it proceeded down through the Corridors of Entropy; using the containment vessel; just as was achieved with the first attempt.that of course was Built within the original Retrieval process.

This type of detail, had thereby been attained—several Months earlier.

Still, it was as well—through each Data-point, where Fabia (in a secretive-way) carefully floated the idea along, solely designed for her single-minded purposes.

And in that way, she prepared the proper and necessary information; thus pulling together the items required for her cleverly constructed bid in order to bring her Sister back from “real-danger.”

But, again, Fabia often thought of her close friend Therese, who in her Mind, was someone she could confide in—”If it came to that.” But, from the standpoint of Therese herself had always wondered—
“What the Hell was her Friend Fabia doing at this particular moment?”

Into The Vortex!

We find that Ever-increasing Planet-wide monitoring, provided for advanced Meteorological methods had been occurring over several years. And also, where a degree of drastic seasonal changes –were taking place. And now had become the norm. So, this showed that a hot sultry Summer had often been interspersed with violent Thunder and Lightning Storms. It was thereby causing severe disruption of regular activities. Even for the average Citizens -–as they were attempting to get to one place to another. It was a challenge—even for those who were working under the auspices of the Biogenics Ferm.

That was precisely the case as Director Overton was in a mad hurry to be present for an extraordinary meeting. So, hastily drove a Rented Tesla-style Electric Vehicle—equipped with Self-driving Technology— and the like. However, the safety components were no match for what was about to occur. This had involved rapid and unstable air –as it developed into a mixture of warm currents from the Tropical South; then, converging with an Arctic Northern-flow.

Still, the forecast for the Day’s Weather outlook went on to say that There was a chance of Tornadic conditions. Hearing this—such things were on the mind of Therese. And especially after seeing the Weather Plot, while it automatically flashed onto the Vehicle’s display—causing a fair degree of apprehension. Also, it had included other Status parameters, designed to protect the large Automobile. And yet, the Self-driving Vehicle endeavored to crawl toward the safety of the B. F. Facility. Where its Secretative Location –was buried deep underground. So over this perilous moment, while Therese peered through her tired and Uwharrie-eyes, which luckily caught a glimpse of a rapidly forming disturbance. Further, it appeared to be a mass of darkening-swirl —now building into a classic funnel shape. And yet, that ominous realization stirred the core of her inner-being—regarding the imminent danger.

Moreover, the display on her dashboard clearly showed that the compact Tornado was bearing toward a precisely calculated vector, converging onto her present locality. Although, these latent-signals were due to Atmospheric disturbances. So at this point, Therese desperately searched for an off-ramp; some way to drastically change her direction. The latency caused the Autopilot, where it had as of yet, never gave any informative method of retreat from the oncoming disaster that was descending onto the unknowing traffic. The vulnerable ribbon of Highway, a place that Therese was traveling on –where it would soon become a place of destruction, while she and other Commuters would be helplessly trapped.

(Caption) Showing a Tornado forming over an Intersection of Highway.

Then, alarms blared through the vehicle’s sound-system; while the Car automatically swerved—in an evasive response; but was quickly overtaken by the inexorable torque—stemming from the violence.

And if that wasn’t enough, Therese experienced large pelting Hail-stones as they began to pound onto the solidly-built Sedan. And where a resonating rat-tat-tat sounds became a disturbing cacophony—as it quickly built into a terrifying roar. And as its pelting visage blurred the view from the clear-glass bubble, surrounding the helpless occupant.

So it was throughout this ordeal, where Therese herself had whirled wildly—pinned in although, tightly-bound by her safety harness. Without such protection, Therese would become seriously harmed. But out of the corner of her frightened eyes, she saw that other vehicles were being spun-about, just like toy-models. Yet, amid the chaos, the accomplished Administrator noticed a fair amount of debris –that it was tossed in all directions, hitting her Car. And so shattering glass and metal with damaging force—even denting its frame.

By this time, her Vehicle was automatically attempting to swerve to avoid obstacles. But was blocked by the Storm. She was, therefore, becoming airborne—for just an instant. And also, it was where the vehicle had unceremoniously been thrown into a ditch. But large enough to shield it from the violent maelstrom; until the storm subsided.

Gratefully, the “Twister” was gone, just as quickly as it arrived. However, Therese found herself battered and bruised. Presumably was OK; At least she thought so. And yet as the Storm departed, Therese was able to contact her Caliegues -–letting them know of her mishap. She found that one of her Employees, Davie Tomlinson, arrived at the hospital, where the mandatory visit was deemed necessary, for Insurance purposes. Still, anxiously, he rescued his Boss, whose pride in effect—was battered –as much as the brooding of hir body. Despite the wild-jostle, both Scientists thankfully made their way -back to the interminable grindstone” —where much Work awaited them.


The Arrow of Time

On October 11th. 2058 at 7:30 P.m Therese—still angered over the ugly-clash with the Tornado. So by now being two Weeks since the time of the horrific event. Nonetheless, Therese opened the Meeting, thanking all of those who sacrificed to be here – on “Such a stormy night.”

But her first question—though irritably posed—

“Pardon my French, was this goddammed Weather going to screw with our chances?”

Though admittedly, her Personality revealed a careful, though cultivated, hard-boiled shell approach, A sort of M&N—Thus being hard on the outside and soft in the middle; made-up from her aggressive business style approach. it required a fair degree of rapid decision-making responses. Yet earlier, as we had seen, her provocative style led toward a variety of Leadership Rolls—which molded her many Careers. Although, regarding the question at hand, Greg answering Therese’s abrupt caustic outburst, responding, saying—
“No Mam, we’ve got a sufficient amount of backup capability—power-wise to make a solid attempt. And at the same time, we reassured the Feds that everything, having to do with our consumption of Energy—as it was still within regulation.

Then Greg added—
”Although certain Government Officials were hot on our Tail, pressuring our People to curb, our energy output.”

Unblinking, Therese Jumped to the next item, where quickly she asked Maxxime about Mr. Franklin—
“Was he informed?

Max stated definitely—
“I notified him this Morning, he was pleased, and not a bit uncomfortable with the prospects. By the way, your French is impeccable.” Therese chuckled. Clearing her throat,

She quickly dismissed the lousy attempt at humor. And still again as if she were suddenly shifting Gears—where the next question was for Fabia. Therese asked
“Did the Data look stable? Fabia quickly answered—“It looks good in every respect.”

Therese now asked the group in General—
“How much lead-time did we need to begin the sequence? “

Davie Tomlinson told her—
“We only need 48 hours to calibrate the Timing Sequencers, to affirm an exact instance envelope.”

Then there was a question targeted for Fredrick Manning –as he was completely knowledgeable, regarding his readiness when merely meeting their plans. Tomlinson and Manning were always ahead of the game; Manning’s an Tomlinson’s in the affirmative.

Then, after many other libidinal items had been cleared—fielded among the Science Staff; while Director Therese Overton concluded the Meeting, saying—
“Keep everyone appraised. We have only Two Weeks before the shit hits the fan”—
Then added—
“Good luck to you all.”

Yet again, based upon the larger picture,—plans for Dr. Franklin were looked upon as appeasement toward individual efforts—by which to reduce degrees of stress, something he undoubtedly was experiencing. And of course, was where those things had resulted from many of the critical events, involving Franklin’s History-making arrival.

Still, heroic measures were brought forward by the “Good Doctor” himself. With this, the Team was presented with the problematical task of adjusting the arrow of time placement; as it had been subdivided (we may remember) by meneuet segments—measured through “Plank-scale referencing.”

Thus it was, over the intervening two weeks, before the attempt at going back to Franklin’s own Time -–deemed necessary to validate the Theoretical possibilities. Also, where it would effectively return Mr. Franklin to the Present Moment, as a younger man.

Yet, over this intervening time, as the Eighteenth Centry Sage grew even more wistful—regarding the real prospects of being placed once more in his familiar surroundings. So, “the Man of the Past”—became even more stoic toward the challenges involved. Still, Franklin was miffed at Auger for not being completely honest—being perfectly up-front with him—at the time of their Meetings. Again, the Famous Statesman grew reasonably busy due to the fact of viewing earlier periods of his past. And this alone became the actual thing that persuaded him, Seeing the success and efficacy of the Project.

That was why Dr. Franklin made the bold proposal in the first place. So the real plan was that he would return through the Wormhole “gateway” (in reverse fashion) to be brought back younger—even more vital.

So, With these particular choices left to him. As far As Franklin was concerned, his own life was nearly over. Although, the Famous Man felt that he could take those risks. All of that would be through his younger and more capable self, where he might make certain adjustments—amending those personal errors—that resided throughout his life. Yet he would have to do all of that in a way -–where it wouldn’t upset the pale of History.

And it was along those lines, Dr. Franklin entrusted Fabia with a Letter, hopefully, as it would be more likely to be shared by his immediate family. That is if the situation could be carefully explained. The fact would be The Document in question contained coded expressions from which the Family Members would only know, where it would prove its authenticity. Still, Franklin somehow knew that a person like Fabia—would follow through with this kind of request.

Although, his Friend Mr. Auger would never become as much of a driven person, as the “young, impetuous Fabia.” But clearly, Dr. Franklin, keenly understood that Fabia was more than capable of carrying out such an assignment though we inferred earlier that the scientific team quarreled over the future implications—involving those Human risks; including “the “Transcription-Errors” -–where in theory, had become a real possibility.

Though Most alarmingly—it was where Fabia had impressed on the others;—while the Team (excluding Franklin) he was completely committed toward every aspect involving those things. Still, we may as well through Fabia’s cavalier way, where those things would eventually lead her into impossible situations.

But naturally, the Team Members chose to gravitate toward their own specialized smaller Groups; where Technical types like Fred Manning, as once more, became embroiled in an eye to eye confrontation with Davie Tomlinson, indicating through great frustration, telling Manning
“You can’t expect me to tag all of the timing Ques -–getting those permutations perfectly in-sync.

Fred went on—
“You have to know there are many risks involved! Just because I’m the newest Nerd here-abouts. Still, that doesn’t give you the frigging License to hang me out to dry.”

Suddenly surprised, Tomlinson said back to him—
“Woe, buddy, that’s not what I’m trying to do! We’re under a huge amount of time-pressure – at the moment. Just run the Timing Envelope Sequences through, just as usual. Then let Lethenger take a look at your ‘g.i g.o.” With this response, Manning groused, muttering—” None of my stuff is garbage!”
But Tomlinson -–now highly frustrated, fired back—
“So just run it by the Boss—or at least Fabia, if you can find her.”

Yet that had been precise, the actual thing which was dealt with by Fabia’s little ploy. She merely let those things run their course. However, as part of the complicated aspects of the commercial venture (achieved through her own Father Musbah (as we had seen) was where things had ended up differently then what was perceived. So By in large, it happened to be the Financier’s Money—that did the talking. Not his intellect. Still, all of those things led toward the procurement of the necessary resources,

But in truth, possessing a more sinister nature about it—especially where Lethenger goaded Musbah, built on particular degrees of correct types of extortion. And so, pushing Musbah’s Daughter Fabia toward the idea -–that of leaping at the chance—something like those things that amounted towards a great sense of infamy. So it became a type of sheer glory, therefore being the first one to be sent backward in Time.

Just the same, Fabia secretly had posed several important questions, asking—
“Could a person be Teleported bodily back in time—and then scaled-up, by using the Containment Vessel, as was planned?

Then, it hit her –like a ton-of-bricks, believing that if she –or anyone else went backward in time,—they wouldn’t exist in the Present Moment.

Yet the real fact was that through this line of thinking -–It would be that Fabia would have needed to return precisely back to the same instant, or she would have never Benn born in the first place.

But again, it was Lethenger himself, who pushed her along; instilling the idea by stating

“Due to Quantum Conditions; based on several tests, involving the so-called ‘arrow-of-time’—Along with its placement within the “roadmap, type of sequencing. . .

He found that it had worked nearly in every instant.”

So, Lethenger’s present Theories had indicated that there wouldn’t disrupt emerging patterns within the flow of space-time itself. Yet, Fabia thought that by achieving such things, which were based on her own, rather selfish-intent; all of that would lead to specific answers—having to do with questions about Life and Liberty—and so forth. Thus confused by dreaming about such ideas which had emanated from her scattered mind. Mostly, due to the over-arching Plan, involving her sister Daphne. The fact was that Fabia often told herself—
“It would be only a little matter of leaping a tiny bit back from our actual time domain. “And (as she always said—
“I would soon enough, see my Twin Sister—telling her things I never got to say.”

Truthfully though, secretive Plans were being laid by all three of our principal Scientists, namely, Greg, Fabia, and even Franklin himself. Yet all of those things would be entirely due to different reasons.

But Fabia never actually believed her Ears when Greg said to her—
“You need to find your true roots. Perhaps your ancestry was at least traced back through the Slave-trade. I mean if you could help out with those things concerning these types of situations. I mean to say, just by being there.”

Then Greg added—
“At least, by knowing about these things—as a fact, well you know, you may help make –all of that, appear even more satisfied.

So Greg simply left the thought hang—hoping that Fabia would take the Bait. It was that this type of thinking had skillfully been planted as a subtle ploy.

Although, Fabia found herself saying—
“I know I could try to do something like that; it wouldn’t take a whole lot—knowing what I know.”

Still, it all was from those things, where she would have her hand on the Rump of History. And yet, all along, where she knew that through these thoughts, filled with Passion and lust was within her grasp. Fabia gleamed like the shining light she would soon merge. And doubtlessly –-repeating in her Mind; was endowed with that bright idea –that of moving vicariously –back through time. And once more, with that gleeful sort of – feeling—pouring over her, Fabia exclaimed—
“I need to create Period Clothing and other things for the journey.”

And with that type of sentiment—coming from his –shall we say—naive Prodigy, Greg Lethenger smiled—in a rather sly way—he said to her—

“Yes, of course, my Dearie.”

Though surprised, Fabia in mid-stride, stopped herself, spinning on her heal. Then saying to him with a fair-measure of contempt, telling her Colleague—“You’re beginning to sound like my Father.”

And so, in an uncharacteristic manner Dr. Lethenger flushed with embarrassment, then remarked “Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that.” Glibly responding as Fabia told him—“I’ll forgive you this time.”

It was one of the first clues, thus prompting Fabia to be more-Wharry of Greg’s real-intensions what he was saying. Yet more than likely, Greg was giving her a kind of death-kiss. But still, Fabia had been thinking the opposite; she would do this little job for Max—and Mr. Franklin—and—
“Then, through my devisement, jump back to the moment before Daphne’s death—snatching her from danger –thus giving her new life.”

So, a great many things filled Fabia’s Mind—as she began to deliberately extract the pertinent info from the others, to achieve a complete Human Transfer. Also, about this time, Dr. Franklin gave Fabia the Coded Letter –based—
“In the strictest confidence—where someday she could deliver on her promise—to connect with a Younger Ben Franklin.”

Meanwhile, Therese Overton seemed to be busier than everyone else. All along, she was wondering where Fabia was keeping herself. Fleeting pangs of Sexual-attraction shot through her; but she brushed them aside—Correcting herself, then more professionally, saying—
“Why was my close Friend—why was she preoccupied? And yet, where were her friggin Status Reports? Why were they hours late?

Though of course, Fabia never wanted to be placed in a bad light in front of her Boss. So, she would have to be even more careful with the Data. And indeed she was. However, it was her lame excuse –when appearing before her Friend, her—“Boss.”.

And in truth, Fabia was at times, had been secretly meeting with Dr. Auger. Although, appearing much too often together, while their technical Consultations seemed to drag-on, longer than expected. Luckily, it had saved her little ass more than once.

But Therese wisely saw through those things. Therefore quietly allowed this to occur.

Again, those Meetings with Maxxime proved to be fruitful. And through it all—both of the Scientists were able to catch several errors, involving a variety of ambiguous Timing ques—having to do with Peko-second Timer actions, which was supposed to guide more accurately, the meneuet Scaling-factor Sequences.

It was also where the Team Leader, Davie Tomlinson, by way of those orchestrated plans, by which had been designed to do several Guidance Run-throughs, to make Shure everything was in readiness.

Sure enough –just as it had always been the case with any new technical process—there were many glitches to unravel. They employed built-in Contingencies—protecting the all-important, “Time–zero.” But this type of thing was based on additional assessments.

Yet again, it was more advisable to go ahead with using the Containment Vessel, then retrieving it after the delivery was successful.

Also relating to these Technical Processes, Fabia had early-on, felt that it would be prudent to integrate her DNA Genome into the mix. She was thereby sequencing both of their specific Factors and safely placing the Data into Quantum Computers. With this, Fabia had to provide enough lead-time for the processers, to manage the billions of permutations required. She as well needed to make sure that Franklin’s Genome was still made available -–made at the ready when they were necessary.

Still, this so-called “Zero-Hour” thing made Greg extremely nervous. Although, he couldn’t—and wouldn’t ever let any of that show. It would foil everything.

Furthermore, Greg never wanted any of those outward fears to occur, at any cost.

However, deep in his underground lair, the nefarious Man found to his pleasure mocking the Frenchman—as he bitterly recalled the ill-chosen fraise, as far as he was concerned “Planning the Work and then working the Plan.” Still, Lethenger’s plans called for recruiting extra Men—disguised as Security People, with instructions to infiltrate the actual Security Team. Thereby replacing them on the precise Shift—covering that all-important Zero-hour.

Furthermore, Greg’s deviant partners were communicating on a secret radiofrequency; where he told them—“You’re Shure you got the right Schedule set-up for the Guys?” Greg Lethenger was communicating with his foremost, trusted and capable henchmen—a large sleazy character, named Victor Baddinof. He answered—
“You don’t have to worry—I did this many times in the past!”

Gregory indicated that he must be certain, or he would become implicated for the entire Plot.

So Baddinof told his Boss; furrowing his Brow, focusing his crazily shifty-eyes—and telling him—
“We are ready Sir to do what we have to do.”

Then Greg told Baddinof –deadpanning—“Don’t kill him!”

With that, Greg appeared to be reassured, as those kinds of things, wouldn’t ever happen. And if it ever did, someone would simply pay the price.

Franklin’s Craven Street Apartment

Suddenly –at once—there was a customary nock at the front of the Town House Residence of Mr. Franklin—proving to be from Gregory Lethenger himself. But Franklin was unaware that there were big, ugly birley-type Thugs hiding in the deep shadows. Then, as he and Lethinger finished with their cordial pleasantries—shaking each other’s hand—all havoc sprung forth from every side.

The handshake was the signal to act; as our famous Man from the past, was as well—large in stature, had made a valiant attempt to free himself from his foes. Franklin gamely protested, yelling—
“Sirs, unhand me—you don’t know what you are doing.”
But there were simply too many of them (three in number).

When the scuffle subsided, the thugs, in fact, had the present Mind to ty Franklin to a heavy piece of Furniture. where they Secured the older Man -–just long enough To Allow the troubled Fabia to hastily escape through the “gateway.” She was hoping to end up in Dr. Franklin’s original Time-domain. But, unfortunately, the fictitious Security Personnel were evidently successful; able to block any attempts to thwart the actual Team Members, as those deplorable actions, that had been planned by Lethenger; thus disguising what he was attempting to do.

So Max and the others could only guess what may be afoot. And if they were caught off guard. They were busy—hard at Work; planning for Mr. Franklin’s Trip to his actual Time locality.

Meanwhile, Dr. Auger’s Wife Genell, inadvertently heard something unusual in the distance. So she cautiously investigated, when she discovered to her astonishment, that the sounds were actually a scuffle, apprehending her new Friend, the kindly Dr. Franklin. So as Genell approached the scene—finding the famous Man tightly bound; she looked around to see if it would be safe if she were to come to her Friend’s rescue.

Genell whispered—“Are you OK”

Franklin replied angerly, breathing heavily, saying—
“Get me out of these confounded cords!”

Then added—
“And may God defend the Right! ”
Gravely saying
“So the same; my Friend, may God be with you!”

But only minutes earlier, Fabia broke ranks from her Associates. Then swiftly ran to the Sending and Receiving Area, sealing herself off; as she quickly boarded the Containment Vessel. And at that crucial moment, Fabia experienced the excruciating pain—for just an instant. she was actually bracing for that momentary discomfort; then hoped like hell that she would be where she was expecting—being transported through the morass of Space and Time.

Miraculously, for Fabia’s sake, the aiming of this Space-time placement –had been afforded through the precise actions of “the placement arrow-of-time sequencer”—working perfectly—just as advertised. Where Fabia became a shimmering pillar of sparkling particles, bound together -–as a brief pillar of light in the shape of a young woman.

Thus Fabia instantly appeared behind a thicket of trees close to where the aiming point had been targeted. Although in Fabia’s Mind, the Cloaked Vessel was supposed to conceal her pending return. But just after the shock—following the subsequent -short recovery period. And where a sinking thought had occurred in her mind, thinking to herself “Oh shit!” In her haste, forgot to re-program the sequencer, to allow the Vessel to remain with her, still cloaked.

But back at the Lab, seeing that the Transfer was successful, Greg immediately –though in a callous-way, had sent for Franklin to be present; observing what would be occurring. Thus begins a long series of events as it had begun to unfold.

But in the midst of those abrupt actions, Dr. Franklin—by this time had already been freed by Georgette’s quick thinking.

And so, now that Georgette was safely out of the way—back with her Comrades; Mr. Franklin was free to act on his own will; filled with an expression of deep anguish, tinged with anger;

Suddenly, the great Man stood before the others; and now brandishing an 18th Century brass barrel—smooth bore pistol,—which was hidden in the very piece of furniture to which he was bound. Thus it was, through desperate means, Franklin directly threatened them all.

Without hesitating, Franklin by then demanded to be placed at the very point at where he first was retrieved. So, with a blank determined look on his face, the Man from the Past told them all “No time to waste.”

(Caption) showing an 18th Century brass barrel—smooth bore pistol—

Yet no one in the Room challenged his determination. Though a bit earlier, seeing the Containment Vessel -–that it returned as designed, Greg—ahead of Fabia’s planning, smartly reset the Transporter to make its auto-return to occur. Though reluctantly, the Team was forced to bid a final adieu—to their most-fascinating Friend, as the Saige from the Past, entered the Sending and Receiving Room, where he quickly vanished into the void.

And as Dr. Franklin arrived just as earlier planned,—he would have been in an exact synchronistic way, thusly aligned with his elderly being—in his actual time; So equally successful, and just as “the good Doctor” would often say—
“Those things were going rather swimmingly.”

And while the elderly Franklin thankfully breathed with great relief, over the fact that he was back—living in his own skin. So, the Old Man even welcomed his familiar partners, namely the Gout and Kidney Stones. And yet, after a short recovery period, he characteristically checked his Pulse Franklin even felt a distinct shudder, precisely at the instant when he first arrive—secure in the knowledge that everything was fairly normal. The repair work by the Gene-splicing techniques—with those outlandish Nano-bugs; all of them must have been reversed, during the replacement process.
So, the “famous Doctor.” without missing a beat, matter of factually when about his business—never breathing a word regarding what he experienced. Not to anyone; telling himself——“Of course, it was a dream anyway.”

Fabia’s Arrival

Meanwhile, the talented Scaling Factors Specialist found herself in unfamiliar territory. Though she had only a vague sense of where she was. With this being the case, she needed to pick out landmarks to determine more precisely where she ended up. Then it would be a small matter of finding the famed Younger Ben Franklin. Noting the fact that it was late-March in the Year 1754—nearly two Years since Franklin’s famous Kite and Key Experiment. Purportedly, it happened to be roughly within the same period. And in fact, was after the time when the famous Man received honorary degrees from Harvard and Yale –-when he was Clerk of the Assembly—and postmaster of Philadelphia. All of that, beginning back in 1737, until he moved onward into the present year. Even more auspiciously, Mr. Franklin became noticed for his international reputation—as his good-fortune snowballed into a form of scientific notoriety.

(Caption) “A Currier & Ives lithograph of Benjamin Franklin and his son William—using a kite and key, during a storm—to prove that lightning was actually the natural force of electricity; June 1752.

Still, it mostly was associated with Electricity. And if the so-called famous “Kite and Key Experiment—-–as if it even happened at all—Franklin would have been struck dead on the spot. Though Artfully Posted in his 1752 article, where Franklin claimed—
“You could feel its spark.” However, that degree of an electrical charge would have sizzled his insides. But other Historians at this point—were by then eagerly reading his original statement in the Philadelphian Gazette. Although, nowadays—as one may be led to believe—that it was entirely misinterpreted. So instead of getting hit by lightning, the kite just picked up the ambient electrical charge. So Franklin was lucky that his kite never got a direct hit. Yet, as we may credit the “great inventor” for writ

Up to this time, the experiment (while it posits whether lightning is the same as electricity) thus expressing the fact——“That it may be drawn through metal,” Although, Benjamin Franklin was not the first to perform such an experiment -–and then write about its results. The fact is there are very few sources that can prove he ever did the kite experiment at all. Quite simply, we have to trust his word—whether it happened or not.

And yet as to her immediate arrival, the Weather was generally fair—partly cloudy and breezy; perfect for getting where she needed to be. The time was mid-morning about Ten O’clock, local time. And yet, Fabia found herself in a wooded area, hopefully not far from the busy streets of Philadelphia.

At length, she saw through the wooded thicket—seeing the distant Spires of Civilization. So, with a gasp of relief, Fabia noticed that she wasn’t at all far from her target. 0And then quietly picked her way from the outskirts of the City, in order to locate individual Streets; a place where she was more familiar. Moreover, she brought with her a small medallion—designed like an old-style Fob, similar to Franklin’s Tooth-baring contrivance. And yet within the protective container, she cleverly installed a micro-miniaturized array of specialized devices—using them to track and document her venturous exploits, into unknown territories.

Clearly, Fabia was now committed. So, under such circumstances, she would be forced to say to anyone who asked about her Ethnic background—having to do with her foreign looks. The very fact that she possessed olive skin; dark eyes and Dark, curly hair—by any account, she would be construed as escaping from a Slavery Ship.

But just the same, Fabia was cleverly prepared for those contingencies. Telling anyone who needed to know—having to do with ideas of where she actually came from. With confidence, she would say that her background came from American Indian -–and Iroquois Tribe—with a mixture of European blood -–where she recently escaped from capture. And now safely (as the Story would claim) was back amongst Civilization, once again.

Well prepared Fabia, secretly had hidden within the little metal Medallion, containing a Micro-digital Camera—Audio and Video Transmitter/Recorder. Plus a Tracking, Homing-Locater; complete with sensory awareness—used to “cloak and un-cloak” the Transport Vessel. Also, there were gadgets necessary for Medical-related Resources). All of this included parameterized telemetry Tracking—sending as well as receiving a variety of data. Fabia had likewise released their associated nano-sized Cameras—that would transmit televised views back to her Scientific Comrades.

All of those things were carefully stored in a plain leather bag with a Shoulder strap -–so as not to direct any more attention than she would do otherwise, without actually intending to. And for good measure, these things were well-equipped with a communicator, placed in her left ear; where Fabia could easily converse with her Technical Compatriots, durring the Night. And talking to Those Friends—located within her own time. Still Fabia thought to herself. But will they want to do so.” And as things were, she again—to herself Since I was the one who had deceived them in the first place. I wouldn’t blame them one bit if they chose never to bother to do so.

However, the Time Traveler knew that she was taking a risk against what she earlier preached; being the very opposite she was now portraying. But dismissing this for the moment; Fabia reasoned that she had larger Fish to fry. Her Very survival was at stake. Yet in the back of her mind, she had additional questions; again thinking; would I ever be able to return to my own Place ever again? Though concluding Well, all of that kind of crap would be entirely up to the rest of them.”

Meanwhile, her particular degree of safety and wellbeing would be wholly dependent on her primary background and knowledge, concerning Colonial Life in the early part of the 18th Century; including the proclivities and attitudes toward others. And so, admittedly, this line of reasoning happened to be very thin indeed.

In fact, it was quite clear that Fabia had to speak the local Patois, in order to be believed. Though it would only be a token effort. The longer Fabia lingered, the number of Problems would likely escalate. Perhaps she would be forced to make the return—with or without Dr. Franklin.

Still, as the situation presented itself, she was forced to skulk around like a vile burglar, until she could find people she could trust. And also, of what the Hell, would lay before her; it already being quite a bold attempt to confront the illustrious Franklin himself. What would she say to him; And indeed, how would he receive her? So she firmly clutched at the Letter—the older Franklin entrusted her with; leading her into a place where she had only dreamed.

BF Control Center

As the present situation became dyer for the Technical Team; especially due to the fact that Lethenger’s authority was quickly made apparent. Yet each of the well-regarded Members of the Scientific Staff (while they made their farewell gestures) all of it on the heels of Mr. Franklin’s abrupt departure. However, those forms of resistance were impossible—at this particular point. Because of the chilling fact that Lethenger’s Thugs were made-up from the replacement of the Skeleton Crew.

The others were obligated to follow the nefarious man’s every command. They smartly reasoned that their attempt to resist would be fruitless. So they needed to wait until they could hope that Lethenger’s bid for complete control, wouldn’t work for long. Chances of breaking-up the takeover—were slim at the very least. But to their credit, the original Team (minus Lethenger and his thugs) had reasoned –that in the heat of the moment—it would be far safer to ensure the wellbeing of Fabia, over anything they may try to do.

And so, as things began to settle, our Team Members assumed their regular duties—while the stiff and ever-present, well-armed adversaries were by now, coldly looking over the Controller’s Shoulders; tracking every move that was made.

Yet together, they gazed at the Holographic Display, where each Technician could begin to see what was developing. That was when Fabia set the Micro-cams into functional operation. But “the technical claptrap” needed calibrating, to send the high-definition signals. Thus carrying proper sound and picture from the Units; making it possible for the Team to gain personal contact. However, the quality of digital video and voice communication would break-up from time to time.

Perhaps it was as much as forty-five Minutes—before all became stable; although, no one was Shure what was to come next. Indeed that was the weighty question hanging over all of them. But, early on, the Team Members along with their adversaries began to hear ambient sound from the Camera arrays, as Dr. Lethenger’s attempts to call out to Fabia—where her strident, worried face fluttered—as it appeared over the weaken-images.

Still, the divided-team clapped and yelled in unison, when the signal cleared—showing that Fabia was safe. She smiled back – when monitoring the precarious Link on her tiny device—that they were at least, well synchronized—that the signal, for the time being, had held stable enough.

After which Fabia called out for her Friend Therese, but only heard Lethenger’s voice instead. With this, the wayward Traveler told Dr. Lethenger—“I want to talk to my Father—I want to tell him personally that I’m sorry for what I did I –-ah”
(tears welling up) Fabia wiped them from her eyes, continuing—“Dammit,—I need to say to him that I wasn’t Shure that this would ever be successful.”

Greg, unaccustomed to such sincere—tender sentiments, had allowed Therese to handle this particular Contact.

Gratefully, Therese spoke to her Friend although guardedly saying “Your Papa is not around, he’s unfortunately in Lebanon—at your Mom’s Home, trying to make-up for his -–well you know.”

Fabia then said—“I know what you’re trying to say, well good for him.”
Then Therese told her—“At least they are attempting to do the Wright thing.

Still with great emotion, found in her Voice Therese continued “They’re going to work out their problems I’m Shure.” Fabia said—“I hope so.”

So, with an Encouraging effort, Therese tried to comfort her Friend, saying—
“They will—believe me.”

Yet, unknown to the others, Therese silently mouthed—“I miss you!” Then had aloud more distinctly, for all to hear, pointedly told Fabia—“I know exactly what this is like; so, don’t worry. We’ll try to get a Patch to your Parent’s Home—ASAP.”

Therese was intimating that when she was very young, she lost both of her parents in a Plain accident. So when they had more time together, she would talk to her Friend about such things, at a more appropriate time.

Just then, Fabia heard something, something like people in the distance—Cumming closer from where she was hiding. She was squatting next to a fallen tree, safely out of sight.

So Fabia then said to her Comrades—“I have to pay more attention in what’s going on; I hear something coming toward me!”

Lethenger cuts-in—
“OK, we’ll stand-by, until we hear back from you.”

So Fabia quickly gathered-up her accouterments, as she was busy—examining the devices; making Shure that they were in working order. But in a flash, something grazed her right Shoulder. And at once, a Munising dark shape of a man was on top of her. He was crushing her as she was clawing for her life.

.Fabia attempted to roll away. Then a huge musket blast struck the Man—killing him outright. Though in this crucial instant, Fabia saw that the attacker was an Indian Warrior, with a lethal Tomahawk –sweeping over her.

(Caption) A Painting of a Woman being attacked by an Indian, with a Tomahawk.

By now—extremely terrified, Fabia felt the pain coming from her left shoulder. Yet in the distance—she spied a small group of men approaching her general location. Heart pounding, she thought that there were more Indians about to try for her—once more; but still hoping that the shot from the blast from that supprizing Blunderbuss, would discourage this. Though Fabia knew that there were about five Men—in Buckskin attire; and that their apparent Leader was wearing a Tricorne Beaver—a Military hat; while the others wore Fox or Coon-skin caps on their heads. They appeared to be looking for something, or as Fabia had once more feared, perhaps looking for somebody they wanted to apprehend. In the meantime, she saw more clearly—that the Men looked like Militia types, armed with lite Musketry.

Fabia paled at the thought of being hit with one of their Musket balls. She also knew that they left a disfiguring whole in the flesh if ever made direct contact. At the same time thought of the improvements made by Warfare armament, like the Laser rifles used in her own Time.

“At least,” as she said—“if you were to get blasted by one of those –that is, never feeling the effects—it would then be over instantly—completely pain-free.” as it was once explained to her. Still, she pondered over the validity of that outlandish scenario,

Just the same, Fabia once more scrunched down crouching behind the large felled tree. Her heart still racing, wishing that she had one of those Laser weapons in her hand. She even thought “If fired, they wouldn’t ever see its beam. Each victim would keel over.” But when examined by a physician, at a later moment -–this undoubtedly would prove rather mysterious. So, Fabia told herself— “this idea, would be completely out of the question.”

With all of these things flashing through her heightened nerve system; where all of this caused her to feel cold sweat. And as tension continued to mount, she cursed herself for not remembering to bring along a weapon of some sort. Fabia could only use rocks and sticks; certainly, not her bare knuckles. Fabia had only her wits and knowledge of the future at her disposal. Though stabbing at her sensibilities—Fabia had a fleeting thought of her cloaked vessel, where she could instantly return, safely to her own time. But as the Militia Men drew closer, they eventually found her fresh footprints in the soft loam.

By now, Two of the men were moving to the right—while two others –moved off toward the left. That was when their supposed Captain, remained in the midst of their general direction. They were by now rellitavally quiet—using only hand signals to communicate with each other. They were, of course, wary of lurking Indians—surrounding the area. Furthermore, there were reports of fractious -Bands of Cherokee, Mohican—and Iroquois. That’s why the Militia kept their powder dry and muskets loaded; just in case of a sudden attack.

Soon after attending to her wounds, Fabia slowly stood—trying to look nonchalant—feigning ignorance. She quickly resolved that she wouldn’t ever attempt to answer very many questions. Fabia willed herself to tamp-down her fear. With this brazen-act -–that of exposing herself. she decided to take the resolute tact to respond first. This, in itself, would indicate –that she had nothing to hide. Again, based upon the fact that an Indian Warrior had attacked her—and was now dead. That fact alone would bolster her Story—concerning her general looks; including her overall whereabouts.

So, that was about the time when Fabia boldly waved to the leader, yelling—“Over here.

The Man in the middle, apparently the Leader who was wearing the Tricorne hat, advanced forward. While Fabia spoke, saying—“I’m glad you Men were out and about. I was looking for Plant Specimens and got turned around.”

The presumed Captain remarked—“You’re a fine specimen yourself, I may say.”

Fabia said while attempting to sound confident—“Apparently you’re looking for someone, like this Indian Brave I warrant, not a Woman,”
The Leader then responded; and then laughing—“My little “Lass, I wouldn’t be too Shure about that.”
Fabia said in response—“What in Heaven’s are you fellows looking for?”

The Lead-man in the middle signaled the others to come back to him at the same time—telling Fabia “We indeed are looking for an escaped slave Woman, who looks curiously, like yourself.”

Fabia thought that she must not cause them to be overly alarmed, regarding her sudden presence. She had no marks on her person, denoting ownership of any sort. However, just the same, she was certainly out-numbered; so indeed was at their mercy.

Fabia also thought that she must maintain a proactive response; in both her actions and in what she might say. But, it was clear that she was treading on thin ice; so she said to herself—“Here goes nothing!”

So she told them—“I was looking for some plant samples for Dr. Franklin. Sad to say, I hadn’t seen nary a one—which he had in mind for me to collect.”

Then, one of the men -–older than the others, said—“Oh, Ol’e Ben, he’s yonder. “

However, in the very depths of her flight from her own Time, she never really learned where Franklin’s Home was, especially from this particular point of view. So, reluctantly, Fabia followed this small group of men who were evidently leading the way; saying to herself—“Just as far as those “Vigilantes may allow.”

And yet, with a fair degree of uncertainty, Fabia looked for familiar landmarks, which could reveal the proper location she was seeking. But it wasn’t more than forty minutes when she caught a lucky break. She spotted the telltale signs of the winding river, that one day would become the snaking Dock Street walk-way, into Franklin’s Courtyard. So, Fabia only would need to read the numerals that would mark the actual House itself; that is if they were still the same. most probably, it would be registered in her present-day archives; which had been listed as 317 Chestnut Street

Good fortune had struck once more, where she just happened to see Dr. Franklin puttering in the courtyard, doing some spring cleaning in the garden he loved. But, when Franklin’s eyes met Fabia’s, a quizzical expression was etched on his face. The group of men was oblivious of this, though Fabia immediately recognized the look of wonderment. She of course, had been used to that sort of thing, based on the fact that she was an identical twin; causing people to do a double-take when greeting herself, along-side her Sister Daphne.

Eventually, the small group was in hailing range—to converse with the famous Man.
Then the leader of the group now addressed Franklin—“Mornin Sir, we found you’re missing Servant. Fortunately, no harm was hers. Save one dead Injen Scout.”

Dr. Franklin paused for a few seconds, and then the so-called Captain the Man leading the contingent broke the awkward silence, saying “Sir, did you hear me?”

Franklin now irritated, then responded—“I did, now leave me alone with The Woman!”
“Yes Sir, Mr. Franklin.”

Then Franklin more softly added “But I thank you, Mr. Gibbs, for your Service.”

And yet, Mr. Gibbs, through some form of an apology, said—“My pleasure Sir.”

Turning about, Gibbs and the rest left Dr. Franklin and Fabia, as the two of them at last faced each other.



Thus it was—while Mr. Franklin had been experiencing unaccustomed fame, as the newly proclaimed Dr. Franklin was frequenting the little Company of influential Members—of various Philosophical Societies that dealt with the Natural Sciences. He, in fact, had been traveling a lot. But luckily for Fabia —it was only a short while when Dr. Franklin was seen at his Philadelphia Residence, just to the south of her Landing location —before she was apprehended.

And yet, by using the miniature Location Tracker, Fabia already deduced that she was only a couple of Kilometers away. But now, she and Dr. Franklin eyed one another incredulously, waiting for each other to break the silence. Still, Fabia thought it would be wise to be the first to speak. And as before—she might gain the advantage; at the same time though, Dr. Franklin would have waited to use such resulting information—to gain further truth toward the matter.

Then Franklin spoke, saying—

“Do I know you?”—Fabia indicated firmly, as to establish a measure of confidence, in the eyes of the “good Doctor,” saying—

Franklin countered—
“Though you resemble someone—”
Then, Fabia quickly answered—“I know, (stepping on Franklin’s response) –
“But I’m not her. Fabia continued—
“Please, Sir—can we talk quietly without interruption, somewhere alone.”

“I don’t have a lot of time young lady.”

Fabia insisted, as she abruptly answered—
“But it’s rather important.”

Then Franklin pointedly—countered her remarks—
“Madam, you have a way of pushing at your words—Is it a matter of life or death?”
“In a way, yes—” “Ah—whatever your Name is? You certainly are rather foole of riddles aren’t you?”

She then told the Doctor—
“Well, at this point, smiling craftily –-yes I am.”

Dr. Franklin exclaimed, throwing down his pruning shears—
“Who the Devil are you?”
Then, Fabia told him, gulping nervously—
“My Name is Fabia.”

Franklin said—“—
“a very nice—that is to say, I mean, quite a nice Name.”
Then he said to her—
“Miss Fabia, I’ll tell the Servants to keep everyone out of the Garden, we can converse there, safe enough.”

When they were at last alone, Dr. Franklin told Fabia to sit, then said—
“Now, what is this all about?”

Even more nervous than before, the Woman from the Future began to explain what her true intent really was about

Then, as Franklin’s loyal House Steward approached, recently returning from wherever she had been. And so, as Fabia carefully appraised the Lady, she found that this was the Indian Woman in question. The very one who possessed the remarkable likeness of herself!

At length, Franklin politely addressed the young “half-breed”

“My Dear Tessa, would you be as kind as to bring us refreshment; and please see that we aren’t interrupted.”
Tessa responded, using her broken-English along with some French words, as to be understood—nodding curtly, then saying—
“Beau-Oui Monsieur.”
Then, Tessa spun on her heel to fetch some hot Herbal-tea. —

Finally, Fabia, addresses Mr. Franklin, telling him—
”My kind Doctor. I’m not the Person that to whom you think that I’m supposed to be.”

Franklin told her—
“This I have known at the outset—though you possess a striking resemblance to one of our members of this household. That being Tessa, to whom you had just met.”

With this, Fabia paused before responding, then said—
“So apparently that Woman you call Tessa. She was precisely why it was that the Indian Brave jumped me; because we have the same likeness. Therefore, presuming I was the Other Woman.”
“That well could be the case, but what is it that you’re guarding so carefully, in your Nap-sack?”

She explained—
“It contains things that are for your eyes only. And I mean, no one else may ever know what I may reveal –or even say to you.”

Then, with an indignant look on his Face, Franklin told her—
“Now Madam, why are you dictating Terms? “
Fabia responded—
“It appears as so. However, I don’t mean to be impertinent. Furthermore, I wasn’t actually sent—nor was I ever involved with anyone else, whatsoever you are even affiliated with; or who likely you are—thusly engaged. Yet, a gander at what implements resides in this Knap-sack will go a long way in explaining my reason for being here. Moreover, I’m depending entirely upon your honor, that this remains the case.”

Hearing this spiel, Franklin deeply sighed, saying—
“Well, that’s quite a preamble, especially coming from such a woman as you.”

Still, with an expression of exasperation, feeling the Chauvinistic barb, Fabia surrendered the leather Sack to Dr. Franklin, saying—
“You know so little about me sir, but I have a feeling that this may quickly resolve itself shortly.”

Dr. Franklin immediately peered at the contents in the Sack, then gasps—
“Look at this! I never in my life ever seen the like. The material is made of precious metals, and the workmanship surpasses anything I had seen since now.” It is certainly not of this World.”
Then Fabia said——
“Though it is sir, but not of this Time.

Franklin’s eyes froze. So with smug assurance, Fabia continued—
“I’m an Emissary, sent proximally three hundred years to this Space and Time, toward the present moment.”
Dr. Franklin exclaims—
“You mean, you are from the Future? What kind of charade is this? What’s more, I don’t believe you!”

Then, Fabia matter of factually hands over the letter she had kept in the Brest pocket of the buckskin jacket. Dr. Franklin looked for a long time at the piece of paper, which was indeed, cannily addressed to him. Now, in sonorous tones, Franklin asked—
“Where did you obtain this information?”

Looking once again at the Note, Dr. Franklin quickly focused on the unique inscription, known only to himself and his own Family, then saying—
“Are you a Spy?”
Fabia smiled, telling him—
“Certainly not Mister—I mean, Dr. Franklin.”

There was an uncomfortable moment which passed. Then bluntly, Franklin asked the mysterious Fabia, enquiring—
“How did come you by this Message?”
She simply told him—
“Why sir, it’s from yourself -–that of the Future.
Yet, in an Ernest way, Fabia’s alluring eyes met Franklin’s, then said—
“Please, I’m going to need more time to explain a great many things -–and yet quite confidentially. Since that you’re rather a busy Gentleman, we’ll need to make further arrangements.”

Dr. Franklin considered this a moment and said—
“Of course Miss Fabia; but I assure you, you better not be skylarking with the likes of me. You’ll be prosecuted at the highest degree ever possible.”

Fabia told the Man of authority—
“Fair enough; although I might ask of you for a favor, I’ll be needing some Lodging. And perhaps some degree of personal protection, due to the sensitivity –that is, to the direct nature of our business -–all of it relating to you. But there is, of course, are mutual concerns involving Tessa—as it relates to myself, having to do with the connections with the Iroquois Nation.
Then continuing—
“In short, we both need an envoy of sorts on our behalf, before things spin out of control. You may appreciate as such, concerning your own practicable, future, as well as a sundry of public requirements—as it may be warranted.”
Franklin answering to this proposition said—
“You put me in a precarious position my dear Lady, but I think that I can support your situation, at least for a while. I may retain you as an indentured Servant—over a period of time. What do you think?”

Fabia, at last, concluded, saying—
“I believe all of that may serve me well. So I thank you most kindly.”

Dr. Franklin then arranged for Tessa to escort Fabia to one of the Guest Rooms available—used for the nearly constant stream of prominent visitors –those of whom frequented the Famous Man’s Residence. Also, it was with a huge sense of relief as the Young Scientist from the Future. Thinking to herself—which the initial meeting with the “good Doctor” went well enough.
However, for the moment, the Traveler from the Future only wanted to find somewhere—where she may be alone.

Fabia, therefore, needed to rest—in order to be more concise when reporting the particulars—that concerned her technical contacts from her own Time-domain. But, more importantly; she wanted to have a heart to heart session with her parents. Fabia really needed to square the unspoken issues that caused such a rift with her Family Relations -–feeling a great deal of guilt—having to do with those matters.

Truth be told, she wanted to know more about Tessa. She even thought about getting a DNA Sample from her presumed relative; in light of the fact of their strong resemblance. And so, that, of course, would be without her knowledge. But still, it was through Tessa’s remarkable persona, where Fabia had been rather curious, concerning her exact background.

Yet Fabia asked—
“Why were they so similar? Was it that she has the same Character and proper-manor as her own?”

So, while Tessa escorted Fabia throughout the premises—the palpable connection, had emanated through their own eyes; when they first met; Thus becoming a type of symbiotic or magnetic connection; which produced a rather prolonged moment; where perhaps a million thoughts passed between them.

Though soon enough Fabia found herself reasonably established, all-be-it temporarily ensconced on the grounds of the Franklin property. Yet for the moment—knowing that she was finally alone; Fabia collapsed with fatigue—falling into a deep sleep. Laying in the modest bed made available to her. A place where she could finally relax—to a fair degree of safety and obscurity.

Later on, Fabia awoke just in time for an evening meal; guided by -–or rather taken under the protective wing of her look-alike; her strange new Friend Tessa, who was the Iroquois Indian Slave; the very one who would introduce her to all of the others –-who were directly involved with the Trip, being Planned. Mainly that had to do with Dr. Franklin’s Published itinerary; including those of whom were participants of the Stately-tour, which included a number of Colonies.

And quite simply was based on what was explained to everyone else; thereby perpetuating the Story that Fabia had fabricated regarding her background. Just how and why she suddenly appeared among the Local Gentry.

Then, late that same Night—after everyone retired, Fabia was able to make contact with her Technical Comrades, bringing them up to speed concerning her whereabouts; including the Indian Attack, her relative connection with Tessa; Though not explaining what occurred with the younger Benjamin Franklin. She was obligated to tell the Team only relevant factors, for her own safety. Also regarding the fact that she was at last introduced to Mr. Franklin himself. And that she was an Iroquois Mix breed. One who escaped from a local Tribe. So now was within the protective custody of the Franklin Family.

And yet, it was over that entire time, where the stealth-like Nano-cams were recording the subsequent events. Though excluding the Meeting with Franklin; Where Fabia cleverly edited this from what would become part of the official record, provided by the guidelines concerning the overall Project.

But even more important, Fabia needed to establish her detailed accountability; just how her time would be used to avoid conflicts, concerning what facts may be revealed to both Dr. Franklin and what she may tell the rest (that of those in her very Time Domain). Which were things having to do with her progress regarding the present circumstances?

Furthermore, such worries were mounting as the new Traveler matter of factually proceeded toward those obligatory actions, occurring throughout the following Morning —involving certain tasks—that of supplying her meager quarters with essential items—such as additional Clothing; a quilled pen, ink, and paper, including Whale oil for a lamp. Thus appearing to be busy while acting as a private Aide decamp for Mr. Franklin. And all the while, the entire envoy in effect, would be taking the Political-Paules having to do with an even more-united approach -–all of it –aimed toward critical matters, that involved certain Indian alliances.

But just before they were to be sent on their journey, Tessa appeared to be in some pain from a nagging toothache. Fabia saw this as a golden opportunity. She simply wanted to get a DNA Sample—by swathing the inside of Tessa’s cheek, close to the ailing tooth. So acting on this situation in a rather overblown way—pouring on the sympathy—until she secretly obtained the necessary Sample.

So by easily fixing Tessa’s Tooth problem; as it may appear to be an absolutely amazing event, for everyone to witness. However, that act of kindness seemed to win great respect and admiration from all around. Telling those who showed the most concern, that it merely was—“Big Medicine from the Indians, who knew how to cure such aches and pains, with Herbal Remedies. But Tessa knew better—that it was never so simple of a matter to solve.

However, over that period, both Women were carefully taking stalk of one another. Still, they both assisted Dr. Franklin, which involved many of the delicate tasks associated with conducting Scientific, Political and Diplomatic Business. Though such measures of diplomacy weren’t ever Fabia’s strongest suit. The fact was she needed to work doubly hard when approaching delicate issues—having to do with personality issues. Fabia was more comfortable with technical things—not so much with other people. Fabia wondered just how she might effectively communicate with the Indian half breed, who was nearly the same age.

Still, it was Tessa who took the lead when broaching the subject concerning the Traveler from the Future, especially as it related to her Friend’s past. Yet the Indian Woman wasn’t willing to simply trust Fabia; that is, toward any appreciable degree of certainty. Tessa, therefore, approached those things, by gesturing with her hands that indicated her immediate questions. Then followed with simple French and broken English, including basic Iroquoian Words. Nonetheless, Tessa attempted to ask at some point—the most basic kinds of questions. Chiefly, as an opening for a meaningful conversation, by saying
“Parley Vous Francais?
Fabia responded in French, saying——“Oui,

With this, they began the task –that of relating to building a true and lasting Friendship. But, it was Tessa herself, who only knew a smattering of French Words. However, she had to start somehow—attempting to communicate with the strange woman—who suddenly appeared in her midst. So, it would be in this way—using bits of the three primary Languages—along with sign-language, where a running conversation, as much as it could be ascertained.

And so, according to the others,—those of the Caravan—as Tessa would become Fabia’s immediate advisor. Thus having to do with many of the more libidinal details; including certain protocols concerning precisely how things should be accomplished. So it Became the general excuse for being a bit slow, having to do with many of these things.

And especially, where all of that centered on the psychological effects of becoming wounded and nearly captured—perhaps resulting in being killed by hostile Indians. So, Fabia often recalled to others in the Camp, regaling the escape and the subsequent—sudden and brutal attack.

Though in the meantime, throughout the preparations for the journey, it was where Fabia and Franklin managed additional discussions. Doing this in a secretive manner—just as they did at the outset. So was achieved when the “good Doctor” had ample opportunity to examine each of – “those exquisite curios”—as he put it; which were kept hidden in Fabia’s leather bag.

Further, Franklin learned that these items were in some form, had just happened to be a type of communication device, that could somehow record anything her and her entire hegemony—meaning those of the Future; where this information undoubtedly would be more desirable. Yet, Franklin counted this with great circumspect and suspicion. But for the moment, he couldn’t affect any defense against such awesome power; just how threatening –and to what degree, this form of Time-manipulation—that it may very well come to fruition.

And still, Scientifically speaking, it would have been termed as causal effects; where no matter how harmless those things may appear on the surface—most probably, could grow rapidly out of control. That’s why Fabia stressed this vital fact to Mr. Franklin. So once more, explaining to the “good Doctor,” that it could become a kind of double dilemma—where both Franklin and herself—at all costs, must guard against.

Gateway Instability

It was only within a Weeks’ Travel—when Fabia received disturbing news from a text Message, something having to do with the recent instability of the Gateway—her only means of returning to her own time. And what she was able to gather from the Report, as the message explained the total amount of required Power, became jeopardized! Due to threatening Weather-related events which were primarily associated with Climate Change. Also, Fabia knew that the Power Grid was in disarray. And more than likely, there wouldn’t be enough energy to allow a transfer of the Containment Pod, to say nothing about herself being transported back to where she belonged.

And yet, generally speaking, she knew that Solar Power beams were received from Space—via Laser, transmitted through a kind of conduit—through the Atmosphere.

So Fabia as well knew that The B.F. Group’s Available Power, was marshaled through various Governmental allocations—according to Law; but only in terms where those mitigating efforts had, from that Political prospect usually was gained through arbitration—to be channeled by redirecting the Power reserves toward the greatest critical needs elsewhere.

(Caption) An image showing Solar Power Distribution from Space.

Still, it was well understood that the Franklin Institute, most certainly, owned the necessary Power. Though each of these Political battles raged beyond their control. And this point had an added effect of derailing related activities regarding the greater needs of the Project; especially when it became a covert type of operation. However, no one else on the Project had any Stomach for that form of investigation. One question would inevitably lead to another.

Also, no one on the Team would be expected to explain the exact rationale. Why did they require that much energy in the first place? Prying into certain questions would consume more Time than would ever be made available. Still, it may even take a number of years when attacking the problem from a diplomatic, or some other political means.

And still, all along, echoing Lethenger’s thoughts as he earlier said—
“Indeed, Time was so dammed expensive. Isn’t that true?”

But the real truth for Fabia was that this notion of “Time” by now had been made even more elusive—rendered unstable by the unpredictable nature of those Widening Weather Woes—
“How droll and primitive”—she thought.

Yet stewing over these things caused her to feel lost in the welter of all of those, electromagnetic effects. But it was something that Fabia—in some sublimable way, had begun to sense—something that she was undoubtedly was now aligned with. Yet ironically, Just as Franklin’s “New Star” inexorably was rising. And so in this regard, it seemed that Dr. Franklin had the World at his feet, just as Fabia’s World was crumbling around her. Clearly, she needed some guidance. So understandably she called upon her own Family Members. In what way could they help?

Fabia laid in bed—alone in the middle of the night. And yet, at that very moment, Our Heroine resolved to contact her folks -–now located in Beirut Lebanon. But the secure connection was at that time, only recently established;

Though the Link proved to be precarious at best. Mostly it had to do with the choppiness of the Weather—while both sound and image of her Father and Mother wavered—fading in and out—as the signal dropped several times. Both Parties even had to reinitiate the Link a couple of times.

Still, it was from those personal Storms—from within—where ill-winds battered un-mercilessly. But it was through those mitigating effects—made even more palpable beyond the apparent—mental exercise, where urgent needs of clarity had superseded most of the other obstacles, that were in the way. Yet, meaningful words were not easy to come by, due to the stress and sorrow that had permeated throughout the ensuing conversation.

But the struggling Famly spoke together—in terms that resulted in a more positive outcome than ever thought. And so at some point, Musbah told his Daughter—
“Don’t worry about things.—I’m sure that those on the Team will find a proper way of bringing you back. Therese and the others are good at what they do. They in fact, are better people than me.”

With this—coming from her Father, Fabia cringed, as her throat tightened. Then tears began to stream. She needed to tell him—“Don’t ever say that Poppa! That’s not at all true. You need only to show your Love –in a more-expressive way, that’s all.”

Then Musbah, with some striking sincerity in his voice, told her—“I know this my Dove but I’m very sad and I don’t know exactly why! Sometimes the Devil’s got my legs——he’s pulling me down!”

Fabia told her Papa—“You only need to lay off the booze –
You’ll be OK. Just stay away from Dr. Lethenger, he’s, bad company. He’ll weaken your resolve.” So the proud Father told his Daughter—“We’ll talk about it all when you get back home. Now here’s your Mom”

Lucienne Ghani began to speak her voice faded in and out, primarily due to the turbulence from the Storm, saying “Are you safe my precious”
“Yes Mom, I have a nice place to stay and everyone is good to me. But things are very different.”

Fabia laughed -–covering her tears, then said—“We have to do a lot of things in a manual way. But right now, I’m kind of a glorified Secretary for several important People.”

Though her own transmission warbled; then, became unduly amplified, settling into some sort of echoed reverb, with static in the background—

Still, Her Mom pressed on, ignoring the static, telling her Daughter—“Just as your Father had already told you, you will figure out what to do, by returning you safely.”
“Mom, that’s what we will precisely do, please believe me.—Just have a bit of Faith.”

Lucienne then told Fabia, having a certain feeling about the situation; yet confirming the point—

I feel that there are answers to many of our problems my dearest.”

And Still her precious Daughter with some tears still streaming; but with joy showing through, Fabia had expressly told her Parents “I think I may have found a connection that links us directly to the Past, relating to Tessa the Indian Woman—who looks like Daph and me.” I even did a DNA Work-up –using a blood sample and confirmed my suspicions—that we are related. So maybe there is more hope than we all realize.” Both Parents exclaimed simultaneously, telling their Daughter—
“That’s great!”

So it was being the gist of the conversation. afterward, Fabia fell fast asleep. She was completely drained. Although, quite relieved.

And as the new Dawn brought renewed contemplation—regarding Fabia’s hopes concerning Tessa. It was that their bond grew stronger as the Days preceded. However, several Psychological aspects (based on the most-tenuous forms of intonation) as of yet had been far from both herself—as well as Tessa’s immediate grasp, of Technical knowledge. That was because of actions that were brought about by certain Native enemy Tribes, while the two Women—through their perceived special clairvoyant connection, had only begun to make its way into their own psyches.

In the meantime, as the Scientific Team moved onward—the tiny triad of Cameras sped ahead of the Traveling Caravan; as they made their way toward the North-eastern portion of the Massachusetts Territory. In fact, the Nano-Cameras Were by now peering back, just as a scouting party would do. Even though trusted Indian guides were employed to reconnoiter the area, seeking out potential danger from those hostile Tribes –-which would be likely to become rather problematic. Although, to the “Friendlies, it was generally agreed that Dr. Franklin was widely regarded as being quite reasonable, especially when forging new Policy; Thereby, broaching the newest outer reaches of White Civilization.

Moreover, a particular synthesis of opinions among the various Native American Nations—by this time, had been spearheaded by the major elements of the Iroquois Tribe. And as it were, just before the so-called Albany Congress ( not Four months off) had therefore included some intellectuals –-that of certain Government officials, who were involved with Benjamin Franklin himself.

Ultimately,Franklin began to formulate certain ideas by publishing several tentative plans for centralizing the colonial governments of North America.

Clearly, Imperial officials from England saw the advantages of bringing the colonies under closer authority—and supervision, while colonists on the other hand, saw the need to organize and defend common interests. That degree of understanding of a lasting Treaty—had been devised, among the Native Americans; incorporating a diverse set of needs. So that very fact became the most important task required—within the eventful Year of 1754.

Though with such for-knowledge (tucked under her proverbial bonnet) Fabia—with an Eye toward the Future explicitly knew that the French and Indian War was looming. So the need for cooperation was urgent, especially for colonies that were likely to come under attack, or even sudden invasion.

Again, having firsthand experience—living with the memory of that earlier hostile attack. Fabia never allowed herself to become too complacent.

But just before Franklin’s fateful meeting with herself. And as the Statesman wrote to several friends and colleagues—proposing the plan of voluntary union for the colonies.

And yet hearing Plans about the Albany Congress –especially when Franklin’s newspaper, The Pennsylvania Gazette, published its now-famous political cartoon— “Join or Die.” It artfully illustrated the importance of union by comparing the colonies—to pieces of a snake’s body—see below).

Thus with such sentiment, The Pennsylvania government-appointed Franklin as a commissioner to Congress. And now with Fabia and Tessa in toe—Franklin was well on his way to join the Albany Congress. So at every port of call—and every Township visited, as these ideas were well-expressed, were nevertheless Painted in the best light possible. But, no one anticipated retribution—regarding the dead Indian who nearly killed Fabia.

But as a matter Of course, those feelings invariably entered most of the minds of many, merely as a possibility. And if that came to fruition, it would cause a kind of Pandora’s Box to be open—So, who knows what might pour out.


“A Great “League of Peace”

Those pressures resulted in obligating the so-called, “Great “League of Peace,” comprising a Federation. But taken altogether, the League became a formidable long-standing Iroquois Confederacy; which included the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca nations. Then, around 1722, the Tuscarora tribe joined the League, having migrated from the Carolinas—after being displaced by Anglo-European settlements.

Furthermore, Anglo-Mohawk partnership relations were maintained by men such as Sir William Johnson in New York (for the British Crown). Including Conrad Weiser (on behalf of the colony of Pennsylvania), and Hendricks An-guy—with the Mohawk). However, it was Johnson who called for the Albany Congress, conducted in June 1754. This was to discuss details with the Iroquois chieftain’s—regarding the reparation from the damaged diplomatic relationships, between the British and the Mohawk themselves.

Still, all of that included securing needed cooperation and support—while at the same time, fighting the French through engagements in North America. Thus as an Iroquoian-speaking people, the Tuscarora were accepted into what became the Sixth of the original five Nations—within the Iroquoian family. The Tribes themselves had a distinct language as well as territory, providing a vital function in the League.

So, through such a Grand Council—including an assembly of fifty chiefs “or “Sachems” –where they represented one of the clans from each nation. Thus stemming from the American southeast. Though the Cherokee just happens to be an Iroquoian-speaking people—that migrated to the area—centuries before European contact.

However, none of those particular groups were part of the Haudenosaunee (meaning Council Union) which were those that lived along the borders of their territory found in the Great Lakes region. Plus, it was also where the Cherokee Nation competed—making war with the “Union of Pease”.

So Fabia, as part of her studies and as was the case with Tessa—through her Indian upbringing, where she knew full well about the Iroquoian matrilineal kinship system. But it was Tessa, who, unfortunately, was forcefully taken into the Iroquoian Tribe—as an Infant. Still, it was from such a connection, where Tessa had (just as other Children) were thereby accorded descendency -–that of Tribal inheritance.
This was done by passing down—through the maternal lines. Thus consisting of children being born into their own mother’s Clan. So they therefore, had rightfully taken their social status—directly from her clan family.

Furthermore, mature Women of each clan was highly respected. They ofttimes nominated the Male chief for life; thereby owning the symbols of his office. Although, Tessa and Fabia somehow felt even greater depth toward the more Spiritual form of their special connection. Although, through even broader Historical Terms, these things were based on particular factors, to when Europeans first arrived in North America. That’s why French, Dutch and British colonists—in both Canada and the Thirteen Colonies, had recognized a specific need to gain favor with the Iroquois people, who occupied a significant portion of lands, west of colonial settlements. So the thirst for movement Westward would ultimately evolve into the trite-fraise—known as “Manifest-destiny.”

Initially, lucrative fur trade with the Iroquois, (favorable to both sides) occurred just as the colonists sought to establish positive relations, to secure their borders. And for nearly 200 years, the Iroquois became a powerful factor in North American colonial policy-making decisions.

Thus alignment with the Iroquois Nation as a whole—had offered political and strategic advantages to the colonies. So, as Fabia learned of Indian Culture—through her Collegiate Studies—then by meeting Tessa; plus looking ahead, she then determined that the Iroquois League actually referred to the ceremonial and cultural institution, as it embodied the Grand-Council, while the Iroquois Confederacy——was mainly regarded as the decentralized political and diplomatic entity—that emerged over time.

Yet, in response to European colonization—it was through Franklin’s prompting, as the Albany Congress began officially deliberating on June 19—1754. Then the commissioners voted unanimously to discuss the possibility of the union with the Indian Council—over the following days. The commissioners then debated certain aspects, until they adopted a final version, on July 10. Also collectively, attempted to resolve territorial disputes between the colonies; by acknowledging the tendency of royal colonial governors to override many of those Legislatures.

So, the Albany Plan as well had given the Grand Council greater relative authority. Moreover, it had allowed the new government, to levy taxes for its support; thereby undermining the apparent Authority—which many colonial leaders actually would require. Though the plan formulated at Albany would never become Law. Because the Colonial government—sensing that it would curb their particular authority and territorial rights—had either rejected the plan—or chose not to act on it at all. So in response, the British Government had already dispatched General Edward Braddock—as military commander in chief—along with two commissioners to handle Indian relations. They believed that directives from London would suffice in the management of colonial affairs.

Thus in the welter of such actions, Fabia (at discrete moments of her own choosing) had used her little Communicator; as she certainly was able to download such things through the Gateway -–which had to do with all of the particulars, regarding each of those ensuing events. And if nothing else, she would become more conversant whenever asked about any of those things. Yet, as the Caravan Traveled the winding routs through the St. Lawrence River Valley—then on to Albany —taking some Weeks.

And At one point, the Contingent boarded a Ferry to cross the St. Laurence. Also through such riggers; the Group safely arrived. But all were received through subdued Ceremony, within what was known as the “Stadt Huys”—Albany’s city hall. However, the distinguished travelers required reasonable rest before Official Representatives would formally begin developing further strategies. Thus putting such Ideals into action.

Eventually, the Group from the Caravan met with The Albany Commissioners who were attached to Major-General Braddock’s Office. Moreover, Mr. Franklin was rather instrumental by helping General Edward Braddock himself, to garner supplies and carriages for the troops. For instants, the Statesman explicitly warned the General that his plan to march troops to the fort, through a narrow valley would be dangerous, because of the possibility of an ambush—by renegade Mohawk—or Cherokee Indians. This would become a place called Gnadenhütten—laying just beyond Lehigh Valley’s northern border; which was a long ridge called Blue Mountain.

It was located just outside Lehigh Gap—a cleft cut by the river—and natural artery for travel—or invasion. That’s where Franklin was of course, mostly concerned about. Although, negotiating the gap was especially trying. The narrow path through the mountains made by Lehigh. It was where the rocks overhung the road on each side -–as it rendered it completely impracticable, for a very small number of Indian hostiles to attempt to destroy—perhaps a thousand Soldiers.”

On The Outskirts of Albany

Despite those fears, Tessa and Fabia ventured into the forested, low wetlands, just outside Albany proper, intending to forage for Herbal plants; including nuts and berries of several kinds, such as Walnuts, elderberries, cranberries and of course blueberries. Trailing ahead and from behind were Men guiding their path, on the lookout for possible trouble.

But the two Women were avoiding intrusion from the so-called “chaperones”—who wouldn’t necessarily allow for sufficient privacy if either of the Ladies needed to answer to the call of nature. However, this excursion called for Tessa and Fabia to carry machetes to hack their way through the tangled marshy scrubs; low-lying bushes.

So, occasionally, this resulted in stirring into motion, Muskrat, Opossums and a rabbit or two. They as well saw signs of veracious Bears and harmless White-tailed Deer. As well as a great many birds, such as Wild Turkeys, that were startled by the movement of the two ladies, as they talked casually amongst themselves.

Naturally, Fabia wanted to know more about Tessa’s upbringing—and how exactly how her White Family was bushwalked—by Savages. But over the course of the Day, they lost their sense of time and distance traveled. The Ladies were highly involved—playing a game at dodging the Gentlemen guides, as they went along—chatting and laughing like new school girls.

So the two Women bantered about the sexy-looks of the young Men supposedly walking ahead of their path. And yet, as Tessa spoke (as we may remember) through her quaint broken English, mixed with French expressions, saying with existential glee “Man ahead, he’s got good Ass on him! This is true?
Fabia responded, playing along smiling and saying—“But to tell him this, it will only bring you trouble.”

Truthfully, Fabia felt that Tessa was more interesting as a desirable sexual partner, then that of the Chaperone Males, the ones, Tessa herself was dreaming about. Although, the Indian Woman told her Friend;—while breaking-off Fabia’s personal introspection.

Thus telling her Friend—“I ask him, Family, OK?
Fabia carefully explained—“Well, you can, but, is still a big problem. His custom is not the same—Not like you.”

Yet in a pretentious manner, both pursued the subject having to do with meeting Partners –that of their dreams. But as it were. And personally—Fabia always seem to be forever in the midst of some degree of Scholastic pursuit. So she never had the time to invest in those frivolous—and perhaps wasteful efforts involving some romantic pursuit. It was always more advantageous to otherwise focus on more pressing needs, involving her scientific quests.

And yet for the moment—along with her friend, the two of them wandered about, looking for likely plant specimens; and as well, foraging for best choices of Nuts and berries.

Both Ladies ventured ever farther into the untrammeled wilderness, where few White People rarely had gone. But their judgment became clouded—then both were lost, because they forgot to mark their way. Thus breaking a cardinal rule – when trekking—while in a Wilderness terrain. They then heard some movement up ahead; assuming that it was one of their Guides, but it wasn’t. Their special signal to the young Men proved to be fruitless.

Then, frustration suddenly turned into fear, as nightfall began to encroach. With all of that occurring—Tessa and Fabia decided to take a great risk by breaking their silence, calling out after the Men; although, to no avail. So, the two Women were by now had become extremely concerned. It was “mighty perplexing.” Someone by now should have heard them.

At length, they chose to make Camp by clearing a small area for a Fire. This, of course, would wart-off troublesome varmints and other unwanted intruders. Plus it was becoming bitterly cold; and anyway they needed to rest. So one of them would keep an eye out on things, while the other tried to sleep. However, there wasn’t much hope for that.

Yet, in the meantime, Fabia and Tessa munched on nuts and berries—waiting for the long Night to pass. Though in the dead of night, both of them heard the sound coming from a thicket of tall White Pines—not far away. Both hastily made torches to light their way. One of them went a short distance while the other ambled off toward another way. And for safety sake, they each called out to one another as they ventured farther into the darkness.

In the next instant, Fabia and Tessa felt large hands—in a rough manner—as Indian- intruders, insidiously, were in the throes of attacking them. Both Women struggled against their assailants -–while the Mohawk Braves tightly gripped at their necks; and covering their mouths with leather thongs; thus preventing either of them to make a single sound; as they attempted to alert each other. So, as their Indian captors preceded to quickly gag and bind them tightly. Tessa and Fabia fiercely struggled for a bit against their bonds. But were quickly lashed to a Travois (a sled-like contrivance) for portege through the brambles.

And as they were pulled along, both Women were tightly blindfolded; but still, they heard scraping sounds—as if their tracks were being wiped away. Thus leaving no sign that the Men were ever in the area. Although, Tessa and Fabia could hear brief snatches of the dialect spoken. It sounded exactly like a Mohawk Band of Renegades. And if this was true, it could spell trouble. So perhaps, it was that this particular Band of Indians had likely ventured Northward enough—then Eastward from their main Tribe, to obtain strategic information—regarding the movement of both the Colonials’ and the more complicit Indian Federation.

It was doubly-hard—being dragged like this. Also, it was extremely difficult to breathe. But both captives had determined not to fight toward a full-blown struggle. They needed to save their strength, in order to later defend their own Lives whenever the time was called for.

Several hours passed, as the six Mohawk Braves arrived at their encampment; toting their prize. By this point, Fabia and Tessa were placed in a Wigwam. Safely under guard. But soon enough the so-called captives were finally released from their bonds. Not long after—Tessa and Fabia were given something like warm cornmeal mush to eat on the promise that they wouldn’t try to escape. Though it wasn’t too long before The Indian Braves understood that Tessa knew many of the words of their particular language. She was raised as an Indian Woman, ever since Infancy. So Tessa skillfully put several bits of conversation together; painting a vivid picture in her Mind, regarding the Renegade splinter group.

Clearly enough, the Native American Band simply needed a way to get back into the good graces of the main Clan. Ostensibly, the two Women were the vehicle by which they would achieve their goal. All due to the ideal fact, they had been deemed to be a great prize to be bartered-over -–as a means toward those ends.

Now, suddenly in a panic, Fabia remembered that in her knapsack, her futuristic devices would be eventually discovered. Even so, her comrades from the future had attempted to call her, while she was bound; where she couldn’t reach her Communicator to silence it—before they were found.

At once, one of the Indian Braves stopped the procession, then bent down to listen to the strange tones emitting from Fabia’s pouch. When asked about it later—while temporarily released, she merely replied by signing, as if to say “Oh, it was only my chest wheezing.” Fabia had been damned lucky by suggesting such a frivolous idea—meant to confuse her captors.

But soon as it was reported to the Tribal Council. They never quite believed this Story. However, the Braves would never be able to come up with an alternative explanation—of what the strange sounds were.

Still, in the unusual case of the two women half-breeds, as they were suddenly foisted into the presence of the Female Sachems; and through eventual examination. It was that the Indian Braves convinced the greater Council to explore how and why the strange Women had such an acute understanding—of the mysteries of Life. Especially where it had to do with future events. Further, through this reasoning, the Council wanted to know why these things were even in their thoughts.

All of this had to be in Fabia and Tessa’s favor thus purchasing precious time. Evidently, as far as they could tell—neither of them were immediately in any particular danger! Even still, none of the Ladies ever wanted to answer questions that might cause an uproar for the Colonials and for that matter that included their British Overlords.

Control Room—Executive Office

Therese Overton and all of the others, of course, had been looking anxiously at what transpired -–ever since the two girls wandered into the woods; where all events had been captured by the Nano-Cams. It was that these things substantially changed the equation, at least for Musbah and Therese were concerned. However, they personally felt responsible for Fabia’s situation. But, over these past few months, a variety of conflicts were building from those animosities, involving the two factions, stemming from two differing scientific ambitions -–largely by using alternative approaches. Though strangely enough, all of that, simply melted away. It was also clear that through their collective efforts, where Fabia was –as we may say—“Lost in “deep-yogurt.”

The fact was that the pressure—regarding funding became as well, a bargaining chip; while the power supply problem seriously threatened the Project, as a whole. Thus stranding Fabia, and thereby putting a kink in Dr. Lethenger’s Scheme… So, along with these things, Musba’s own fury was suddenly –by this time; while it was directly aimed squarely at Dr. Lethenger himself.

As all of those things had loomed, Musbah literally dragged Therese into her own office, expressing many of his most-private fears.

So Therese merely let him vent and fume for a while, then told him—“This damned hand-Ringing isn’t going to do anyone any good. The real question really amounts to, is what we are going to do about the rigging power reserves, which was needed to sustain the gateway wormhole. And so, at any rate, we’re going to need Lethenger’s expertise, because Fabia isn’t here to hold our god dammed hand. And so it’s imperative, that we meet Dr. Lethenger halfway –at least, on certain Matters.

Then Musbah told her—
”I have you know, that I made a pact with my Wife, swearing-off drinking; because of losing the Girls. And for that matter, myself to Alcohol.” So no more indulging. Including a Friendship with that no-good Lethenger guy. Come to think of it he never did me any favors at all.”
Therese stopped him from rambling on—
“No need to destroy anyone’s relationship. We need Dr. Lethenger in the loop, as much as he needs us. So, the real fact of the matter was that you haven’t lost Fabia, not yet at least.”

Musbah then told her—
“I guess you’re right.”
Then he said—
“At this point, that’s water lost under the bridge anyway.”
Therese next said ——
“You’re dammed straight. We need to draw upon all of our technical guys to come up with a fix. However, that’s going to take Money. So, my Friend, that’s where we need for you to go to bat for us. Can you do that?”

“Yes, certainly I will.”

Then Therese finally said—
“Now, go back to Greg and mend some fences, and we’ll get to work on putting our heads together.”



Fredrick Manning along with Davie Tomlinson and Maxxime Auger—in an in prompt-to Meeting, were busy, brainstorming ideas. Then certain thoughts concerning the Power Generation problem became the subject at hand. The youngish “Nerd,” Fredrick Manning was the one that came up with a bright idea, telling everyone—“Our problem isn’t exactly the amount of energy, it’s at the point of reception on the ground. But, what if that ground was above all the mess.”

Dr. Auger said—“You mean above the atmosphere?”
Fred exclaimed—“Exactly.”

Then Fred continued—“Why not send our required assets into Space; at a Logistics Depo. It’ll have to be at a Sun/Earth L-2 Lagrangian Orbit, where we can maintain our “Assets in a very stable alignment, drawing on direct energy from the Sun.
Then Max Said—“But we must do this on the QT, using Private Companies.”

Davie Tomlinson chimed in, saying ——“It’ll be a hell of a large logistical nightmare. I mean that the entire infrastructure throughout our facilities would have to be replicated in low Earth Orbit. And then reassembled, verified and finally transferred to the Libration Point. But I think that’s our only chance.”

(Caption) showing all 5 of the Libration Points in Space

Dr. Max Auger said—“I think your right, but we’ll need I’m sorry to say, for Greg to work out the choreography of the entire manifest, on all of the technical items necessary.”

Then, Tomlinson added—“I of course, as usual, can do the sequencing of those Steps.

Dr. Auger thereby told him—
“You have our entire support, by all means!”

Then as Dr Auger explained to all of them—“We’ll have to do a Cost Analysis. And a detailed Timeline regarding how long these things will take. Then, we’ll have to buck it up to Management. It’ll be a Hell of a decision to make though.”

Finally, Davie Tomlinson said to all of them—“The timing sequencing on the entire procedures needs to be written—documenting everything. And must be done ASAP. You all realize that this proposed location is about a Million Miles out in Space. It will be dammed cold out there.”

Then Max matter-of-factually mentioned as if everyone had forgotten “That’s what we precisely need, near absolute zero. It’ll save us by not needing to ship coolant vessels, but we’ll have to design a method for managing and distributing those resources. Too bad Lethenger isn’t here to give his opinion on those ideas.

“Why isn’t he here?” Tomlinson asked—
Dr. Auger answered—“I think he’s with Musbah, who was trying to coax him to show, his, that is— (hesitating) his bad old self.”

They closed the Meeting at that point in order for all of them to quickly get to work. So the wheels were set in motion, on what was to be termed as—“Project Snatch.” Resembling the idea -–that of “stealing God’s Thunder”; describing something which was attributed to Dr. Franklin himself—touching upon his famous Kite Experiment.

And yet it was over the course of the action-based Meeting; when Musbah made his way down into the basement—where Dr. Lethenger kept his Office. And as we remember 0—being in a type of seclusion -–where Lethenger was alone. Everyone preferred this arrangement because of his moods could swing dramatically. And if you were in the way; “Heaven-help-you.” Still, the Man from Lebanon had always thought that he could calm the tyrannical Man -–plying him with a Drink or two. Though it was he that drank the majority of Lethenger’s “stash.”

But, when Musbah arrived, he found his buddy sprawled on the floor, quite dead. A Note lay near the body.

Musbah gassed his Heart quickened. Reaching for the Note in an effort to determine what kind of reason, why his Friend would ever do such a thing “But Suicide?” Still Musbah knew that Lethenger was a lonely bastard—for most of his Life. He had only his Work to occupy his Mind. But again, it was Musbah, who-alone—had known at least in-part, of Lethenger’s Pain.

What’s more, People simply didn’t particularly desire to be too close toward a heavy-handed, hard-driving Man; but this? It was then, when Musbah peered at what was scrolled on the slip of paper—There it stated—
“I don’t have much to live for. You all stole my Work; so fuck you. It’s dammed lonely in this dark—and dreary chamber. Always locked in my own mind… No one really cared –-not even Georgette…. So here’s one more soulless, God dammed Basted—to add to the flow.”

So, while Dr. Lethenger’s only Friend placed the slip of paper back where he found it; His eyes welled up with tears. And through hazy vision –that was now clouded by emotion, Musbah spied a vile of Poison—which ended the Life of his “buddy.” Never would he try to touch anything. Clearly, “the Big Man” didn’t want to contaminate the scene.

Now, with his Communicator in hand, the greatly sadden, Wealthy Man had quickly called Therese, explaining what he found. Then a General Staff Meeting was hastily ordered—While Security was notified—where certain Special Agent types—working incognito –as if they were attached to a Federal Agency of some sort, thereby ensuring the requisite degree of secrecy.

Moreover, the Late Dr. Gregory Lethenger’s Comrades –showed-up, on mass; thus gracing the door of the Executive Office; the Scientists assumed that this sudden-assembly, had to do with new developments from the Crash Project, known as “Snatch.” Though of what had been snatched from their lives and prospects for a quicker resolve, regarding Fabia’s dilemma, was now gone. Yet it was now time for Therese Overton—to face her comrades;

But the Team saw something –of which was a kind of thing that they never saw before, It was a kind of grim expression, which was etched on her brow -–the very thing that spelled deep grief. Then they turned toward Musbah—and saw the same awful look. Greg Lethenger obviously wasn’t there. Then the truth became starkly apparent. They all asked in unison “What happened.”

And so Therese –had said, with cold dispatch, telling them—
“It’s Greg, he’s dead—committing Suicide we think.”

Also, Musbah told them—“It looked like he was entirely jaded by what Life offered and that his Work had been stolen by everyone else “That’s not true!”

Echoes of the same sentiments –as it had reverberated throughout the Headquarters’ Office—“Dammit, we needed him,” He was the glue that made it all happen”—said Max.”

Though Therese wanted all of them to know, as she indicated, saying—
“You know that the real question was still on the Table—could we Carrey off the Mission that we had planned—that being to rescue Fabia.”

Of course, everyone gave there to answer to the affirmative—indicating support of their commitment.

Davie Tomlinson then asked—“By the way, was Georgette ever informed?”
Therese said- “No, not as yet. And as far as Fabia being told, I’ll tell her myself—as soon as we can reach her.

But, Communication was still spotty—
Somewhat wistfully, Fredrick Manning said to the Group—

“There was –as of yet, not much of a break in the Weather.”

He went on—
“I don’t know about you guys, but I think we simply must dedicate our efforts toward Greg’s memory.”
Saying this, somewhat out of context, in light of many other things that needed to be discussed. Though he meant well. After all, Fred was the one most sought after—from the likes of Dr. Lethenger himself!

At this point, the co-workers unanimously applauded this particular form of sentiment. But just before they filed out of the office, Therese told everyone that “The Feds will be interviewing each of them. Then, she added—“So get busy writing your Statements.”
Then saying—“Keep in touch, that’s all.”

(Caption) Painting of Benjamin Franklin wearing his trademark Beaver Hat.

Albany New York
(General Braddock’s Office)

Benjamin Franklin all along, had been attending meetings at the time of the capture of Fabia and Tessa. So he had to take the urgent dispatch, with Stoney-silence, until he could be alone to consider the unique situation, surrounding the two Ladies that were in his Employ.

It was clear that Franklin was ultimately responsible for their safety. So he would have to negotiate their release. And yet thinking—“At what price would this entail.”

The fact that two young Scouts were killed while offering their services as chaperones for the Ladies; but that added an even graver dimension toward the matter. Reprisals would undoubtedly get out of hand. Yet, with the assistance of Captain Thomas Lloyd, Dr. Franklin would -–on the first hand-pick trustworthy Militia Men, in order to form a Posse, to reconnoiter and trace the whereabouts of a particular Indian Band of renegades—that had the audacity to break a long-standing relationship with the Colonies.

(Caption) Photo of Captain James Lloyd.

So still, it meant that Captain Lloyd would carry terms of negotiations, bearing the entire weight of Mr. Benjamin Franklin’s authority. Furthermore, that also meant that careful diplomacy would be called upon to set things right. Yet still, Franklin deduced that the Girls would not be harmed; and that at least in Fabia’s case, through her peculiar manner; just as he feared; that she would perhaps be obliged to reveal things -–that of the World of the ensuing Past. This was based on the use of those strange devices from the future.

Also, accompanying Franklin—as an additional aide-de-camp, was his Twenty-five -Year-old son William, who had served in King George’s War as a teenager. And at this point, was helping to supply General Braddock. Though Franklin and Son would later drift apart (as was alluded to earlier) while William, later became an Anglophile—and also “a Tory” during the Revolutionary War.
(Caption) Showing a Painting of William Franklin, as an older man.

But now father and son worked for hand in glove, which was aimed at controlling the troops. And so in the near –future would lead toward building fortifications—warding off imminent attacks. Further, Trusted Indian Scouts were employed to ferret throughout the entire countryside—to locate any Band of Indians that may attempt such a heinous deed.

Furthermore, closely guarded Messages were delivered to Tribal Councils, in order to attempt any type of rescue of the Women.

So, Time was of the essence—because sides were beginning to be drawn—relating to the Looming French and Indian Conflict. And with all of that happening, Fabia secretly buried her knapsack in the soft soil—inside the Wigwam—while everyone was still asleep. Thus hiding the revealing contents; which may lead to a lot of questions. It may even result, changing everything.

So, whenever Fabia took the time to speak to Tessa, just as before -–it happened to be while they developed their skills into an even more personalized form. Which was a non-verbal form of gestures—signing with their hands along with carefully chosen English Words. That conveyed the meaning behind pertinent information—as was required.—All of it concerning the next steps to be taken.

More precisely, as the two Women had time to practice because they felt that they would be “cooped-up” throughout the day. Unfortunately, these moments became few and far between. But luckily, Tessa discovered that the Encampment would soon be on the move, pushing South and westward into the interior of the Country, to hide-out from the uprisings which were beginning to commence.

Indeed, the Mohawk Nation part of the Group known as “keeper of the Eastern-door,” had never wanted any of their “Cousins” to be pursued by Anglos—or anyone else. But still, the errant Band had actually been desirous, to be approached by an Indian Tribe—amenable toward their particular causes.
So in fact, the splinter Tribe had been completely intent on the brisk-trading among many other Tribes… However, Fabia’s most immediate dilemma had been chiefly surrounding the idea of just how to conceal her knapsack from everybody. But the two women had very little by which to parley their release. For instance, they constantly thought about Dr. Franklin’s established trust, with his prodigious influence with the various Tribes -–where a bargain may be struck on their behalf.

So, over the next eight months, it all became an uncertain period of time—when Both Fabia and Tessa were more or less adopted into the Clan, largely due to their exotic type of background. And so, as earlier inferred, they were viewed by the Shaman Elders as having great powers of discernment.

Still again, Fabia had yet to find various ways of continuing to hide her secrets –that had to do with the future; just as the Men and Women of her own Time struggled to make Space-worthy—all required equipment—surrounding the large task of placing an entire Lab of their own proprietary design. Thereby procuring a suitable Transport Vessel. From which would be employed for relocating their entire Assets. Thus amounting to be more than one Million Miles from their Home Planet.

And so, as it were—by any measure, our own World had become ravaged by Storms and many other horrific Global conflicts—all created by average Human Beings. But all along, Fabia had her Communication Device tucked in her left Ear, looking as though it were some sort of Ear adornment. So Configured to be signaled at night. It used a low-tone, which vibrated deep in Her Ear. Yet, as alarms sounded—it all would be based on certain requests that she should respond immediately. But, by the time Fabia responded to the latest messages, proving to be absolutely devastating news.

Along the way, on the overland Trip, Fabia was rather regretfully told of the devastating news of Greg’s Suicide; as Therese herself, had provided the ugly details. Fabia still wistfully recalled, the fact when working with him—over those several intense Years; sighing to herself, saying that “He was nevertheless totally annoying.” The same reaction by the other Scientists, throughout that time? Yet, all felt that Dr. Lethenger still had played an integral role by developing specific rudiments—having to do with many aspects—regarding Fabia’s Pioneering-work involving “Scaling Factors” -–thus leading to the present techniques. But of course, those very things brought their Colleague Fabia—to this particular place and time. However, she wasn’t quite certain to embrace or to curse the present situation. Fabia only knew that she needed Dr. Franklin’s help.

Benjamin Franklin—
Military Commander

For instance, Fabia knew in light of those coming Historic events; the very fact that Mr. Franklin would be eventually made a kind of benefactor -–a military commander; because of his adept handling –through particular experiences, achieved through the Pennsylvania Assembly.

By in large, she was able to reflect upon the fact that Franklin had survived the clashes between the French and British—back in the 1740s. The Statesman, of course, understood the importance of a staunch defense; becoming well recognized. Also, where Benjamin Franklin will famously write a bill—over the coming year of 1755.

Although, given their present situation) those Political actions would hopefully be moving toward greater possibilities, where the Congressional bill from Congress, had called for the creation of a militia. Further, Fabia knew that Tessa and herself, never had much time before it would be—“Time for Katy to bar the door!” And then—“hope for the best,” having to do with a number of skirmishes that were quickly developing.

Along with this, recent News had arrived—telling of raids by the French and Indians—within the 70 mile stretch of the frontier—from Bethlehem to Reading. And also, where the Pennsylvania Colony’s governor, Robert Morris, would feel obliged to turn to Benjamin Franklin to bolster the fortifications—deeper within the frontier itself. Yet, it would be some Eight Months from this point, as the venerable Franklin found himself placed in the role, as a military chief, leading 170 men far into the country-side -–who were over-ran by Shawnee, Delaware, and Frenchmen, who had been attacking English settlements -with abandon.

So, by 1756—as the French and Indian War was in full swing, especially in Pennsylvania. Over this intervening time, History would record that General Edward Braddock’s British and American army, was sadly destroyed—along the Monongahela River—to the west.

And still, by July 1755, marauding Indians would have stricken within 80 miles of Philadelphia. Then it would be eventually known that 400 settlers were killed in the region, over that summer. Yet, others would be taken prisoner at a place known as Gnadenhütten (meaning “huts of grace”—which is at present-day Weissport), a Moravian settlement, where it was attacked by Indians in November of that year (1755).

Something that Franklin himself (as we remember) had warned about.
(Caption) showing an image of General Edward Braddock.

Afterward, militia-men were sent there to fortify it. So it appeared that the entire Lehigh Valley was evidentially exposed.

And so, within some kind of fate-ridden premonition, it would fall to Benjamin Franklin to slow the flow of refugees—trudging toward Philadelphia -–In order to halt the swelling enemy; which was bent on pressing the English to the Atlantic.

Fabia for one knew that with scant military training, Franklin would have become the most senior military leader in a critical part of British America. And yet, by January 1756—while Franklin began that fateful march toward –Gnadenhütten. It was where Franklin build a fort, that forestalled the French and Indian aggression,—thus protecting settlers.

So, it was with cavalry, infantry and five Conestoga wagons, Franklin led his troops up trails along the Lehigh River -–with flankers well out to the sides –-including scouts in front. The Men were also acutely aware of the Indians’ proclivity toward “ambush.” However, all arrived at the Settlement safely—at the horribly ruined Settlement. Cold and wet. Yet, it remained for the Soldiers to simply bury the dead.

The next day, the troops set about erecting a stockade; as Franklin, singularly had proven to be, an able commander. He had his men build a simple 125-foot long, by 50-foot in diameter Fort—made of felled pines; this included 18-foot walls. Then, Franklin, had carpenters erect a number of platforms, several feet above the ground, on which soldiers could stand and fire through loopholes. Also, the future Statesman led patrols to route-out Indians. He as well, issued succinct orders for companies to bolster nearby settlements, hasten supplies and then, had built two additional forts. These were fifteen miles to the east and west, all accomplished throughout the extent of the Gnadenhütten campaign, as was his won’t. Thusly established, while Mr. Franklin had a keen eye for improvement.

For example, when attendance slacked at daily prayer, he suggested to the Reverend Charles Beatty – “That unless the clergyman found it offensive” Franklin would, therefore, Order “The daily ration of rum to be made available but only at the conclusion of divine service. With this, everyone saw that attendance jumped, then Franklin suggested—“That the Men should use Tethered dogs for flanking and scouting duties.” Thus unleashing them when the enemy was spotted.”

Though ever curious even on a military mission, Benjamin Franklin noted in his autobiography, stating “the beneficial ventilation of stone buildings in Bethlehem Pennsylvania”—and also, as it “was due to the fact that Franklin discussed such things with “Moravian leaders, about their attitudes toward “violence they would fight only if attacked” and also, the custom of “sometimes requiring that the arrangement of marriage be done by lot.”

Furthermore, it wasn’t until Franklin expressed a measure of skepticism, admitting that—“Leaving the choice to individuals” as he put it—“Could lead as easily to unhappy unions.”

Still again Fabia, for one, could conclude that “Franklin’s military service was altogether dangerous, wearying, and cold and wet.” There were times when Commander Franklin placed himself in harm’s way. Yet his service was tinged with more than a little politics. At least, Fabia knew that Franklin would become an important member of the Pennsylvania Assembly. Although, in his bill to raise a militia, he was careful to include the democratic principle—“that—“Men would elect their own officers.”

Moreover, Franklin served without pay. For all of this, he grew ever more popular among Pennsylvanians, though by the same token, unpopular with Thomas Penn, who in particular was the very one that the colony’s disliked; because he was merely a London-based proprietor. That included Governor Morris, as both feared Franklin might commandeer the militia and, Caesar-like, he would then March on Philadelphia—to seize the government.

Thus it would be on February 2nd, 1757, when Governor Morris called for a meeting of the Assembly in Philadelphia; while Franklin and his son set off for the capital city, relinquishing command of the Gnadenhütten garrison. However, only about one day out, Franklin heard that citizens planned to greet him and then, march with him into the city. The Statesmen, ever-since a young man had striven for humility; he was aghast; as he quickened his pace in order to arrive at night, quashing a military show.

And still, from a recent discovery of copies of 18 previously unknown, Franklin letters (written during his military service ) where they document the foray into the war-ravaged territory; and at the same time had expanded the prolific Administrator’s appreciation of the frontier; presenting it as a source of growth, strength, and wealth. “

Fabia had known this all along though noting (in stark contrast) as Franklin’s life would be spent mainly in cities; including Boston, Philadelphia, London, and Paris. However, Franklin considered the western frontier, stating that it was—“A vital interest and in need of vigorous defense.” So, these things also reinforced Franklin’s general notion—especially regarding the so-called ‘rum’ affair, that even if individuals had questionable motives, they could still be organized to effect a laudable end.

And of course, Fabia knew of Ben Franklin’s sense of practicality -–which merely became a Franklinisk-’ hallmark.” But, within weeks of his arrival in Philadelphia, the Statesman -as a matter of course, became the deputy postmaster general for several colonies. Yet, as Franklin set off on an inspection tour of Virginia. From there, he sailed to New York to meet Lord Loudoun, the new military commander in chief of the colonies; who was sent by King George. The Assembly ever-more disgruntled with Penn—in London—asked Benjamin Franklin to be their representative to the British government. Franklin agreed, then, set sail within months So did not return to America for five years.


The Captives

A little earlier, in late May 1754 (about a Month after the Women’s capture) about the time where serious conflicts were beginning to mount. Tessa and Fabia could only watch and wait -–and do what they were told. So, they were little more than slaves. Still the two women would be from time to time paraded before the Tribal Officers; thusly touted as having greater enlightenment than others of the general Clan.

To be Shure, they were half-breeds; although they knew of the White man’s ways and that of their own. And quite often the two ladies showed Miraculous Healings, in the eyes of the Native Americans.

And this was due entirely to Fabia’s Nano-particle based Antibiotic Ointment, from her oft-hidden Medical Kit, situated inside her leather Knapsack. But sadly over time, it would be where the Women, more than likely, were either Traded for an exorbitant Price -–worth many Beaver Pelts—or for some Buffalo Robes; or Sacrificed to the Gods—to hasten good fortune; who really knew?

In short, each of their fortunes was running thin; Time was running out; and just like in the Old Western Movies—the Calvary, headed-up by Captain Major Lloyd and Company—would have to ride in on his white steed—ASAP.

Still, in her often frantic dreams, where Fabia, along with her twin Daphne, both appeared as small kids -–as they were found running about—blowing soap-bubbles. They were chasing the little colorful orbs through the Sun-dappled trees. Both of them gleefully smiled as they playfully swatted at them.

And yet, in this boundless dream-like state; usually, it was where those kinds of Dreams, had morphed into something terrifying. Although, this time, Tessa suddenly appeared alongside them, wanting to play the fanciful Game. The three were no more than happy little characters—without a care in the World. However, when the dream dissolved, the stark reality of the situation harshly presented itself.

But, a bit later, as the small Band of Mohawk Indians, steadily had moved ever south-westward; while the two Women never knew of the wider dimensions of what was unfolding. Though vague references were surfacing. Still, individual Parleys were brought about by various Indian Nations—regarding the capture of both the Ladies.

All of that resulted in bargaining among those Indian Tribes—that presided over such privileged information—having to do with the entire affair. Still, it proved to be quite difficult. And had actually become a lynch-pin that resulted in dividing the Local Tribes, while it effectively caused additional barbs to be even more, deeply anchored, thus disrupting the precarious balance which existed before the start of the War. Moreover, the eventual World-wide conflict actually began on May 28th. 1754. And yet, surprisingly, it would all start in the Ohio Valley area; at what is now Pittsburg Pennsylvania.

So, over the next two years, a variety of skirmishes precipitated into violent attacks among the British Colonists. It included the French in Canadian Territories; where Indians from both sides –had escalated into this International conflagration—which would eventually lead to the American Revolutionary War—only one Generation later.
It was through Men like Peter Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson’s father) back in 1751, as he was the first to show on a Map, the “Great Road” from the Yadkin River, leading to Virginia. And also where other roads continued or split off from the aptly named—“Great Wagon Road”—Where the more-often Indian-trodden routes had led toward various directions. Also, one of the roads were used by the Franklin precession—as they first began their journey from Philadelphia to York Pennsylvania.

Thus the Caravan wandered throughout the countryside; being approximately 94 miles away. And yet, where several History-making Military figures would soon assemble, to discuss the present situation. Furthermore, these Famous Men were destemmed for the History Books, as they met at the Golden Plough Tavern. And Rather ably, even served as the actual Residence of Captain –and soon to be General Horatio Gates.

With this, Governor Matthew Rowan, called up a militia from which the legendary Daniel Boone—at only age twenty, as he quickly volunteered his services. So Mr. Boone placed himself under Captain Hugh Waddell when such action on the North Carolina frontier proved to be necessary.

(Caption) Showing a Painting of General Horatio Gates.

Waddell’s unit was even destemmed to be assigned to serve in the command of General Edward Braddock—in the coming Year of 1755.

Over that time, Boone acted as a wagoner, along with his cousin Daniel Morgan, who would later be a key general in the American Revolution. But, in that Battle of the Monongahela, it proved to be the “denouement” of the campaign—and a bitter defeat for the British.
However, Danial Boone narrowly escaped death when the baggage wagons were assaulted by Indian troops. So it was as Boone remained critical of Braddock’s blunders for the rest of his life. But during the campaign itself, Boone teamed-up with John Finley—a packer who worked for George Keoghan—in the trans-Appalachian fur trade. Boone was always interested in the abundance of the wild game—including other natural wonders of the Ohio Valley.
Growing up in North Carolina, Boone—as a Frontiersman had spent his early y
Ears on the proverbial edge of the frontier. Several Lenape Indian villages were nearby. Portrayed as “pacifist,” while the Pennsylvania Quakers maintained good relations with the Native Americans. Although, the steady growth of the white population, were compelled by many Indians to move further west.

(Caption) showing a depiction of Danial Boon, complete with Koon-skin Cap—and his Long-rifle.

(Caption) Showing a depiction of Danial Boon, complete with Koon-skin Cap—and his Long-rifle.

So this was when Boone was given his first rifle, at the age of 12. Yet, Daniel Boone learned to hunt from both local settlers—alongside these Friendly Lenape Indians. It was also, where Certain Folk-tales had often emphasized Mr. Boone’s skills as a hunter.

In one story, young Danial Boone was hunting, while in the woods with some other boys, when a howl of a panther scattered all but Boone. He calmly cocked his rifle and shot the predator through the heart, just as it leaped at him. Further, as a young adult, he supplemented his farmer’s income, by hunting and trapping game, then selling their pelts, in the fur market.

It was through this occupational interest as Boone first learned the easier routes to the area. Despite some resistance from American Indian tribes such as the Shawnee; he was later captured in 1778. Although, He escaped, alerting Boone’s borough, as the Shawnees Warriors were planning an attack.

However, in that frontier setting, we find that initially the weapon of choice was the Smooth-bore musket, or trade gun, built in factories in England and France—then shipped to the colonies for purchase.

But gradually, long-rifles became more popular due to their longer effective range, where the smoothbore musket had only an effective range of fewer than 100 yards. For instants, a rifleman could hit a man-sized target, at a range of 200 yards or more. The price for this accuracy was longer reloading time. While the musket could be reloaded in approximately 20 seconds. Also, the long-rifle required more time for the average hunter. Though Boone was no ordinary shooter. His aim was legendary.

Yet at this point in our Story, before Boone was to embark on Braddock’s Expedition, he was approached by Captain Thomas Lloyd—and Franklin’s Son William, in order to undertake the business of Tracking down the Indians that killed the two young Men—and took two Women captive. And still, Danial Boone would have otherwise been interested in undertaking this Task, because –like the other White Settlers, he couldn’t afford the unrest—that was already causing problems which would never be easily solved—within that particular year of 1754.

It was also, where Major Hugh Waddell, was sent to Virginia under the command of Colonel James Innes, who was commander-in-chief of all colonial forces. And again, at this time in Virginia, under the authority of the governor of that state.
(Caption) A Photo, showing The Golden Plow Tavern—
Nevertheless, Robert Dinwiddie—after seeing no Military action, as Waddell was by then promoted to Captain—when returning to North Carolina—in late 1754.

Although, Hugh Waddell spent a substantial portion of the early phase of the war; where he would go on to define his career as a commander. He, in fact, was involved with supervising the construction, maintenance, and staffing of Fort Dobbs, in North Carolina.

But now, the five stalwarts at the Golden Plough Tavern (shown Above) a place in which the phrase for the first time—“The United States of America” was purported to be uttered). Yet at this point, the Men were gamely tossing down drams of Scotch whiskey; celebrating

Thus it was as Hugh Waddell’s Promotion just as they made careful decisions on how to pinpoint their Target. Also, it was well established that Mr. Boone was particularly skilled at several Indian Dialects—as He was making inquiry amongst “the Friendlies,” As he would call them, saying “We need a Parley to talk Trade with them Chieftains—where we aim to build greater trust, so they may tell us what we really want to know.”

Captain Waddell said—“Daniel, that’s alright—If’en we Trade Guns for Beaver—that are goin East, we need to be dang sure we catch all of the Indians, whose got those two Gals, you talk of -–that they are a-goin the same way,—that bein Westward”

Captain Lloyd fervently agreed—“That’s very true. But do you think this will be enough Men?”
Boone answered—“We don’t want, too many Men to muss-up Plans for negotiating with them Iroquois Indians.”

Waddell agreed.
(Caption) Showing a Picture of Captain Waddell

Over time—trade for Rifles, “Fire-sticks”—as the Indians called them, became a common form of trading. And as was the case—the price of the gun was a stack of furs –just as much as the rifle. Although certain Indian warriors needed a short, and light-weight firearm that could be easily handled on horseback. However, it was mostly used out West where the Great Plains Indians acquired guns from the French and British Traders.

Still, the trade of firearms had a startling impact on the Native American tribes of North America, overall.

Thus the balance of power—shifted to those tribes that possessed firearms—and those tribes that did not—just as it was explained in the Historical accounts of the Beaver Wars —where the Iroquois League had destroyed several large tribes; including the Huron’s, Eries and Susquehannocks.

So, the American Indians viewed the gun as a delivery system for poison, similar to a snake. They also admired the crafty-fox, for its cunning and sneaky behavior. Yet, it was as Tribal shamans convinced their People—where those particular symbols were depicted on these firearms—thinking that it would increase the effectiveness of the guns.

Also, the Mandan tribe developed a ceremony to consecrate their firearms; were many tribes attributed the outcome of battles to good or bad ‘medicine, not the accuracy of the shooters.

Although, it was with these ideas in Mind—where Danial Boone himself, as the prime-Negotiator guided such Terms. Bolstered by Benjamin Franklin’s Seal of Approval. So the appointed Trackers were given just enough time to determine where “them Gals” –-as Captain Waddell put it—where they most likely maybe. But not until highly prized Gifts were offered. As each step of the Negotiations moved forward.

Those Prizes included; a Trove of expensive Trinkets; included jeweled-laden—highly stylized gilded Piece pipes, for the use toward Future Treaties—involving the Six Nation Tribal Union. Also, among their allies, having to do with England and the Colonies.

Furthermore, six Tamed Appaloosa ponies, were proffered on the value of the Life of each Woman; along with one Rifle for each, were advanced; all in good faith. It was even heard said among the Colonists Commissioners, that Mr. Franklin said—“They know dammed-well where Fabia and Tessa were taken.
“So, it’s simply a matter of at what price.”

The Escape

Fabia and Tessa eventually—over the intervening time, were bought and sold on several occasions. This was designed to make the tracking of their whereabouts -–where it would become more difficult to trace. So many of the Tribes knew that a great bounty was stirring; In fact, were raising the value of the Ladies, ever-higher. But it was really more than that (as we may surmise) there was also Land—including Sacred-Tribal-grounds to consider; regarding the entire State of Affairs.

Though the colonists and the Chiefs had been well advised –that of the movements of Bands of important individuals, within various Tribes, while “the Gals” had been shuttled to-and-froe, much too often. But still, Tessa said to Fabia at some time along the way, quite excitedly —
“You know, we are with? That’s Tanacharison.”

And with this news, Fabia’s eyes sent questioning thoughts back to Tessa. But then, Fabia finally asked—“Who is this Tanacharison?
“It’s Half-King.”
“Oh you mean, Tanner grease.”
Tessa responded—“This is what I say. He be wary important”

(Caption) The depiction of the Half-King Tanacharison.

It was back in 1748, when the Iroquois League, had designated their leader of the Seneca and Delaware—when migrating to the upper Ohio valley.
Though ordinarily, Tanacharison would be thought of as an Iroquois “headman,” who acted as an official spokesman for the League, as he was called a “King”, because the Ohio Indians were hunters and warriors without permanent council fire. Thus Tanaghrisson enjoyed only an abridged authority; hence his title, “Half King.”

But, neither Tessa nor Fabia—had they known they were to experience the first official Battle of what would be called the French and Indian War. Actually, by knowing this, they wouldn’t at this point ever attempt a daring escape from their captors. Although rumors of confusion were by then, ebbing ever-closer, toward their locality.
“How best to reach Friendly forces.” They asked one another.

Still, they both figured that Mr. Franklin and his Son, including those that they trusted were scouring the area. It was certain that this would be done quietly. And again, the two Ladies thought that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea at all. So Tessa would look for messages and clues, such as smoke signals –and the like; to determine any weakness among their Captors.

So at some point, Tessa told Fabia, while silently signaling the fact that their Group was headed north, that there were White Soldiers in the area.

Tessa signed—“we would need at least one Horse to quickly getaway. “And also, that this must be done at Night. There were to be no Moon this Night.” Then she said—we must plan to make our escape when it was Dark.

So, when the encampment was bedded-down; and all was still; the two Women quietly stole a horse –and in a stealth way, making their way into the darkness. Then mounted the Steed, until they were both at a safe distance. So, with hushed-breath, every moment of silence insured success. But exactly where were they? And just how would they conceal their whereabouts?

However, by Dawn, the two Women heard way off in the distance, sounds of a Skirmish. They imagined that it was the Band of Indians, searching for their escapees. Then, as they quietly came closer toward the muffled sound of terse conversation, Fabia noticed that this happened to be French Words, being said. Although, the Women wanted to hear British Voices so as to find their way back to Mr. Franklin’s locality.

Throughout the Day the two Women skirted the remnants of the French Advancement Party, representing the larger French Contingent. By Nightfall, the French Soldiers sneakily made their way back to the Fort, which was by then, held by the French Contingent.

Suddenly, Tessa and Fabia were apprehended. They were surprised that it wasn’t exactly the French that captured them. It was the British Scouting Party—lying in wait—for an Attack. However, all of this came about when Robert Dinwiddie—the lieutenant governor of Virginia had sent a young George Washington—the very one who was destined to become our First President of the United States; he was to travel to the French outposts and demand that the French vacate the Ohio Country.
(Caption) A Map drawn by George Washington—Showing the general area of the Ohio Valley Region.

It was back in 1753, when the French began a military occupation of the Ohio Country, driving out British traders and then constructing a series of forts, for British colonies. And also claiming the Ohio Country for themselves.
Though certainly, it would be on this journey, where Washington’s party stopped at Logs town, to ask Tanacharison, to accompany them as a guide—and as a “spokesman” for the Ohio Indians. Tanacharison agreed to return the symbolic wampum he had received—from French captain Philippe-Thomas Chabert de Joncaire.

But, Joncaire’s first reaction, on learning of this double-cross, was to mutter of Tanacharison—“He is more English than the English.”

But Joncaire masked his anger—and insisted that Tanacharison join him in a series of toasts. By the time the keg was empty.

Tanacharison was too drunk to hand back the wampum. (Caption) Showing the first known Portrait of George Washington.

Then on May 27, 1754, George Washington by then a Lieutenant Colonel, was told by Christopher Gist (an Ohio Company agent) that a French party numbering about 50 was in the area. In response, George Washington sent 75 men with Gist, to find them. That evening, he received a message from Tanacharison—that tribal Leader—the very one Tessa referred to; thus sympathizing with the British Cause.)

So, Colonel Washington informed him that they had found the Canadian camp and that the two of them should meet. However, despite the fact that Washington had just sent another group in pursuit of the French, Nevertheless had gone with a detachment of 40 men to meet with Tanacharison. This being the Mingo Indian leader, who had with him—twelve warriors, two of whom were boys.

Though he—as the Story went, also had purchased two Women (half-breeds) who were to assist where ever—and just how they might be able to be of greater assistance. Yet exactly how they were obtained—wouldn’t be disclosed—at least, at that point. Yet, while discussing the matter concerning Battle-plans, the two leaders agreed to make an attack on the Canadians. It was their plan to ambush Commander Jumonville’s party, sneaking up and surrounding the French camp. Some were still asleep, others preparing breakfast; when without warning, Washington gave the order to fire.

So, this was when Tessa silently signaled Fabia to take cover—along with the two Boys who were armed. Suddenly, arrows and bullets whisked by the two Ladies. Where they had to sprint a number of yards opened to arrow-shot; then they were all penned down for about fifteen minutes; luckily they were held-up in a reasonable place –-safe for the moment.

Those of whom escaped the volley, scrambled for their weapons—but were swiftly overwhelmed from the on the slot. It was later reported that Ten of the French, including Jumonville, were killed, one was wounded, and all but one who escaped had warned the French commander, at Fort Duquesne, while the rest were taken prisoner.

But the precise circumstances of Jumonville’s death are disputed. Certain Claims were that Jumonville -and most of the other wounded French, were massacred in cold blood, by British musket fire; after having surrendered.

Though Washington claimed in his account that Jumonville was simply killed, but did not give any details. And as the skirmish subsided, Fabia and Tessa were turned over to George Washington himself, while Tanacharison, the Half-king, had wisely determined that the Women were particularly important to the Anglos.

Fabia stood at awe—peering at the Future General and President of a New Country, which would be forged within the following twenty-five-years or so. She wanted to say this very thing—to the Youngish Commander; but her lips were sealed, regarding the encounter. And still, Colonel Washington would soon enough receive coded Messages from none other than Benjamin Franklin himself; in order to see that the Ladies in question-– “That they should be returned to his presence,—“post haste.” Messages were then forwarded to all of those who were employed, by Tracking down the errant Ladies.

It was at this point, when Danial Boone—now making his way North, in an all-out push to rendezvous with a Rescue Party; In order to safely conduct the two Women to their most famous benefactor. However, that proved to be a very long and slow—yet beautiful journey. The contingent ventured over some of the most natural vistas that Fabia would ever know. It was like a dream; riding on horseback, with none other than the famous, legendary Daniel Boone.

Fabia said—
“The Man was Tall and handsome and some would say, rather Romantic. Whatever went on “out their-in-them-their-hills”—where it would not be recorded for the World to ever see?”

Even so, the Nano-cams missed the dalliances between the young adventurers. That is, being the most attractive—nearly identical twins who were left within the most gallant, Danial Boone’s trust; and also what had probably saved both Ladies—from a bit of bliss and a lot of grief. Riding along, was Mr. Boones trusted Friend and sidekick—Captain Hugh Waddell.

Still, it was through long wandering conversations when Boone, together with Tessa and the others—where Fabia had opportunities—being alone with him -–that it would be a most memorable treasure, lasting an entire lifetime. Curiously, Both Famous Men would windup Married within the following year—and then ride into the History Books, doing their Patriotic Chore—all for the Cause.

However, politically speaking –-it was over such colonial governmental fears -–that of losing power, territory, and commerce, both to other colonies and to the British Parliament.

So it all but put a nail in the coffin for the collective efforts by the Commissioners; having to do with the Albany Plan. That of course, had always been bent toward a long-term Treaty with the Native Americans.

But despite this failure, The Plan served as a model for future attempts—at the eventual union of the Colonies themselves. Including a method for dividing the executive and legislative branches of government. So, by in large, it established a common governmental authority—in order to deal with external relations

Yet, even more importantly, the tentative Plan –which had been conceived for mostly the colonies of mainland North America—being viewed as a collective unit. So, the entire Union would remain completely separate—not only from the mother country—but also from the other British colonies -–found in the West Indies and elsewhere.

And when Dr. Franklin ahead of his busy Schedule –as he finally clapped eyes on both of the lost and then found Ladies; where He at the time of greatest despair But wouldn’t “give “a continental” for their chances with the “redskins.”

Franklin let them both know in no uncertain terms that they cost him personally “A hell of a lot of Money.” Still, Fabia later, had intimated that her price for the Secret they had together; which had to do with Time and Space and the Future. Indeed it was regarded as a priceless commodity; thus haunting the recesses of both their Minds forever.

New Arrivals

It was up to Fabia –who was already out of her own element; though she was no longer under any direct threat; but she needed to work out specific terms, regarding the Transfer of Dr. Franklin. Thus transferring him to her own Time. However, while discussing the mere possibility, Dr. Franklin was quite adamant about wanting to bring along his Family. As if it would be merely a Weekend outing. All of that meant several orders of magnitude of complexity from whichever would be attempted.

So in Theory, those things were possible. But this would require processing a great deal of direct Energy from the Sun. Yet still, it was where the Team back Home, was able to properly disassemble everything—related to the inner-workings of the Project. That, of course, would be done by placing the highly complex apparatus, at the L-2 Lagrange Point in deep Space—something already indicated.

Still, it meant taking a perilous Trip of a Million Miles from Earth; re-assembling and checking-out the entire process; then, making dammed Shure that all of the claptrap, worked as advertised. But it was taking more time than desired.

So indeed, part of the calculus that would have been required was something that Fabia greatly worried over. Thus, compelling her to re-think the problems –that had to do with the implications involved. Again, it was dangerous enough for those within the Franklin Family—to some extent—at some predetermined point; especially as they would be made aware of what was about to happen. Furthermore, The Famous Family in fact, would be allowing a “copy” of their own selves to venture into the unknown.

Yet, based upon the obvious risk of the Plan—becoming exposed; while it would be a fair representation as an event, Sensational enough—that to altogether would be an unbelievable prospect. So, if any of this were somehow discovered, it would unleash unavoidable consequences—causing some degree of irreparable changes, over those cause and effect actions rippling throughout History.

Fabia then concluded that the Family would not be allowed to know anything, until well after the fact. Although, this would appear somewhat disingenuous. However, she and the Statesmen from the Past—as the Scientific Team knew that they were playing with their entire lives; nevertheless, were yet privy to the full scope of History. Though nothing was about to change regarding certain unrecorded, minor events.

Also, over those arguments, Fabia reasoned rather selfishly, that she could bring Tessa along; because nothing of any consequence—in her Friend’s personal Life, would be unnecessarily affected. Furthermore, Fabia felt that Tessa would otherwise, simply end up living out her unremarkable existence—merely as a slave in her own Time. At any rate, both Women were connected in such a way—that –Tessa herself, wouldn’t understand any of those things. However, she would never be able to relinquish the possibility. But how was this exactly going to work?

With this in Mind, Fabia recalled long ago of something named the “Schrödinger’s Cat—Thought Experiment”—created by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger, way back in 1935. Thus remaining a scientific basis of reasoning, for more than a century.

(Caption) Diagram of the Schrödinger’s Cat Thought Experiment

It was in this hypothetical experiment, where a cat is placed in a sealed box next to a radioactive sample, a Geiger counter—and a bottle of poison. If ever the Geiger counter detected that the radioactive material had decayed, it would trigger the smashing of the bottle of poison, so the cat would be killed.
Therefore, the experiment was designed to show the flaws in something known as the ‘Copenhagen interpretation’ of quantum mechanics. This suggests that a particle exists in all states at once until observed. So, if the Copenhagen interpretation indicates that the radioactive material could have simultaneously decayed—and not decay in the sealed environment, then it follows –that the cat too is both alive and dead until the box is opened.

Fabia was told that in the quantum world that Time runs both backward and forward—whereas in the classical world it only ran forward. “And yet, it was already proven by the very fact that the Elder Dr. Franklin, had indeed returned safely. It was he, with his Mathematical Mind, through joint discussions with the Team -–where he merely followed the calculations backward—using something called an effect matrix.

Franklin suggested such a point explaining to the Group, something they intuitively knew already. Yet Dr. Franklin went on to explain—“That you just take all the equations and flip them around. They’ll still work; so you can easily run the trajectory backward.—”

Once more, Franklin reasoned—“You have a backward-going trajectory and a forward-going trajectory. And if we look at them both together, then weigh the information equally, we get something we call a hindsight prediction or retro diction.” And yet the shattering thing about this retro diction, that it is 90 percent accurate.”

Yet, Fabia once again reasoned—“It was as other physicists –Like Gregory Lethenger -–just as he had done, had checked it against the stored measurement of the systems from its earlier-state, where it is right nine times out of ten.” So, we can bet that Fabia –particularly liked those odds—then laughing, saying—
“But we’ll be of course slipping down into the super, Space-time highway, where you can go either direction—at the same time. Assuming that you intend to Travel within the Past.”

But it would be clear from that point on—that the Family would be taking their unexpected journey—into the unknown. Also, those selected individuals of the Past, would inadvertently, be given the opportunity to experience the vast specter of Space Travel; thus transcending anything their Minds may ever conceive…

(Caption) Showing a Single-stage-to-orbit Launcher.

Moving the B. F. Project—
Executive Office

Now after Months of feverish Work, the knowledge that hardware and Software for the Project -–as it seemed to be falling into place. Little did they know, that Dr. Gregory Lethenger -–as much as he was hard to work with, his uncanny ability to Document precisely what was represented on paper; just as it was reflected in actuality.

Blueprints of every element were thereby accounted for. So, assembly looked as though it would go (as they all said) “swimmingly.” The greatest obstacle still was the Testing to come -–all in a Gravity-free environment. That‘s why Executive Director Overton suggested to the hard-working Team, that they “should all be fitted with Spacesuits -–and then be prepared for a Trip of a Lifetime.”

It was now time for the Payload to be loaded—a total of eighty-metric-Tons, as it was configured for final Processing. The Ships that Musbah procured were called a Super-sized StarLine Class Vehicles. Which involved a pair of single-stage-to-orbit Vehicles—as they both would arrive in Low Earth Orbit. And they—in their turn would Dock to a Receiving Facility, Twenty-two Thousand Miles high –in a Geo-synchronous Point above the Earth. It was there, as The StarLine Vehicles could un-birth their cargo, which was stored in huge protective canisters. Each would automatically dock to their respective Pressurized Vestibules,

Eventually, Man and Machine would unload the delicate payload to be outfitted into their separate pressurized Science Modules. It would then be Time enough for the individual airframe Vehicles—to glide safely back to their home Port—for a quick turn-around.

All of this was done while the Tankers, with their heavy load, would progress toward the far off L2 Location. So, over this time, it was where the Crew of Eighteen (comprising the actual Quantum Scientific Team) would under-go Special Acclimation Training; in order to give their body’s time enough to adapt to Deep Space. Not to mention, the first critical day or two, where they will have to take it easy—as the initial exposure to zero-G could make some of them ill.

Meanwhile, out-there in Deep Space; it would be where the detailed plans for all of the Written Procedures were to be finalized; and also, where the Two-week flight to the L-2 Lagrangian Point would be executed. However, many Members of the Team already had experienced Spaceflight; but that was only a Low-orbital hop. Being much like Musbah, where he routinely shuttled about the Planet, while he busily cajoled Millions of Dollars from each of those perspective deep-pockets, in order to invest in the Project’s Quantum Research-efforts.

Further, those corporate types of things were done ostensibly under the guise of certain Cloning Medical Applications. And still, Musbah, would, of course, be included among the Crew. He may be of Service for what might be most appropriate to the situation at hand. “


After the Eight Months of prep Work was completed—Each of the two huge Delta-winged Spacecraft—looking much like conventional modern aircraft, were loaded with their appointed Crew. They were thusly split equally among each Vehicle and Payload. This included the two Pilots, along with two Stewardess’s—for each Craft, who offered the usual amenities for comfort.

Then, as they all prepared for final departure. The Vehicles slowly Lumbered into position, one after another. Afterward, it was time for both to roll on to the concrete runway, then gaining speed—as each of the Vehicles lofted into the brilliant blue. The air thinned—as the Vehicles streamed into the darkening sky—ebbing into airless Space.

Then as the process of powered flight was completed, the brilliance of Earth’s curvature became quickly apparent—as the realization of the effects of Micro-gravity added to the butterflies, while each newest Deep-space Astronaut, knew perfectly well -–as they fully anticipated their journey. They even applauded when it was known that both Space-worthy Vehicles were safely on Orbit. And that there were proper communications and data streams firmly established.

As each of those marvelous things happened, Fabia was yet able to follow their progress, through her Personal Communicator, as Tessa and Dr. Franklin looked on—in true amazement. But each of the Members of the past, (based upon their own degree of understanding) on just how the Modern World had allowed such innovation to occur. But, it was Tessa who had a greater degree of difficulty, by trying to comprehend what was literally happening. Though she was an intelligent person. Yet, instinctively she knew a great deal –that of had to do with the Metaphysical underpinnings.

And again, it was through these things, where Fabia knew that even from her Friend’s own Child-like understanding, where the Half-breed could actually begin to accept many of those more fundamental ideas. Also, it would be where Tessa would as well, be introduced to many of those other, more perplexing and technical factors.

So, once the moment was right for her to explain the naked truth about how she herself; just how she actually arrived on the Scene; Fabia would explain everything to her Friend, that she inadvertently ended-up joining the World of the American Indian. At any rate, she simply resorted to illustrate those many things involving her journey to the Past. Yet by illustrating all of it—in more relevant terms while speaking directly to her Friend, telling Tessa
“All are made of ever-smaller things.”

And so even with this explanation—Fabia had to show Tessa those ever-smaller objects in succession; beginning with an image of her own self, then her hand, down to the fibers of her skin –on her hand -–and so on down through the proverbial lines of entropy. Furthermore, Dr. Franklin was fascinated by the Teaching techniques that Fabia resorted to; thus bringing the American Indian Indentured Slave up to speed. The Man from the Past was of course, deeply involved with those basic concepts.

At the same time, The Statesman along with the Quantum specialist, was able to learn many of the Iroquoian Words, as Tessa corrected now and then, her dearest Friends—explaining to them their precise meanings. However, these remarkable Sessions had to occur on a catch-as-catch-can basis. That was largely due to a period of eight Months—transpiring over that intervening Time; thus allowing for the chore of grasping those comprehensive ideas—for them to sink in. Although, “the Good Doctor” had from time to time, needed to break away from their Lessons—in order to attend numerous—other Functions. Fortunately, Franklin was able to be present for the Launch of his Comrades.

L-2 Arrival

(Caption)View showing the distant Earth from the L-2 Lagrangian Point, 1 Million Miles out in Deep Space.

Over the two Weeks of the Voyage (according to the Team) the World dramatically shrunk ever smaller. However, the Team was afforded plenty of time to peer at their specially designed port windows—as their progress toward a particular “equal-gravitational point“-–known as a Halo Orbit—circling the Sun; So it was while containing the patterns of swirling clouds—and lush salmons –-as they merged into glorious browns and greens, thus demarking the Continents. Which had notably, lessened the degrees of intensity. –-Therefore, Tropical areas became less vibrant—as the heavy-laden vessel, traversed the last of its million-mile gap.

Although, the predominant blues of Ocean retained their brilliance. It was at that distance, as the Sun Moon Earth rotated, inexorably while each heavenly body, performed their delicate dance. So, all of this provided a peculiar balance; Thus guaranteeing a stationary vantage point—where it would hopefully enable the collection of Life-giving Energy. Thereby restoring the Hopes for retrieving their Wayward Comrades, namely Fabia and company.

But, to make this even possible; Therese and Musbah entered into a complicated –Political Contract. It would eventually promise an Energy Gateway, for the Masses. All of that, done as a means to feed the ever-growing Power requirements for the entire Earth.

Up –in till this period, had unfortunately involved forestalling the effects of that Worldwide Weather upheaval—spoiling the prospects over these many years of maturing the Technology. Otherwise, our Planet never would have a chance of becoming Energy efficient. Although, that so-called Contract, was only viewed as being nothing but a “paper tiger,” detailing the distribution of Energy Resources.

Yet, true enough, the special Contract resided only on paper -–otherwise, such products of clean Air and Electricity, would be delivered to other Agencies.

But in real terms, the Contract had only guaranteed the Franklin Institute of Quantum-bio Research; of its own, desperately needed energy. Basically, if the Service Delivery became profitable, such capabilities would later be provided to the worldwide need—whenever the Quantum Project had concluded. Still, this type of leverage—as it always had intended to remain as an empty promise, involving corporate expansion. Though if carried-out successfully, it then would garner joint Governmental Partnerships; thereby becoming a far-smarter way to go, and thus guaranteeing future cooperative ventures. But on the way out toward the Lagrangian – Point, there were a number of discussions—setting the tone of the Voyage; where all participants gathered at Meal-time, reviewing their Plans. Over the two-week journey, the Team casually observed the Bright Blue Planet—as it receded into the inky darkness of deepening “Space.

So, as they dined together, Therese began a lengthy discourse—outlining the foundational aspects, for the joint benefit of the entire Group.

Yet, Therese spoke to them saying—“Based on existing technologies, space-based solar, only became an economically viable alternative, to the more traditional commercial energy sources. Where it took nearly 30 years to allow the present method to mature, for it to become usable—as a delivery system, where it will, we hope, blossom at the L-2 Libration Point.

She continued—“All of this in order to service the Earth/Moon and Mars infrastructures, to build the necessary confidence, among engineers, policy-makers, and the public-at-large. Therese then explained—“The most frequently cited barrier to deploying—or even testing many of the existing space-based solar platforms. It had always been the cost of launching the necessary equipment into deep orbit.

And to be Shure, there’s a cost of building equipment, but also the cost associated with designing an experiment—that could be man-rated. This is why it took so frigging-long to develop a concerted, cooperative effort—to address the entire Planet’s needs.

Fabia went on, saying—“However, there were various compromises regarding a return on investment; when it came to launching large-scale space solar operations, as it would be rather cost-prohibitive, from a Business basis. It simply was a case of how to deliver energy somewhere, where you most need it, such as disaster areas and military sites -–hence the Political impetus.

Sipping occasionally at her hot, Jazmin Tea –-Therese continued—“Historically speaking, it was this central idea of space-based solar -–as it had been lodged in the Minds of many investigators, for nearly one hundred years. The idea had been originally to place solar panels on a satellite, beam the collected energy to a receiver on Earth. Then, converting the beam to electricity. Yet the activity of collecting sunlight in the vacuum of space meant that these solar panels could then harvest our Sun’s intense energy, without losses—due to atmospheric absorption.

Therese droned-on, saying—“But it was perfectly reasonable to think that a satellite Servicing Node, at a Libration Point, of course, would always be exposed to sunlight, around the clock—with no interruption, due to cloud cover;

Yet, Therese emphasized, saying—“So, by putting a new twist on this approach; being at low orbital heights—and at only about twelve Miles—where the power stream can then be redirected quickly, toward places, with the greatest need. So, the best way to beam power from a solar-collecting satellite to the ground would be a narrowly focused laser—in infrared wavelengths. Say, Microwaves at frequencies up to about 10 gigahertz—as they can move through Earth’s thick atmosphere—with little absorption—even when it’s stormy. This idea was central to their purposes. Thus allowing most of the power to travel from the solar collector to the receiver, without interruption.”

However, the group of Astronauts and Scientists seemed to be more interested in distributing their food-packets; than the lonesome tasks involved with such Energy distribution.

Despite such interruption, Fredrick Manning kindly offered the following—“Microwaves tend to spread out as they travel, so the farther the waves go, and the larger the receiver, as it must be able to capture the energy being beamed. Though most space-based solar projects call for satellites in orbit—about 21,750 miles above Earth’s surface. At that height, a microwave receiver on Earth would need to cover hundreds of square miles. But instead, one only requires a wavelength that will make it through the atmosphere, without being absorbed.

Dr. Auger now chimed in, saying—“So that would be as well a narrow beam, which means you have a particular point on Earth where you can target energy delivery. Hence their use of an infrared laser—in a wavelength—that’s not injurious to the eyes—and so, wouldn’t cause skin damage; because the rays couldn’t be absorbed by the epidermis.

Then Davie Tomlinson as well, jumped into the discussion, explaining—“With this narrow laser beam, Scientists had calculated that the receiver on the ground, would need to be only about 80 or 90 feet. A receiver could then be made with Power Voltaic cells, imprinted on thin films—to create small pliable systems that could be deployed easily—even in hard-to-reach locations—such as military outposts and disaster zones.

Tomlinson added—“And again, they found that it would be made up of a kind of Power-Voltaic cloth, which are blankets that can lay over a house or strung between trees that have Power Voltaic cells—woven into their structures.

Tomlinson when on—“It’ would be sufficiently light, where it could be transported and sturdy enough that it could be stretched out”, to become a receiver for power beams from space. So the System could start beaming power as soon as the receiver is in place—likely a much faster process than sending generators, fuel, and other heavy cargo over large distances, into areas with limited space transportation infrastructure. So we found that through our Planned Studies, which again, leads us to this critical point. He then adds—“So, an ideal space-solar operation would be a full-scale commercial satellite that could deliver electricity to commercial markets on Earth, at a price between 10 cents and 50 cents per kilowatt-hour. And then saying “Early on by some experimental means, we found that a portable space-based solar system had been able to produce only a few tenths of a megawatt; not an entire city.

Then he said—“It was the critical infrastructure, such things as hospitals. Though a working system proved to be slightly different—Hence a design, for a microwave-laser hybrid. So, in contrast, using a more familiar approach.”

Now, Therese Overton once again explained to all of them, saying—“A space-based solar platform was by that time-frame—about forty years ago. Thus this particular scenario had called for the beaming of a laser from a solar-collecting satellite, to an airship flying about 12 miles above Earth’s surface.

She went on speaking while Microwavable Chicken or Turkey and Rice, with mix Vegetables, were eagerly consumed; as their collective attention was focused on their Leader. She explains “The airship was actually a high-altitude balloon-like affair—unmanned—and of course being lightweight, thus equipped to transform the laser to microwaves. Where it would beam this energy to a ground receiver.

Then, Davie Tomlinson added—“So the main difficulty of employing only those lasers—was that nearly in all instances, clouds regularly had significantly scattered the laser beam. So if clouds were to come in over the area needed to be targeted. Yet, in principle, would have no electricity. But a hybrid system would cover most of the distance with lasers—and would then use microwaves-in a frequency that wouldn’t be interrupted by such clouds—to move energy through the bulk of Earth’s atmosphere.

He continued—“The shorter distance between the airship and the ground would mean the microwave receiver, would only need to be just 130 feet across. And yet, over the years Experimental, Retro-directive antennas had actually shown that transmitted signals sent back in the same direction—from which they came,—well they ensured that the power beam never wandered off cores, from a satellite and an airship. As well, the use of an airship could give rescue workers access to more than just power.
Tomlinson said, as he added—“Just think about it for a moment, while a disaster destroys infrastructure—because it has a tendency to destroy Relay Towers, as well as the electrical grid.

And finally, Fredrik Manning added—“At least, an airship—thusly designed, would be able to direct communications as well, by beaming needed energy, down to a more important place. Furthermore, the airship would be able to carry sensors, akin to remote sensing devices for Earth. Thereby protecting satellites—and allowing for persons conducting a rescue -–such as scanning for debris. So they would even be able to locate people trapped in the aftermath of a disaster.”

So, as it was, while time went on –-and as the Group ate their Dessert; while the Earth and Moon together loomed large and beautiful, through their viewing ports; thus moving the discussion toward the great progress of Mining Operations, afforded by our nearest neighbor’s -–including the Moon, with its lower gravity.

(Caption) Showing the Earth and the backside of the Moon, in tandem -–floating in Space.

At this point, Dr. Max Auger offered, saying—“Our Moon always harbored Water, just as the Earth had done. But, the only difference had been the lack of Gravity.
He also told them—“Extraction techniques proved to be a money making industry over the last Thirty-years. “I mean, it’s the reaping of raw resources that are now driving the Economy on our Planet. Then, Auger went on—“But the energy to sustain our life on it is the real reason why that the Transportation Node is actually here. So, we intend to at least do our part, making it work in ways never achieved to date.”

(Caption) Showing an early Lunar Logistics operation around the Moon.

Fred Manning had as well, offered his observations, saying—
“It’s been a regular conveyer belt type process.
As long as I can remember, all of that involved Surface extractors, including Loaders and Hoppers.

Thus as a process, Teams of Astronaut Crews, along with Mining Droids actually pulverized and then hauled the Regolith to be sifted for their most valuable Minerals; all done cheaper than on Earth.” And then, Manning smiled, saying—“it’s the Purified Water that seems to be of the greatest value for now.

So with that remark, Davie Tomlinson retaurted—”What good is Diamonds and Helium 3, if we lose Life because we are too busy—fighting over Water-rights?”

(Caption) Showing a Futuristic Depiction of a Lunar Colony.

Therese then asked, addressing everyone—“If you each had a choice, where would you like to visit the most—the Moon or Mars?

The Crew all indicated that Mars would be the one to go and visit, because The Moon would be at least a stop on the way, for one thing, and another.

And yet Therese concluded—“All of us were most fortunate to be born at the right time; I mean, to have the opportunity to do this all. That is if Fabia had demonstrated –all be it, unwisely she still proved that backward Travel in Time was indeed possible.” However, Dr. Auger who offered the further rhetorical idea, saying “This actually posits the thought that Fabia or anyone else, wasn’t actually going back in Time; thereby saying that—“We are all part of the same continuum. And that we are merely moving from one place to another.

So, with all these things in mind, it was where those mutual Colleagues and venturous Souls, had once more raised their Wine glasses, providing a Toast toward those virtuous ideals. Thereby ending an Evening of supportive—and satisfying discussion, as they in their own way had each prepared for the Work Ahead.

Still, it was over the next several Weeks where Construction Crews began a flurry of activities, where major elements of the Power and Propulsion Modules; including Habitat and Logistic elements had by been, securely docked together; thus addiquately outfitted to enable a much longer, L-2 stay-time. All of this was done for the development of Power acquisition and focusing operations; thereby enabling the so-called “Project –dubbed “Snatch”—to officially begin. And it was through their continuous effort, using automated Robotic capabilities, along with Human ingenuity -–allowing for the gigantic megawatt delivery arrays -–which were huge Mushroom-shaped affairs—needed to attract Solar Power concentration. Moreover, they were poised at differing angles. Thus providing its conversion and storage; thereby powering the very equipment that brought together the elements of this type of large operation.

(Caption) Showing a Mushroom-shaped Array in Deep Space.

As all of these things were being established, the Quantum Scientists spent their time inside the various Modules, assembling the step-by-step processes, outlined by the Late Gregory Lethenger. They needed to verify the functionality of each block of apparat before they could move on to the next. And only as major sections were deemed to be proper. Thus meaningful Work could at least be initialized—until the entire process could be established.

Those actions consumed a total of Six Months to achieve. But, none of that couldn’t be managed without a retinue of Personnel, subcontracted to be prepared for such Quantum elements to be incorporated, into the overall design. Although described earlier, these kinds of things were under the guise of covert activities.

Yet this outward appearance, that of a monumental Mushroom affair; and as it laid suspended in the vastness of Space—had indeed, cast a languorous kind of normalcy. Though beneath the surface, there was an anxious and even urgent atmosphere—aimed at rescuing their Comrade; so, Fabia, along with Dr. Franklin -–that—including his nascent Family. Though with a touch of irony, the vast array would eventually be known as the Lethenger Solar Array Complex; in honor of Dr. Gregory Lethenger; albeit—in a latent fashion, would be recognized for his great contribution, concerning Quantum Teleportation.



Now, nearly two years since Fabia had achieved the ground-breaking feat of moving backward in time. But for now, she had to determine exactly how to lure the Franklin Family, into the Transport Vessel (one by one) without them suspecting anything being amiss.

Franklin himself, seemed as though that he would be amenable toward the prospects -–that of traveling to a new point in Space and Time. However, he knew that Deborah would have a real problem if she knew the truth of the matter. Also, it was Sally Franklin, aged ten years, who would find it a great adventure. Still, Franklin’s Son William would also be rather skeptical, if he actually knew -–having to do with the chances involved.

Again, it was up to Fabia—as she would need to develop a pretext on which to draw Sally, then Her Mother Deborah—and finally William, into the wooded area, where the Containment Vessel was located. This was a far safer way for each extraction to be achieved.

Of course, our “Good Doctor” along with Tessa, would be part of the deception, so the three of them would simply fane ignorance—until all were transferred. Naturally, it would be a nail-biting affair, until the deed was done.

As usual, the Scaling Factor Specialists conferred with her Futuristic counterparts—as she specifically followed the assembly and testing of the Space-born equipment; making certain that everything would go according to plan.
Fortunately, at her particular location, Fabia noticed a large standing Redwood Pine—with a hollow opening at the bottom; large enough that a person could stand-in. This would be a perfect place where the Containment Vessel could lodge in. Subsequent measurements had shown that this was possible. Also, the tall tree was known to many in the area, including the small Child Sally Franklin; who was of course, one of the chosen to take a Trip into the Future.

Thus it was through some prompting by Mr. Franklin and Sally—the little Girl, where she was allowed to be accompanied into this special area, for a Pick nick——ostensibly for some fun—all through an exciting activity, including exploration of those more-interesting items which surrounded the area.

So then when it was time to approach the hollowed portion of the large Tree, the Micro Cams were on the ready for the Team to act. This particular action triggered the device, to bring the un-wary child, toward their very presence, just as the youngster stepped inside the trunk of the Hollow Tree.

Sally immediately felt as if there were a thousand bees stinging her entire Body; though in reality, the quantum effect had instantly copied every sub-atomic element of her being—reducing them into a white-bluish flash of particulate matter. And in a flash, the young Girl was gone. Being on the receiving end—the Technicians had never as of yet, obtained a return signal.

Everyone involved stood frozen;—both at the Lab and in front of the hollowed trunk of the Tree. That surprising event caused Fabia to scream in horror; as Dr. Franklin turned white with grief and fear. The sudden shriek turned the heads of all the others. And as it were—finding nothing else to respond to. So those present—near the Tree, thusly resumed their normal activities. Though to his relief, Franklin saw coming out from the hollow portion of the Tree; he then noticed his small Child had, after all, had remained with him.

Although, our “good Doctor” wasn’t completely Shure that his little Daughter could be in two places at once. Still, Franklin peered at Fabia’s horrorably frightened face, shaken with deep distress. He wondered why she reacted that way. Yet, it was throughout those ensuing minutes—a pall of uncertainty prevailed over the Technicians. Then a signal was at last received; as little Sally had arrived—into her own Future, seemingly unharmed. However, she felt a strange floating sensation -–as she was lightly bouncing against the sides of the Vessel—a place safely containing the Child.

thankfully, Therese Overton (just as she planned) had already been standing close at hand; so the Ten-year-old frightened Girl -–had first of all, focused on a reassuring Motherly type of presence—until the unsuspecting Child was rescued from the bubble-like Prison. With her added support, Therese quickly in a gentle way circled her arms around the now terrified Girl, as she tended to float.

Sally harmlessly bobbed up and down, like a cork in water, feeling giddy until the kindly nurturing Project Director, was able to coax the Child—by using a calming response. It was then where the Scientist gingerly lifted the youngster out of the Vessel. With this occurring, The Facility Director kept herself from floating away by wearing boots—meshed within the flooring of the Control Room. Of course, the soft leather footwear was used to counteract the lack of Gravity; and Not at all familiar to Micro-gravity; s

So, the little Girl’s Stomach began to churn as a gay-like feeling of lethargy, had suddenly left her system. But then, Sally began to gag—and then vomited all over her rescuer. Though in a caring manner, Therese took the kid to an Infirmary for observation—where all of the scientific types were interested in why it took so much time, for the Retrieval to take place.

In the meantime, Fabia—through her communications – from her special earpiece, as it was wirelessly connected to her handheld Communicater; she learned that Sally was safe. So passed this news on to the good Doctor and Tessa. Also, to their relief, was where the sequence of Transfer, could proceed as planned.

Now, back at the scene at the Tree, Sally’s Mother, Deborah Franklin, began calling after her mischievous Child—to come out from the confines of the hollowed Tree; then the Girl’s Mother proceeded to take a gander up inside. So, as she stood inside the Tree, her likeness vanished in the same way as her little girl did. Though quite perplexed as we may imagine—over what she found at the other end of the Wormhole. Altogether it was positively an “alien experience”—which made Deborah freeze in unbelief –-where she eventually was reunited with her precious Child,

Considering what had just happened, Deborah Franklin, appeared to be OK; because there was enough time for some degree of explanation that would suffice for the moment. However, when confronted with several of those curious images—as the unsuspecting Woman peered into a monitor; assuming that it was some reflection. But looking more directly, Deborah Franklin Saw the familiar Tree –-and everyone else. Though we may surmise that she felt safe enough; because her Husband (just as he always had done) he would most certainly provide an obvious explanatory reason for many of these unbelievable things; thus bringing a bit of coherency to the puzzle.

Again, it was where the newest Traveller from the Past had noticed herself -–as she was projected through a strange device—proving to be a Monitor, projecting her likeness; exactly the same, an instant earlier, when playfully chasing her little Girl around the Tree. Precisely in the way, a prankish Kid would happily do. It was as if Sally all along had been hiding from her Mom, playing another Game of “Hide-and-Seek.”

In the Meantime, Dr. Franklin was busy working on a scheme to get his Son William to enter the hollow trunk of the Tree. So he casually poked his Head into it’s darken recesses, in order to invoke a degree of curiosity. William fell for the ploy, as his Father said—
“See inside! I found something valuable here, see if you can get it for me, you know, I’m a bit too large to maneuver inside this hollow confinement.”

As William complied, the hidden Chamber invisibly sealed off its entry. Thus claiming the Son of the Illustrious Man -–as his likeness—just as the others’ were sent into the void via the Gateway. Then it was Tessa’s turn, then Franklin himself; and finally Fabia -–as they quickly followed before anyone could see—even from a vague sense of what was happening.

However, at the other end of the Gateway, Dr. Auger and his Wife Georgette were busily attempting to revive each of the unsuspecting Travelers; greatly concerned, steadying William -–along with Tessa, so that they wouldn’t float away. But, it only would be until some reassuring degree of coherent behavior, had been established.

Shortly afterward, Tessa groggily responded –saying and smiling—
“I made it!”

Though William upon arriving—bewildered –and in a haze, saying—
“You Made what? What are you talking about?”

Next, Dr. Franklin safely arrived within seconds after William. He was gently guided by the Containment Vessel. Although, the Elder Franklin was as well, dazed; as William was yet able to recognize his Father coming up behind him.

Then William saw the rest of his family. At once, also saw his newest Friend, Tessa -–as she came into view. Thinking that everything was altogether normal. As if nothing occurred.Then noticed the strange new sensations; being all the sudden without Gravity. And everything she focused on was entirely new. Also, by the time when William’s Mind cleared sufficiently enough; questions began to as well, to formulate in his Brain –as to say—
“Where exactly was he?”

Still, all of the New Travelers were relieved to see that they were in the same perplexing situation; where they would encounter every possible travail together. But, one of those specific issues had quickly manifested. That was when Fabia (the last to spring forth out of the Gateway) Just Like little Sally, there was a lengthy delay before she turned up. Causing the Technicians to pose the same questions—spawning queries involving little Sally’s, own Trip through the Wormhole –-all saying… “Why did this exact thing happen again? However, the immediate examination regarding Fabia’s well-being—where it was noted that she seemed confused. At first, her thoughts were fragmented for a while; then they began to settle. It also appeared to be the same with young Sally Franklin. It had been discovered that such forms of Malaise, regarding their Autonomic responses; were thusly affected, for nearly the same period of time. But, the mysterious forms of Psychical dissociation came apparently—in waves of confusion.

While the Medical Exams were occurring, the other Travelers from the Past had been receiving the first of their many growling Lectures, explaining what actually happened to their individual selves. The basic rationale from the Team had centered on the idea of the need for keeping all of the Travelers together, as a single Family unit. Although, each Member had varying degrees of opinions, which vacillated over time.

An example of this was when Tessa explained to the others, through her halting English, mixed with gestures—as she signed with her hands, emphasizing certain important points. Also, the Indian Woman explained that these things—concerning the Future had already been divulged to both Dr. Franklin and herself, Months earlier.

The others listened with implacable regard –understanding that they weren’t informed at the time of decision; And due to the fact that they were not given a choice in the matter. However, they understood that perhaps Word would get out that it would tip the scales involving their own “Time-domain,” which had to do with the so-called “cause and effect aspect” –that could influence the Past; thus becoming a great dilemma to the Scientific Team. And yet, in Time, everyone eventually came to the conclusion that this was quite a novel problem—where no one could anticipate a viable outcome. Once starting down the path of pursuing those types of questions. “It was such a Humanistic, Moralistic and Philosophical Journey” -–where there was no way of turning back.

Still, that very thing prompted Tessa to explain to the others—as if she were confessing her Sins to an all-knowing Clergyman. Through her halting English, mixed with gestures as she signed with her hands, emphasizing certain important points. She explained that these things had already been divulged to both Dr. Franklin and herself, Months earlier. That bit of news to everyone else went over like “a turd in a punch-bowl.”

The New World

One Evening Tessa and William—alone in their darken quarters, while all the others were asleep; they agreed to meet in one of the observation Cupolas—where they each gazed silently at the distant World—a Bluish-orb. And yet, if it were at all were to be believed –it, in actuality, was their Home Planet. Still, it was in this unbelievable moment, as the two of them were intimately together. Though had felt feeling rather isolated? So Tessa instinctively clasped William’s hand -–even more—out of astonishment than anything else; Peering at the scene of rotating Worlds.

However, William interpreted this gesture as being a romantic overture. After all, the subdued—boudoir kind of lighting –—-as both gently floated about within the small Chamber. And yet, as William thought, that it had been through those subtle actions Cumming from Tessa—
Were yet—
“A bit too forward –that is, coming from a Woman”.

But, given this opportunity, the young man didn’t really know what to do. Then, his Primal desires kicked in.
Suddenly, through such actions, William held the young Lady close, kissing her passionately. Though Tessa drew away, surprised, and then at once, she needed a sense of security, so she fell into William’s eager arms. Her face buried in the handsome Man’s, brawnier, hairy-Chest. So, with a muffled voice, she tearfully—with deep emotion welling-up, yet, in her simple way, told him fervently—
“Make me Love!”
They somehow knew that the Chamber was a type that could be sealed off to provide some needed privacy. So they necked and kissed –and then talked for a long while. But still, strong waves of arousal overtook both of them. So the man and woman gave in to their natural desires. Soon enough began to Flailed about, like two tropical Fish; weightlessly releasing pent-up fears and uncertainty throughout the Night -–not caring about the implications of their actions. They forgot their strange whereabouts; while The mysterious orbs –which were out the viewing port—along with the Micro-gravity; still they knew only that they were both alive—and that the Universe was somehow communicating a strong message -–that of pure Love.

It was by the next Morning, or what one may call it in this strangest of environments—where even one’s own weight was completely absent; even requiring weighted boots to affix themselves to the flooring. Still, all, of course, loved the freedom from the familiarity of their Earthly dwelling. But after a few days of guarding against the potentiality of Space Adaptation Syndrome, these things brought-forth bouts of Malaise.

Despite this, the newest Crew Members felt an inexplicable—and yet, an overwhelming sense of contentment, which had to do with their immediate whereabouts.

Also, they found that many of their questions went unanswered. Even if these queries were addressed one by one, none of the answers would ever become adequate enough to quale such perplexity, regarding their current situation. They could only see that their own Planet was in distress. Yet, as a group—could they do anything about this dilemma? That was the largest question at hand. Just as well, the Group felt that it would be better to try to do something rather than nothing at all.

However, it was Deborah, Sally, Tessa and William; and of course, (as we have come to know him) Benjamin Franklin—basking in his prime. He particularly liked the idea of replenishing the Earth with life-giving Electrical Power. So on the surface, it seemed to be a very benevolent idea. That’s why “our good Doctor” had concluded these thoughts—after witnessing it all by way of the marvelous Cameras. Viewing it from a distance, along with the others, saying
“Look at it—the veritable destructive nature of Mankind.”

He was Shure that this was largely due to industrialization, without regard toward the implementation of certain necessary safeguards, for Planet-wide stability. And yet, somehow all of the act of neglecting those responsibilities went against Human Nature itself. Although, this was a strong natural desire for such exploitation –—as it went hand and glove with the need to “explore the unknown.

On those sentiments alone, Dr. Franklin wanted to tell everyone, like it or not—“We inherently were a lazy lot—and eventually would have to pay for their lack of effort on our own part. And yet, regarding myself, I was a champion of unfettered expansion; also, as well, promoted such endeavors, in the name of growth and progress. Therefore, guilty to the nose. Thus bearing a huge responsibility toward the entirety of the matter”

However, the folks from the Past couldn’t quite grasp the idea of virtually possessing these technological conveniences. Still, it proved to be quite tantalizing” as Dr. Franklin put it—“Nevertheless, it laid squarely in the lap of Mankind. Thus begging the question—
“Why these trappings of luxury were so necessary.” And as Franklin also questioned, asking—“It had to do with the relative lack of effort that it all promised.

At some point, along with these sentiments, Franklin brought this concern more directly to his Son, telling him—“Look out there, you can see that our Blue World -–as it rotates on its axis. Indeed, a tiny speck—where all things that are; and that ever were—and ever will be; thus containing the whole of Humanity.

Then the Fatherly Franklin added—“See it out there, I can even cover it with my thumb.” William remarked—“My dear Father, tis altogether beautiful. Howsoever—from what the Scientists are yet telling us, there is but a fledgling Outpost of Souls residing on that Red dot, over yonder

William then stretched out his finger pointing to the Red Orb, hanging in the stark distance.” Yet together they floated—huddling—bobbing in the darkness. After a moment, William said “The others tell us that our Blue Planet Earth is in trouble from relentless Storms over its totality.”

Finally, Dr. Franklin told his Son—“The sickness we see is mostly, greed and pride and envy, amongst its inhabitance. Though we can scarcely persuade them all to be kinder toward one another. That is, not enough to make a modicum of difference—can ever we hope to influence such proclivities.”

Thus Franklin concluded, as a large lump swelled building-up in his throat, as he said—“My kind Son—we must straight-away take up this problem in greater depth, to determine what course to take on the issue.”

Still, as things were, there hadn’t been much to do other than to continue to steep themselves in modern terms, that of the present-day solutions, with the intent of solving those immense issues. Also, it was where each of the Travelers of the Past, had begun to wonder of what the future may hold. And throughout this time, the Scientific Team had been more aggressive by urging the new travelers, who dealt with their individual quests—on the basis of what had happened over the previous three hundred years. So, it became a means of closing the gap of understanding; something that they all desperately needed to face.

Of course, all of this had involved technology and invention—having to do with the growth of industry and social change; proving to be quite astonishing—even overwhelming, for those of the Past.

Still, the new observers witnessed the various holocausts, occurring from nature; all of it through stark forms of verisimilitude—as the natural Humanistic response, issued forth its judgment; thus bound-up in the veritable survival of Humanity. However, given the distance, the observers could only view such ugly details being displayed over the Video Screens. So, each witnessed the onslaught of disaster; seeing Homes of entire Families from major Cities, which were inundated by flood waters; including all manner of torrential effects, of windswept vistas. The monstrous Spector, carrying sways of death and destruction.

And yet, as vicarious observers, we may imagine—bearing in Mind, that these things were seen largely through the distant Traveler’s own Puritanical, Protestant degrees of expectation, where Mankind would always wen out—over the apparent causes of Nature itself.

But, the most disturbing aspect of those things Was The very fact that these on-going Storms never ceased to any reasonable degree. Also, where People had doubted such efforts, of ever attempting to repair the damage to their lives. Each asked “Was this the end?”

Meanwhile, there were Political struggles that were perpetrated by Conservative Factions which framed the other side of the equation that had directly implicated the Quantum Project itself. And yet, more than likely had been maliciously exposed to the wider Public. So, Franklin and his Son along with his other so-called “Fraudulent Family Members”—were quickly branded “impostors.” That is, if ever persued through the Halls of Government. They were subjected to relentless Political “arm-twisting, over the lack of Solar-power Resources. Though in the final analysis, had as much, concerned Money matters.

Clairvoyant imaginings—

Equally terrifying was Fabia’s mental state, while the “Transcription Errors raised havoc with her Internal System. So, she swam in and out of consciousness. More than that, her buoyant-Mind seemed to begin to grasp both the nuances of the Past and also, into what she imagined, regarding Future events. Moreover, Fabia seemed to recall the connection that she had with her close Friend Tessa—the former Indian Slave Woman, based upon their apparent Clairvoyant imaginings.

So, through these things, the Storm within the Scaling-factors Quantum Scientist’s Mind had depicted angry red phantasms. They showed Indian Warriors slashing at her—with red-hot fiery tomahawks. Then the dream dissolved into reddish particulate matter, exactly like the sands of Mars.

Then Fabia, in her terrified state, felt that she was falling into a chasm, deep into the bowels of the Red Planet, as if she were pulled by some ultra-magnetic force. And then this degree of Magnetism -–where it seemed to be brought about by another sequence -–a Dream within a Dream. Thus revealing a Chace within the chasms. And there again, it was as if Fabia’s own Sister Daphne, had been relentlessly pursuing her; where both were suddenly pulled into the abyss.

At this point in the Dream, she would awake –screaming and sweating profusely. Though Fabia recalled the terror in great detail. The fact was, that the Dream played itself out several times, over the period of time—throughout her illness.

Afterward, as her symptoms reseeded, she related the details to both Dr. Maxxime Auger and Dr. Franklin. Still, it appeared to be rather strange—according to the “good Doctor” himself—that he felt some vague connection to the Red Orb, as well. And yet from this experience—in a way, quite similar as it had been the case with his own Son William. Though still in their own understanding, together Father and Son had discovered the mystical lure of the Red Planet. But yet, through another strange way—this crazy connection—had also made itself known to the Indian Woman, Tessa.
The Blue World and the Red One

Tessa had at her leisure, deduced such things through her Indian upbringing, concerning the very Birth of the Twin Worlds of Earth—the larger blue World—and the smaller Red one (shown above). Though as it seemed, equally validated through reading pages from a popular Novel, called “Mars,” by the prolific author, Ben Bova; where Tessa identifies with its major Character, (a “Red Man” –named Jamey Waterman). He was a Navajo Indian, who in the same way had come to understand his own destiny, which evidentially lies on the Red Planet.

In the Story, Waterman had a great many daunting experiences, throughout his own trials on Mars. Then at Night, would Lapps into a Dream-like state -–calling out to his Ancestors -–just as they had been conjured deeply into his consciousness. It all resonated through the American Indian-form of expression—one that was idiomatically often told—over hundreds of years; thus reciting the Story of Creation itself.

Similarly, Tessa—ever since her Transfer—as she was busily studying the English Language, in order to speak and read the words, which had been taught to her throughout the enter-veining time, between those formal Lectures—that explained the Modern Period. Nevertheless, the Young Woman, raised as an Indian—though at the moment, found herself in such a perilous situation. Still, at this point, she was floating weightlessly within the Vessel.

That was when the intuitive half breed saw a bound book secured on one of the shelves of Reference Materials. The Book caught her eye—as its Cover showed a glossy color photo of the Red Planet Mars. When Tessa opened its pages, in the Introduction –the words of the Ancient Myth. It was where such Story’s had been passed down from one generation to another. Now, it suddenly revealed something profound—touching her heart. Though the Native American Indian Mix, had never known anything about all of those scientific thoughts—let alone Science Fiction; or even the Author Ben Bova. But she knew the Words buried in the Text, describing the Story from her Youth. In fact, she later recited all of it, to the others—as it was red—

“Listen to the wisdom of the Old Ones. The red world and the blue are brothers, both born of Father Sun—Separated since birth -–thus bombarded by fiery Sky-demons. They were born together in the seething maelstrom of dust and gas—spinning out from the heart of the vast cloud—that was to become Father Sun.

So, for an uncountable time, each world was engulfed in endless violence and terrible Monsters. Though they found their own paths through time and space. Thus the blue world grew large and rich, deep with water and teeming with life. While the Red one turned to rust, shriveling away its life-giving air—and surface water. Yet, both Man and Woman stood tall—and proud in strong in the Sun lite of Day. While at Night –-wondered what awaits the Red – Warlike World.”

However, the description of the Red World made Tessa sad. Nonetheless, Fabia was beginning to show greater moments of clarity. The Indian Woman was therefore, able to share her new discovery with her Friend. So, over time Fabia became stronger. She had intimated that the Navajo Indian Nation lived far to the West in Desert regions –-Now saying to Tessa—“The view was a bit like Mars.”

Although, Tessa was glad to see—along with the little Girl Sally Franklin,—that their individual Health was improving. But unknown to Tessa—the two Patients were receiving “nano replicators”—that repaired the damage done to the Brain and Central Nervous System. Apparently, the Native American Woman—had falsely attributed her more-direct Metaphysical connection—between herself and Fabia, as being mystically attracted to the Red Planet. Though this connection—still in Tessa’s mind, was the actual reason that her Friend was still alive.

Although, the ten-year-old Child seemed to be having a tougher time of it, adapting to the many changes in her body’s defense mechanisms; to say nothing about the adjustment to the new world she was beginning to come to grips with. And quite naturally, Sally’s mother, Deborah, was tasked with the responsibility of watching out for the wellbeing of her child, by doing the normal things, that a little girl could relate to.

For example, this entailed, creating a Game by playing with water in micro-gravity, making bubbles within bubbles—and then, chasing them about; which was a kind of three-dimensional “hide-N-seek, with her Mom and occasionally with other members of the Crew.

More seriously, in the same vane, Therese provided the required introduction concerning the vast differences of the Past; and the new realities of the present. But putting all of it in terms that a ten-year-old kid could grasp. She was doing this, until Fabia herself, could adeptly step in—where all aspects of her Body Mind and Spirit could be brought back up to speed. She would at least, have more time during her convalescents; which could be devoted to this kind of responsibility.

Yet Therese –-as it was usually the case, where Maxxime, had pushed for more time with the Boss. And as it were, over the last few weeks; both Scientists Syed with relief—knowing that their two special Patients were coming along well enough; due to the illness which delayed their departure to earth

And again, throughout those several Weeks, Therese mentioned this to her Colleague Maxxime; saying to him—“So your Shure that Tessa will improve as much as Fabia seems to be doing?”

Max answered—“Everyone is a bit different in the way they overcome illnesses.” Therese then said—“I hope so. We can’t delay too much longer.”

Also, throughout that extra time, allowing the two Scientists to exercise their Business Contract Agreements with the US Government, to begin sharing the collected energy, with the rest of the World. Still, certain Congressional Leaks—as to what exactly the Quantum Science Team were attempting; and where it led to the establishment of a Select Sub-committee on Science Affairs—that it would be conducted under Closed Dorrs. All of that would be done in conjunction with a subsequent Public Release of their findings.

In fact, Therese even suggested that Fabia could be the one from the Team, designated as the primary Presenter of such disclosures. Though unbeknownst to the Director, Fabia had her own personal Mission in mind, having to do with her identical Twin Daphne. Although, as we had seen) Fabia herself had originally been drawn to the idea that she could precisely go back to the instant of her Sister’s death, rescue her, and then bring her to the exact point in Time, where they now reside.

Yet, over that period of convalescence; Fabia, very shrewdly, had planned all along, to allow for herself to remain in Space; while all of the equipment could once again be used to accomplish her goal, to retrieve Daphne.

Fabia, therefore, intimated, accordingly, that “Someone qualified needed to be on hand anyway, to be a caretaker of sorts. And as well, able to document such, in order to substantiate all of the factors for the Committee’s perusal.” Then she added—“This would go a long way when formulating opinions among the other Scientific Minds, who were directing those affairs.”

It was then decided that Musbah—being the most expendable, could play the part of a Courier of sorts. He would be the one to place in the Eger hands of those Senatorial Members—serving on the Congressional Probe. Indeed, they required the necessary evidence, in the form of pertinent Documentation.

It was also clear that the Committee Chairman never liked pre-recorded Testimony from the Science Team. However, there was a great need to substantiate such evidence, through things like DNA authentication. But, through such direct Communication -–what with the time-lag—being about five seconds of laser-based one-way transmission. It only offered a clumsy, stilted-conversation, at best. So, none of the Governmental Beurocratic kinds of efforts, had a real chance, regarding the entire Matter. In fact, these things were based on a pivotal Meeting -–where it had been scheduled—so as to solidify major decisions—having to do with the Scientific Team’s Future prospects. Still again the Governmental inquiry was saddled with such probing issues.—Largely based upon the evidentiary findings—as they were to be located –somewhere—other than on Earth, where it would become politically messy.

As those Plans matured, Therese—having a more-legitimate claim to be the one Stationed at the Outpost, containing the Retrieval equipment; thereby choosing Davie Tomlinson and Fredric Manning, to safeguard the delicate apparatus, until it would be decided what to be done with it all.

Moon or Mars—

Since everyone was about to break new ground on what direction to take; Dr. Franklin was asked to Chair a most important Meeting. That was because of his impeccable ability to see the larger implications involved.

So it was left to Dr. Franklin as he began, saying to them—“Thank you all for attending, thereby entrusting yourselves with the tutelage of my experience -–that of listening to other views, of those that may not share each of our particular ideas—or those based upon my own comprehension, at hand. And for that matter.”

Dr. Franklin continued—“Essentially, we have two choices to make upon which direction to go; either our own Planet Earth or our new World Mars. So as to place these in their most correct perspective, thus I may list the pros and cons of each—in broad terms to focus on the points which precisely define that direction—of which to undertake.

He took a deep breath, then plowed ahead—“Obviously, Mother Earth is the place of our origin. In short, we must protect her at all costs. And I think based on what we had all seen. It being that imminent peril,—that of our own World. Fortunately, given the current Plans, we are attempting to protect her at every cost.”

Therese Overton addressed this particular point, saying—“One thing we hadn’t considered was that we are now at this time, compelled by International Law—regarding what we had scientifically—although covertly had achieved.”

She then goes on saying—“It nevertheless places us in some degree of Legal Jeopardy. We must, therefore, make available our actions and findings, as well as our accomplishments; thereby bringing this to the attention of the entire World—that those of you from the past where you unequivocally –had in fact existed. And as it were, placed in our own time.”

Dr. Auger next spoke to them—“We simply can’t have every one of you placed at risk, having to do with your Physical, Social and Psychological well-being.” These things can—and under the circumstances may at least—in my view, be dealt with from afar. So it follows that we all, shouldn’t merely linger forever in Space. As Dr. Franklin suggests, it’s either Earth or Mars.”

Therese next said expressing those thoughts from a positive point of view, as she indicated “This doesn’t mean that any of you would be prohibited in returning to Earth. That we simply imply that you may remain at peace with yourselves.” Thus concluding—“If you choose to remain off-planet for the time being, don’t feel pressured either way.”

Then Davie Tomlinson added—“As I see it, the caveat would be the ever-present dangers—that are native to the Red Planet itself.

Though the hub-bub that persisted from the crowd increased as exchanges of ideas and criticisms -–while such talk increased among the excited crowd. But, as Dr. Franklin brought the Group back into order; because they began to speak at once; arguing back and forth among themselves.” Fellow Citizens—” Gaveling them back into order by using a fist, rapping it against a bulkhead. Franklin shouted “Please—we must speak individually, so we may each be heard properly.”

And so, as the crowd fell into silence, Franklin once again spoke—“It appears that we are at a consensus on making our choice.” So, eventually, when the momentous question was called for, only a smattering of hands when up, for returning to Earth. Therefore, the majority, bravely chose the Red World of Mars, despite its challenges.

Thus the latest Pioneers were apparently confident enough, over being able to return to their home Planet—at a point that was deemed reasonable from the perspective—regarding their own Life. Still, everyone had their fair say, concerning their particular choice. But, clearly, for now, the choice was Mars.

Therese at this point explained to the Group—“So now, our aim will indeed be placing our fortunes on the Red Planet, for at least over the next six months. This being the case, your official orientation concerning how to live and work on Mars will thereby begin, over the Next Six Months. I say Six Months because that’s the time it takes to get there.

Taking a deep breath, Therese continued—“Your Vehicle will be a very large vessel, known as a BFR, a “Big Freekin Rocket.”—In honor of the Franklin Family; we had dubbed it—as the “USS Ben Franklin.’ It will carry about one-hundred passengers; where there will be ample room with many amenities aboard. And in tandem –on the same profile as your ship; there will be an equally-sized vehicle, filled with cargo for the needs of yourselves and your fellow “Martians.”

Caption) showing the layout of the BFR Crew-Transit Vehicle

Then Therese quickly added—“Oh, I forgot, the Ship while in transit will be “gravitationally “Spun-up”—to the Martian equivalent pull of Gravity; which is roughly one-third –that of Earth’s.”

Then, Fredrick Manning told the Group—“As you can see by this graphic, you’ll all be living in domed “Biomes” -–equipped with the necessities of life-sustaining resources. This also will include food growth facilities, which will provide for an abundant supply of food and oxygen for breathing—and methods for developing needed fossil-fuels, to replenish the vehicles, that travel to and from Mars. So, in assents, you will be –like all the others, living off the land.


(Caption) Showing a Mars Colony, featuring Domed Biomes and other facilities.

(Caption) showing a SpaceX design of a BFR Crewed Vessel, landing on Mars.

The Significance of the Martian Frontier:

At a Testimonial Dinner; commemorating the moment of embarkation. Just as it can and should become, from what we discovered through the persona of Benjamin Franklin) — as he told everyone “Out of such people are great projects made—and great causes won. Thereby aided by ever-advancing technology, where significant people may be able to transform a planet—thus bringing a dead world to life.”

Yet, an excellent example of this was Robert Zubrin one of the foremost proponents of the Colonization of the Planet Mars, as he had said many years ago “We have come recently to boast of a global economy—without thinking of its implications on just how unfortunate we are, by finding such; as it would be more cheering if news should come, that by some freak of the solar system, another world had swung gently into our orbit—and moved so close—that a bridge could be built over which people could pass to new continents, untenanted—where new uncharted seas abound.

Zubrin adds—“So the real question is, would those eager immigrants repeat the process they followed when they had that particular opportunity, or would they redress the grievances of the ideas of ‘old Earth?’ or over a new bill of rights…? And the availability of such a new planet. And therefore thus prolonging our own chances of success acquiring multi-planetary stewardship -–thus reaping its benefits,”

Then, Dr. Zubrin continues—“But, if this does not save a civilization based on this form of dynamism; through a degree of prolongation, while these individuals would end-up enjoying that period of freedom.

Nevertheless, being now the case—that people are going to miss the frontier more than words can express. Yet it had been for about four centuries—where Mankind heard its call; and listening to its promises. They would even bet their lives and fortunes on its outcome. But given the current situation—it calls no more.

(Caption) Photo of Robert Zubrin, President of the Mars Society; an American Aerospace Engineer, famous for his Mars Direct method.

And as Zubrin goes on to say—”the frontier that was opened by the voyage of Christopher Columbus is now once more, at hand. So if the era of western humanist society is not to be seen by future historians—as some kind of transitory golden age, a brief shining moment in an otherwise endless chronicle of human misery—then a new frontier must be therefore opened.”

Thus it was, through Dr. Zubrin’s words, along with other like-minded individuals; while the Spector of failing Civilization—hanging over the heads of Humanity; and yet, hanging in the balance was becoming rather apparent; that throughout the past thirty years, this “New Bridge to Mars” was carefully constructed; allowing for a steady stream of supplies, transported to and from the Red Planet; where a reasonable foothold was finally established.

With all of that accomplished, Mr. Zubrin at last, found himself visiting his New World of Mars. Surprisingly tagging along with his sometimes competitor Mr. Elon Musk, the famous entrepreneur—who made the New Bridge to the Red Planet entirely possible. It indeed was Mr. Musk’s “big Freekin rocket,” –as he put it, “becoming an economy of scale” –-that involved lofting the bulk of People and equipment toward the deep Space Node -–located at the L-2 Depot, for final preparation and refueling.

Although, by this time, both Captains of industry were quite elderly. Yet the startling chance of meeting the illustrious Ben Franklin; for each of them was irresistible. Just as it was with Franklin. Each entrepreneur—while in their advanced age, had nothing to lose. So, as they took their chances. In terms of the more Historical significance—both had appeared to be at least for a while, able to reap their individual rewards, throughout these final Years of Life—born unto one Planet—then given to another.

And ironically, what a capstone it was—to realize such outlandish Dreams -–including the chance of Meeting Benjamin Franklin himself.


The Team’s long journey toward the Red Planet began in a rather modest fashion, as they –and their provisions, were transferred to a relative low Earth orbital path, that could rendezvous with the BFR/BFS combination—as they would be readied for the ultimate, outbound Voyage to a new World. However, this would seem somewhat contrary toward our Quantum Crew, as it appeared to be deemed unnecessary, due to Regulations, where it was mandatory that they must begin the Trip safely—as a single unit.

And yet, as the two-week detour to Earth had commenced. A common question –at about this time had to do with the idea of simply making the Trip, via a Quantum Transfer. Though explained by Dr. Maxxime Auger, as he told them—“We were not at all set up for such a scheme; at least at this moment.”

Although, those huge implications were the “White Elephant lingering in the Room”—much like the question of Nuclear Bombs, threatening the entire World -–occurring one-hundred years earlier; thus triggering Social and Political turmoil. But, all of that of course, had a cathartic effect on Society as a whole. Perhaps, just as likely, the same approach, hopefully, would be applied by using extremely stringent, worldwide enforcement –-by only using “Quantum Teleportation“—as it was now entirely possible.

Although, one may suspect that it would eventually loom even more malevolent, ebbing toward its complete abolishment over the long-run.

Nonetheless—it was time for the new Travelers to board their Space Taxi—that drew ever-closer toward their Target. And as of yet, seeing it for the first time, their own World, at a much more intimate vantage point, where they would know for themselves, that the “old World” needed renewing. And still, on their own terms, make a difference while each, found their own way of addressing Global solutions, including lucrative prospects –such as Asteroid mining—between Mars and Jupiter. Thereby bringing “its relative bounty”—of “un-told wealth” to both Worlds. But for now, the Quantum Science Team would merely observe this from afar.

(Caption) Astro Mining is depicted as a large lucrative prospect.

However, the Team was astonished that even speaking to someone from the surface of the Earth from the Red Planet—that it would take a number of minutes just to receive a one-way message. Let alone sending a response; then taking an equal amount of time to actually do so. Yet the Ship’s overall Crew, casually peered out their viewing port,—as the Blue Planet grew ever-larger—over the fourteen days that it took, returning to Low-Earth-Orbit. It could then rendezvous with the SpaceX BFS and its fueling-companion.

Thus laden with people and supplies, all bound for the two-hundred Million kilometer Voyage; And as it was, they were out on the real frontier. Although, their individual lives were totally dependent upon cooperative efforts, cradled from within the confines, with other ingenious soles, all from differing Countries. Thus through their total commitment, all of their Lives were aimed at Life-sustaining Projects, which would directly translate to problem-mitigation -–including themselves and for Humanity as a whole. And yet, simply stated—where their Home-planet required at least a fair-shot of long-term sustainability.

It may also be stated that in the on-going tradition of the Pioneering Spirit—through such storied epics—where those new explorers had fully intended to lend their expertise—to this greater cause; rather than, their own selfish ambitions. S it had been thusly chronicled in the Days of old and “standing-before-the –Mast.” Still, it was all about trusting in old fashion providence -–when braving those unknowns.

Shortly after the eventful Meeting when declaring the Team’s intentions toward the Red Planet. It was at the last possible moment –where Fabia was busy helping her Father pack for the trip to Earth. Then abruptly surprising her “Papa” -–where she gazed into his sad eyes. That was the very moment when Fabia finally came to her senses; telling her Father -–as her words spewed from her mouth in a rush, saying “I’m going with you.”

So as it was with her Father, Fabia gazed at the surreal specter as the blue Planet moved ever-closer. She realized that all of the wish-fulfillment and selfish intent; had for her, proved to be a rather hollow—and unrealistic type of thing, to actually do what she previously intended to do. And still, it had been throughout such languorous moments—while cruising between Worlds, brewing on those thoughts, Fabia concluded that such ethical questions—as they obviously had been in play. This in and of itself had been building within the Minds of a number of people –that she had learned to cherish.

Also, it was over that stressful period of on-going Tribulation. And according to that rather epythinal, type of awareness; Fabia knew that it was high time to build “new bridges” between the others that she truly cared about. Those that she respected and loved.

It, in fact, was from this degree of understanding; Especially, by the time when Musbah and his Daughter finally had arrived at Earth. The first thing they did was to catch up with their other vital Member of the little Family; realizing that the true Matriarch—being Lucienne herself, had indeed been that binding force—thereby benefiting them all. Still, All of them were alarmed when learning about the factors regarding the many issues, surrounding the Authentic Ben Franklin;

And yet, if The Rumors were true (pending official Governmental acknowledgment) and based on the fact that Franklin’s Family Members were indeed, located in the present Time. All the same, their unique wisdom was greatly sought-after. It was then, logically deduced that, and based upon the other side of the Political Debate. Where other Franklin Family Members had as well been implicated. Supported

those things were based on such decisions just as Dr. Franklin and his Family, along with some of the Quantum Scientists, had sought passage aboard – the BFS—Mars-bound Service Delivery System; where they could be discreetly transported to the fledgling outpost –And also, where the entire Team’s ambitions—would involve with the prospects of developing new technologies. At the same time, the new Team Members were busy laying the groundwork —that of establishing and maintaining a Planet-wide Social/democratic, form of Governance. This in fact, was the driving force behind their primary purpose. Yet, presumably, it would be rather daunting, when dealing with disparate forms of Governmental issues.

Still, those specialized tasks would be awaiting the new explorers, as they were deep in the throes of learning new skills. And through these things, the Team could then begin other more lucrative Trades. And eventually, at some point, it would become clear to Fabia, Musbah and Lucienne, along with Therese; and the other principal Technicians Tomlinson and Manning, as they would rejoin many of their Friends. That is— “After all of the Worldwide Hullabaloo had blown over.”

However—to a reasonable degree, more-recent leaps involving Quantum Technology would be associated with the sensitive—and compelling arguments; pitted against the idea of using the awesome power of Quantum Teleportation itself; including its social and military implications. And still, this alone was defined by way of Fabia’s harrowing experiences; where it had proven among the other Scientists; grappling with Eighteenth Century Events, surrounding the French and Indian War. So, all of that had underscored the poignant idea—influencing the veritable power of the Past. Though the Quantum Team as a whole, harbored deep regrets—steeped in the bitter truth, especially when everything to the Public’s perusal, would soon enough be laid bare.

Those things, had an effect of exposing this great Human Experiment; presenting it as a Lesson for Fabia herself, as much as for the entire World to reckon with. And to a certain extent—to both the old and new Worlds—where those gallant choices—looming large within Fabia’s own guilt-ridden conscience. Still, she reasoned that “such rare second chances, as she put it— “occasionally afforded to us, in this life, doesn’t often come that easily.”

Again, the ugly truth was that she had lost her Twin Daphne -–which was hard enough to accept. Nevertheless, all of those things were pitted against these many chances, amongst the proverbial dice rolls within Life itself. Yet, “speaking of Life,” as Fabia mused, regarding these things; she admitted “It was kind of a funny thing— just how it seemed to work itself out.” Yet again, Fabia, losing her Sis; though finding an honest to gosh Sole-mate—that being Tessa-– “Who became a close friend –! “A sort of surrogate-Sis!

Therefore, our Heroin was able to overcome her need to pursue the haunting Spector, of her lost Sister. And so, with her chin held high, she was able to face whatever may come her way. Perhaps, in time, she may even sojourn to the craggy surface of the Planet Mars; living among the companions that she really valued.

This included a lifetime, which stretched at least over a three-hundred-year expanse through Time and Space. Fabia even told herself ”What an accomplishment for one Life. It was those kinds of things and yet smiling—“It was over the incredible degree of irony, of it all.”


(Taming the Ruddy World)

As the pair of mammoth BFR Vehicles arrived in Orbit—about the Red Planet, it’s huge and frightening Reddish bulk, became quite apparent. Still, the light and seductive beckoning pull of Marcion Gravity, allayed – the Teams earlier fears—as they prepared for their harrowing thirty-minute descent into its thin atmosphere.

However, if anything were to go wrong, they could end up smashing into the Desert-like terrain. But in retrospect, the Landing went well. Everything held together until the steering spirts of Retro-Engines had ensured a smooth touchdown—on the designated Landing Pads.

Then after the obligatory System Checks were completed, an Air-way Tunnel automatically attached itself. This insured an airtight passageway, to the Processing Dome. And as each of the Crew Members digressed the craft. By those simple actions, the latest Travelers to the New World quickly stepped into their roles. They were tentative, designated as Policy advisors for the multi-national Mars authority. At least—in some meaningful way; they might provide some degree of oversight, concerning many aspects of the affairs regarding the fledgling Colony.

Franklin and the others viewed these things—as a fresh opportunity to exercise true and equal forms of Governance. At the same time, they were offering new fortunes for the Masses, who were arriving by the Score.

All of that involved a number of Scientists and Technicians, including many other Entrepreneurs—as they would descend onto the Ruddy World—every two years or so. Thus Intrepid Construction Workers of every stripe who were migrating to and from the Red Planet.

Each of those efforts was based upon a maximum period of three year Stents; from which Teams of both Men and Women took great advantage of the bloated Cigar-shaped “Orbiting Cyclers,” which moved continuously, delivering cargo and raw products to and from the Planet’s surface.

They included commodities—such as the Mining of Precious Material, including the production of freshwater; and also the latest scientific equipment, having to do with the replenishment of fuel and logistical types of vehicles. Added to the manifest, was spare-parts that were manufactured in the Microgravity of Space; or from the tenuous Atmospheres on other Worlds.

Thus the auspicious contingent (minus the aforementioned Personnel) made up from our Historical Figures from the Past, where they began their thorough Tour of the inner-workings of the Marcion Colony. And yet, it was determined by the following morning, as the new Management Team met the leading Governors. Their joint Work had involved detailed meetings with Architectural and Worker Union Authorities. Thereby providing a rare chance at reviewing both the present and Future Plans, that constituted a rapidly growing Civilization. Thus it was, throughout a relatively short time-span, such monumental growth—including those first tentative steps into unknown vistas.

But as to the expansion of the Mars Authority Leadership itself. Certain petitions were placed before the amalgam of Technical Committees, which were most Respectfully and hopefully, were diplomatically put forward. Those ideas were administered through a form of Democratic principles. Again, it was where Development Plans would always emanate from the Red Planet’s Orbiting Assets. That included operations from the barren reddish surface itself. So, one would think, that its entire operational Management would have benefited from Mr. Franklin’s well-established Group Leadership—could expertly guide each of those Governing Bodies toward a more streamlined approach. However, it was on the contrary,

it seemed that there was a fair degree of opposition—as certain opponents —had in a very callous way, as they readily indicated—saying to anyone who would listen—“It was those unproven upstarts”, arriving from –God only knows—those puritanical self-righteous, no-nothing wanna-bees -–all from the Past.” These things of course, were mostly based on forms of cheap Political Jelly. Yet It was clear to the other like-minded individuals, who had known that Franklin was indeed fully capable of negotiating differing views—involving a wide variety of issues. So, for a while, he was totally ignored.

Deeply discouraged, Benjamin Franklin and company, nevertheless pressed on, until the time was right. Yet It seemed that history was repeating itself. And looking back—especially when Mr. Franklin as a Representative Envoy to France, had waited over a period of Years, in order to bring the French Aristocracy into Political and Millitary play -–thereby placing its own fortunes into the desperate hands of the floundering Union of States—back in America.

And to be sure, it was a large gamble fighting the English Empire, some three-hundred years ago. But still, all of that overtime payed-off handsomely. Thus proving to be one of Dr. Franklin’s greatest Political victories—spanning his entire lifetime. In fact, all of that had evolved into a most prescient demonstration of Democratic achievement to date.

Ultimately, Franklin attempted to formulate -–and publish several tentative plans for centralizing the colonial governments of North America. Though clearly, as we had seen for ourselves—through the Magic of Quantum Teleportation; we witnessed the effects by which Imperial officials from England, saw the advantages of bringing the colonies under closer authority. and also through supervision; while colonists on the other hand, saw the need to organize and defend those common interests. So, with this, it obviously signaled great promise toward a Brighter Future.

But, Social and Political aspirations aside, The now fully recognized Science Team pushed toward embarking on a whole new prospect, that would unravel certain mysteries concerning more complex forms of Life –-as it was purportedly to exist beneath the surface.

Years earlier, the discovery of those kinds of rutaments toward Life itself; where It eeked-out an existence, largely in the same way as it was on many other Terrestrial Bodies. Though remarkably, a number of clues were revealed, while excavating projects –as they were performed on our neighboring Red Planet when building the first infrastructures. With this higher levels of unambiguous Data, prompted a concerted effort to find Sentient, Living Organisms—once and for all. And also, exactly where the truth behind such speculation; where it could be finally put to rest. So, It was as Dr. Franklin and the rest were by now equal to the task.

Therefore, Plans were carefully laid to settle the question –which had dogged the Scientific community for a long time.

What’s more, the question concerning those pathways to Intelligent Life on Mars, had lingered –as far back as Franklin’s own original Lifetime. It also proved to be exciting, to know that the evidence for Life was finally close at hand.

And yet again, Scientifically, Mars was different then Earth was, in terms of its True makeup. Further, the very fact was that the Marshon Reggalith is by now, known to be much thinner—appearing to be more stressed, Thus much more porous—due to frequent changes from Temperature variations, unlike that of Earth.

Thus traditional quakes were less frequent on Mars. Stil varieties of proposed Spelunking, kinds of Traverses -–had led to venturing beneath the Planet’s Surface; were yet determened to be a high-risk operation. Though Water-ice, eventually were found deep in layers of surface material; enough to make good use of it, as a precious commodity.

In fact, Dr. Franklin was heard to say to the others—“At least, You wouldn’t go thirsty, especially if you knew where to look—and how to extract its life-giving properties. Just like the Juice from Wine,—being a well-cultivated Grape. And yet distilled even further—will prove even more precious.

The analogy wasn’t really too far-flung—as the need to insure that food-stuffs, from verriing degrees of experimentation, were achieved over the years. Again, it was always Necessary for “homesteading” efforts to be part of the deal. So part of the basic strategy, in settling Mars, –had involved gaining a long-term foothold on the barren, craggy reddish landscape.

So, in time, Tessa became Team-leader for the new Scientific Group -–as it related to Crop Management—guiding young Sally Franklin and her Mother Deborah —given their fresh insight —thus keeping Plantlife thriving.—all of it, within its specified Homesteading Dome, located on the Alian surface.

It was also where the new Crew Members were busily getting their first taste -–that of venturing outside the Earth-like Domes. Consequently, their EVA Suits were made as comfortable as possible. Though were never perfectly agreeable—Only tolerable at best.

(Caption) Showing a Marshion type Spacesuit, worn out on the surface.



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